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Family Communication Synthesis Paper Outline - 1816 Words

Bria McNeila Dr. Munz Com 445 April 26, 2016 Family Communication Synthesis Paper Outline INTRODUCTION I. Theory I: Social Learning Theory- This is when an individual understands the consequences and receives an award or punishment. A. Key concept or finding: The concept of direct experience. This is when an individual has a positive or negative experience and learns from that experience. If the experience were positive then the individual would continue to have that experience and if it was negative then they would avoid that experience in the future. 1. Example from novel and analysis: An example would be when Dingus experiences intimacy with a girl Megan, but he might have gotten her pregnant. Due to this experience possibly†¦show more content†¦When Charlotte arrived home she faced the consequence of worrying her children and husband as well as causing tension between her husband and her due to her actions. II. Theory II: Attachment Theory- This is when an individual has a closeness and attachment to their caregiver. A. Key concept or finding: The concept is the safe haven function. This is when an individual will seek out their caregiver when they are faced with stress or danger. 1. Example from novel and analysis: An example of this would be Janelle reaching out to her Mama to care for her daughter Shanice because she is under stress and struggling to figure out what to do. This is due to the danger of her significant other George towards her daughter. Along with this would be when Charlotte reached out to her Mama when she was under stress of not knowing what to do when she thought Al was cheating on her. She reached out to her Mama to get advice and receive help with the situation. B. Key concept of finding: The concept is attachment-related anxiety. This is when an individual seeks the desire for closeness and protection. 1. Example from novel and analysis: An example would be when Jamil ran away from home to Lewis’s house to seek the desire of protection because his stepdad hit him. Along with this would be Shanice seeking the desire for closeness with her Granny; Viola because

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Masculinity in the Workplace Essay examples - 1028 Words

Masculinity in the Workplace The concept of masculinity first emerged during the early stages of the modern industrial revolution. With the rapid progress of technology, the conditions of living became better and the traditional definition of masculinity changed. Today, in the modern workplace of America, masculinity is a factor that has to be taken into account by managers and also by employees. It plays a crucial and distinctive role in the way people will interact with each other and shapes the way relations of power and hierarchy are formed. The ancient concept of masculinity was that men didn’t choose to work because they enjoyed it, but rather because they had to do it, in order to be called men . After that, men began†¦show more content†¦It is the fact of being more masculine than someone else is that will determine not only the skill level but also the position relative to other of a peculiar worker. As an example of that, there is a manual worker in a big construction industry th at says that responsibilities and specific tasks on the field are assigned and determined not by the knowledge level of a worker but rather by his masculine attitude . He explains that this masculine attitude can consist of throwing beers bottles or swearing in front of his coworkers, directly on the field or outside of work. Another manual worker says that in order to affirm his masculinity and thus his place among his peers, he uses sexual discourse that defines the men’s sexuality as the center of his life and as something that one could never get enough of . He says that an important role of this discourses is to reduce woman to a sexual and docile object, even if he admits that his wife wouldn’t appreciate it at all and that he wouldn’t dare say it in front of her. Another research study by Laurie Telford suggests that men in order to affirm their masculinity will try most often to gather with people that tend to verify their own concept of masculinity and that they will try to build â€Å"a support network † based on what they can compare themselves to. This suggests, for example, that if someone is not able to identify withShow MoreRelatedFeminism and Masculinity Essay836 Words   |  4 Pagescontemporary society, hegemonic masculinity is defined by physical strength and boldness, heterosexuality, economic independence, authority over women and other men, and an interest in sexual relationships. While most men do not embody all of these qualities, society supports hegemonic masculinity within all its institutions, including the educational institute, the religious institute and other institutes which form the ideological state apparatus. Standards of masculinity vary from time to time, fromRead More Feminism and Masculinity Essay820 Words   |  4 Pagescontemporary society, hegemonic masculinity is defined by physical strength and boldness, heterosexuality, economic independence, authority over women and other men, and an interest in sexual relationships. While most men do not embody all of these qualities, society supports hegemonic masculinity within all its institutions, including the educational institute, the religious institute and other institutes which form the ideological state apparatus. Standards of masculinity vary from time to time, fromRead MoreA Brief Note On The American Workplace Values1181 Words   |  5 PagesAmerican workplace values vary from one organization to the next. Differences can be determined by the location of an organization, including what state the organization is located in and/or whether that business is located in a major city or the suburbs. Also, workplace values can be different depending on what industry the organization is in. A technical start-up company’s values could be vastly different than that of an established non-for-profit organization’s values. Workforce demographicsRead MoreGender Equality Within The Professional World Of The Air, Natalie Keener, By Anna Kendrick1199 Words   |  5 Pagesrights within the workplace. Equal access to professional organizations does not, however, translate to equality within the professional world. Still today, gender plays a significant role in the experience of workers wit hin certain organizations. This is strikingly clear to women in non-traditional roles, as they face gender barriers rooted so deeply within society as to be accepted without question. Extreme examples of this phenomenon include the hidden curriculum of masculinity with regard to militaryRead MoreBeing Male or Female Locks Us Into Roles1195 Words   |  5 Pagesstrong divide between people and produces a hierarchal society. These ideas of masculinity ultimately portray dominance and power over women which further encourages hegemonic masculinity that is already present in contemporary social structures. This idea of masculinity is highly evident in social structures such as education, workplace, military and various forms of media. Through generating these notions of masculinity, it will continue to place women in subordination. A part of being masculineRead MoreGender Inequality Between The Workforce And Its Correlation With Hofstede s Masculinity Dimension1269 Words   |  6 PagesGender Inequality in the Workforce and Its Correlation to Hofstede’s Masculinity Dimension Culture is a very powerful concept that influences all aspects of a society’s values. Every country holds different cultural views pertaining to each of these aspects and they include symbols, perspectives, and social interactions (Banks 35). As globalization integrates itself deeper into a culture, it begins to transform the norms of that culture. This is exactly what is, and has been happening in many differentRead MoreHegemonic Femininity In The 1920s999 Words   |  4 Pages The 1920s are a time praised for getting women involved in the workplace because of the telephone industry that employed many women as telephone operators. This is a moment in Women’s rights history that is praised, but it should not be because at its core it still forced women into being a part of the Patriarchal agenda. This type of work forced women to fall into the hegemonic femininity characteristics to maintain the patriarchy while giving women a sense of pride that they are moving up inRead MoreThe Communication Style Of Men And Women918 Words   |  4 Pagesget from other workers. Within the workplace, it is important for those to behave and speak in a professional manner in order for others to see them as assertive. The communication style of men and women creates gender stereotypes in the workplace such as gender role behaviors, social scripts and biological determinism. According to Western Society’s hegemonic norms, the gender binary is given a certain role in which they have to behave to prove their masculinity or femininity, as well as their socialRead MoreGeert Hofstede : The Four Dimensions Of National Cultures1191 Words   |  5 PagesHofstede conducted different studies for business culture; most of the comprehensive studies are based on how the values in the workplace are influenced by culture. This paper briefly describes how the Hofstede four dimensions of national cultures distinguished between two countries. The four dimensions that Hofstede discovered were: Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, and Uncertainty Avoidance. He used four dimensions to show the difference between each country culture. It shows how culturesRead MoreComparison Of Geert Hofstede s Six Dimensions Of Culture1143 Words   |  5 Pagesseen as leaders on the global market, they still have very apparent differences in cultural norms. These contrasting characteristics are grouped under Geert Hofstede’s six dimensions of culture. They incl ude, the level of uncertainty avoidance, masculinity versus femininity, individualism versus collectivism, power distance, long-term versus short-term orientation, and indulgence versus restraint (Hofstede, 2001). Once one is able to properly distinguish cultural differences, can they then successfully

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Valuable Tips for Easy Photo Essay Topics That You Can Use Starting Immediately

Valuable Tips for Easy Photo Essay Topics That You Can Use Starting Immediately Ok, I Think I Understand Easy Photo Essay Topics, Now Tell Me About Easy Photo Essay Topics! This photograph is just one of my personal favourites since it is but one of the initial shots I took after I was gifted a camera. However, building a photo is the a whole lot more complicated process which we can imagine. Photo projects provide a terrific method to try out something new and will be able to help you escape from a rut. Moral argumentative essay topics are a few of the simplest to get carried away with. Subsequently, it has been defined in a variety of ways. Out of the many varieties of essays, photo essays are definitely the most illustrious. The ESL essay ought to be grammatically accurate. Completing the endeavor isn't as easy as it might seem even when you have the most brilliant photo essay ideas. Students are requested to explain, comment on, or assess a subject of study in the shape of an essay. They often find that most of their work on these essays is done before they even start writing. The preparation of essay on photography is a complex and time-consuming approach. This essay is likely to end up being 300 to 600 words, so in the event you pick solid examples and make sure you're very clear in your explanations of things, it won't really hard to reach. Every essay demands an in-depth research so as to point out the critical issues of the issue. Ultimately, describe each one of the actions to produce an essay of a process paper. To choose which subject you're likely to discuss, it's crucial to see the complete collection of good persuasive speech topics from the specific area of study. No matter how much you'll be taking that day, there are a few ways that will allow you to get through the essay with a minimal quantity of stress. As soon as you scan our site regarding recommendations that might help you to publish your very own personal composition, you are going to discover a lot of tips. The online site provides you a subject at which you must get going creating your essay. What's more, it's vital to perfectly polish the writing and raise its uniqueness to the maximum level! Have a good idea of what you need to accomplish, and create it like you were teaching somebody else. Absence of respectful maternity care was highlighted among the problems that affect provision of high-quality care. You have to make sure you're picking an intriguing topic that will attract attention. The Little-Known Secrets t o Easy Photo Essay Topics What an ideal scenario would look like is capturing the men and women in their very own space. There will be many jobs and careers which people do that you've zero idea about. In observing commuters, it's interesting to notice the way the social codes most of us abide by have normalized in our day-to-day life. You are able to opt for a place and stick to a specific timeline to reveal the progress or decline. Custom made article is genuinely a phrase that has been used to acquire a fairly really long period. Quite a few alternative logical structures for essays are visualized as diagrams, making them simple to implement or adapt in the building of an argument. It's important to select debatable argumentative essay topics since you need opposing points that you may counter to your own points. As long because you can determine the form of emotional response you wish to create, you can don't hesitate to experiment with a selection of concrete and abstra ct topics. Definitions of Easy Photo Essay Topics If you believe a photo essay is something which you may want to try, here are a couple ideas to hopefully get you going. In this instance, they may be requested to browse the web for interesting and relevant photos that may enrich their essay and make it even more interesting and meaningful. Every student would like to beat the remainder of the competition to collect best photos and use them in their essay. Shot planning Before selecting from the a variety of photo essay topics you must plan the shots that are required to be taken for the essay. 1 photo essay idea I have always wished to try is to photograph one landmark from a number of different vantage points. On account of the character of the short article, it is actually. Based on your theme, there are a couple kinds of photos you will want to use to anchor your essay. There are a lot of popular photo essay examples it's possible to run into on the internet. The Easy Photo Essay Topics Pitfall Your college professor or teacher might provide you a photo essay to examine your expertise and evaluate your efforts. Just like with any essay which you've ever written, the very first step in arranging a photo essay is to settle on a topic. They may be assigned with a photo essay about a particular political event or something regarding the development of a specific culture. There are lots of reliable essay writing services which can help you finish and submit your photo essay in the highest quality. When you employ a professional writer to complete the assignment for your benefit, you are aware that your writing is in good hands. Don't neglect to bring a strong hook at the beginning (introduction paragraph) and wind up with an impressive conclusion to create the reader want to go over the interesting persuasive essay topics of your pick. The traditional type of essay writing can acquire monotonous for students.

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Choosing A College Essay Research Paper COLLEGE free essay sample

Choosing A College Essay, Research Paper COLLEGE RESEARCH PAPER Choosing a college during the concluding old ages of high school can be a long strenuous procedure, full of many womb-to-tomb determinations. These determinations can be broken down into six classs. The classs are cost, entryway demands, location, populating agreements, alone plans, and extracurricular activities. The University of Missouri St. Louis and the University of Missouri, Columbia have some similarities yet many more differences. A major concern when make up ones minding which college to go to is cost. Cost consists of non lone tuition but besides books, room and board. If one would wish to go to the University of Missouri, Columbia for a residential pupil the composite cost for tuition is four 1000 three hundred twenty three dollars. The tuition cost is comparatively the same at the University of Missouri St. Louis. Their approximate one-year cost is four 1000 seven hundred 90 five dollars and 80 cents. We will write a custom essay sample on Choosing A College Essay Research Paper COLLEGE or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Therefore tuition for the University of Missouri Columbia is four 100 70 dollars and 80 cents cheaper than the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Colleges have entryway demands so that the college receives the quality of pupils they want. This is of import to a pupil because the demands really do certain the pupils are all around the same intelligence degree. This makes college life more impersonal. The University of Missouri Columbia and the University of Missouri St. Louis are both on the University of Missouri system. This system says a pupil must finish four units of English and mathematics, three units of scientific discipline and societal surveies, two units of the same foreign linguistic communication, and one unit all right humanistic disciplines. These are frequently called the 17 nucleus credits for college. This system besides requires an ACT mark of at least 17 but with this depression of an Act score one needs to be in the top 94 percentile of their category. If one? s Act composite is 24 or higher so that applicant meets the lower limit demand for admittance. The location of a college can be a major make up ones minding factor when one programs which college to travel to. Is the college in and urban, suburban, or rural country. Is the offense rate in the country really high or so low they wear? t even have a sheriff for 40 stat mis. Is the college near to any points of involvements for college pupils. Such as film theatres, amusement Parkss or bowling Alliess. The University of Missouri St. Louis is seven stat mis from downtown St. Louis. St. Louis is a big metropolis consisting of 250,000 to 499,999 people. It has many points of involvements for a college pupil. Besides the illustrations above St. Louis has four professional athleticss nines. University OF MISSOURI ST. LOUIS besides has an urban campus environment. The University of Missouri Columbia is located in the little metropolis of Columbia Missouri. It has a population of 50,000-250,000. The University of Missouri Columbia is located about 125 stat mis from Kansas City and St. Louis. The life agreements when go toing a college can edify or destruct your college exp erience. If one intends to travel to the University of Missouri St. Louis they have several options for lodging. The abode hall, Mansion Hill condominiums, and University Meadow Apartments. The abode halls are handily located on campus. Smoke and the usage of intoxicant or drugs is non permitted in the abode halls. Mansion Hill condominiums are on a private wooded estate with all the luxury of place. The University Meadow flats is a flat composite located merely off campus. The University of Missouri Columbia has coed residence halls, flats for married pupils and fraternity/sorority lodging. All lodging is located on campus besides some fraternity/sorority houses. The options for incoming freshers to the University of Missouri Columbia for lodging is limited to dorm life. Alone plans are another setup to assist one decide if the college they privation to go to has extracurricular activities wanted every bit good as academic plans. The University of Missouri St. Louis has many academic plans which include survey abroad and the Pierre Laclede Honors College. This signifies a dual major. Analyzing abroad means one goes to a foreign state where the University of Missouri St. Louis has set up a college. The Pierre Laclede Honors college is an awards college for the exceptionally intelligent. Although it is portion of the University of Missouri St. Louis plan it has its ain campus, dwelling of instructional, residential, and recreational installations. The University of Missouri Columbia has a museum of art and archeology, museum of anthropology, and a research centre for atomic reactor. Extracurricular activities serves a minor intent in the determination to take a college. Both the University of Missouri Columbia and the University of Missouri St. Louis have superb extracurricular activities provided for their pupils. They both contain non merely NCAA collegial sports but besides intramural athleticss are available for the less gifted pupils that still bask to play athleticss. The lone difference between the collegial degree athleticss is the University of Missouri Columbia has NCAA division one athleticss and the University of Missouri St. Louis has NCAA division two athleticss. Both of these universities consist of sororities and fraternities for anyone interested in going a member of one of the exceeding Ancient Hellenics based organisation. Other similar extracurricular activities proved by both of these schools are student authoritiess, wireless Stationss, pupil newspaper, and even pep sets. As for different extracurricular activities provided by the universities none can be found at this period in clip. Both the University of Missouri Columbia and the University of Missouri St. Louis have great educational and societal plans for pupils go toing their school. In comparing and contrasting of these schools one could reason that these are both exceeding schools. A pupil life in Missouri would profit non merely from the financially efficient costs but besides the rational stimulation great educational establishments provide to their pupils.

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A Streetcar Named Desire Essays (730 words) - Fiction, Literature

A Streetcar Named Desire A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams is known for his powerfully written psychological dramas. Most of his works are set in the southern United States and they usually portray neurotic people who are victims of their own passions, frustrations, and loneliness. The play represents the conflict between the sensitive, neurotic Blanche DuBois and the crude, animalistic Stanley Kowalski. Blanche visits the home of her sister, Stella, in New Orleans and that is when Stanley started picking at her, almost testing her. Before she had met Stanley, she told her sister of how their plantation had been lost due to the costs of paying for the funerals of many family members. There was not enough money for her to keep the plantation. While Blanche bathed after her arrival, Stanley came home. Stella had told him what had happened and he immediately insisted that Blanche was swindling them. He hinted that Blanche had sold the plantation in order to buy beautiful furs and jewelry. He went through Blanche's trunk while she bathed, Stella insisted he stop. He was looking for sale papers from the plantation. After Blanche was finished bathing, Stella was outside, so Stanley started questioning Blanche. She insisted that she had nothing to hide from him and let him go through all historical papers from Belle Reve, the plantation. While living with Stella and Stanley, Blanche had met a man named Mitch, who she started dating. She liked him a lot but she hid many things from him. Firstly, she hid secrets of her first lover, her husband Allan Grey. Every time she thought of him, she thought of how he killed himself and she heard the polka which played in the background. She did not want to speak of this to Mitch. After Allan's death, Blanche used to go to the Tarantula Arms hotel where she would have intimacies with strangers. She did it because she felt it would fill her empty heart. She did not want to tell Mitch because she wanted him to respect her. Blanche was very careful to hide her looks too. She felt that she was old looking and tried to avoid bright lights from glaring down on her. She covered a light in Stella's house with a Chinese paper lamp to keep it from being so bright she hid her looks from Mitch, he never saw her in the day. Finally, one day, Stanley tried to find out many of Blanche's secrets and told them to Mitch so he would not fall for her, even though he was considering marrying her. He told Mitch of her intimacies, and told him of when she had a relationship with one of her students. Mitch felt deceived, she lied to him about many things, her age, her past. Stanley taunted Blanche until he attacked her in violent passion. When Blanche tried to tell her sister what Stanley had done to her, she does not know what to think. Blanche retreats into a private dreamworld. She tells Stella and Eunice, a friend, of how she is going to die. She says she will die from eating an unwashed grape. Grapes are a symbol with sexual overtones. Stanley represents the unwashed grape that will kill her. Blanche says that she will die with her hand in the hand of a young ship's doctor and she will be buried at sea. She will be dropped into an ocean as blue as her first lover's eyes. Blue is used in this play as a symbol of sadness. It represents her husband's death. Her husband, to her, was different than other men, he had beautiful blue eyes and she compared him to a seahorse. The male seahorse is different because it id him that gives birth unlike other creatures, as her husband was unlike other men. Stella does not believe her sister after she tells her what Stanley has done, instead, she has her sent to a mental institution. She cries as Blanche is taken away, perhaps she knows she has made a mistake but Stanley soothes her, telling her everything will be back to normal, as he is opening her blouse. Stanley has won, Blanche was gone, things would be like before, he thought. In this play, there were two streetcars mentioned. One was a streetcar named desire which symbolized Blanche's desire to be loved. The other was a streetcar names Cemeteries which symbolized Blanche's fear of death. Both the desire to be loved and the fear of death were quiet apparent in the way Blanche thought. She wished to

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The Artwork Manicurated by Judi Werthein

The Artwork Manicurated by Judi Werthein Judi Werthein was born in 1967, in New York, Argentina. Werthein work of art includes designing of sneakers and manicure decals. In 2001, she launched a manicurated piece of work in a big Museum where she selected more than ten paintings to act as nail decals. She later employed professional manicurist to help her in offering services to the visitors.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Artwork Manicurated by Judi Werthein specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Most of these services were offered for free and they attracted a large number of audience. Werthein became famous not only because of her professional nail decoration, but because, her museum created an environment where other artists could converge to discuss more about art that went far beyond social class, race, and age differences. Since the launching of the museum nail decals has become a significant constitute of the artwork. Other artists have joined the pro fession as a way of leisure and also to earn a living (The Balkans project 5). Werthein can be considered as one of the artists who have had a major impact in the modern artwork. She is not only interested in nail decals put also takes part in media. Her work is described as one that defies classification. She works in media by challenging issues on national identity, human rights, and economic impartiality. Her work is not only involved in contemporary art, but also other populations outside the world of art. Werthein manicurated work that was launched in 2001, in Bronx Museum formed a basis of her career in nail decals (Turvey, 2). She also realized that by inviting audiences from all races, ethnic ground and ages, she would promote peace and cooperation among the people living in Bronx. In 2006, Werthein was requested to design a project that would investigate the relationship that existed between Southern California, and Tijuana. Her project (which she named Brinco) attracted th e attention of the whole nation because of the compassion it created towards the illegal immigrants. At the same time, the nation was holding a nation debate to discuss the rights and obligation of all immigrants. Two years after her project received nation-wide recognition, Werthein was able to design sneakers that were distributed to all the people living in Tijuana and others were sold in some of the boutiques located in New York and California (Anon. â€Å"New York, Volume 35† 86). From her work, we see that Werthein was not only concerned about making money; she was ready to help those in need.Advertising Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For instance, BBC broadcasted news on a woman who was actually crying because she received a pair of shoes, something she had never had before. Werthein sneakers had American eagle embroidery indicating her royalty to her nation. They a lso had a flashlight, compass, and some painkillers to help people who were crossing at night (The Balkans project 8). Werthein derives motivation from other pieces of art by other artists, such as paintings, and drawings. Werthein sneakers were produced using some products that were imported from China as a way of emphasizing her support for global trade. These sneakers were also distributed in major countries such as China and Japan, and they attracted a wide audience because of their unique design. Being a female, Werthein, was determined to prove that, artwork can be pursued by anyone if only they have the passion for it. All her art products were designed for women to show them that, they too can make it if they want to. Werthein was born at the time when the role of the woman was believed to be in the kitchen. However, she was determined to fight against this perception and also to curb discrimination which was evident in almost all sectors. Anon. â€Å"New York, Volume 35.à ¢â‚¬  New York magazine Co., 2002. The Balkans project. â€Å"Words and art from the Balkans.† Balkans project, 2010. Web.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Artwork Manicurated by Judi Werthein specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Turvey, Lisa. â€Å"Judi Werthein: Art in General.† Findarticles, 2007. Web.

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Argumentive Reserch Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Argumentive Reserch - Research Paper Example Learners can acquire these skills when they develop appropriate attitudes and knowledge. This makes the main objective of conducting teaching and training programs to correspond to enhancement of knowledge, skills and attitude of learners. The main purpose of this essay is to argue the relevance of the message conveyed by some specific authors on the approach needed for conducting training and teaching programs (Chou, Chang, & Hauer, 2008). I believe that motivation towards learning and training is dependent on knowledge, skills, ideologies and a suitable environment. However, it is also clear that the number of students and the use of a multi-disciplinary approach are useful though the learning approach should not be specific. Counter argument I believe that the twenty steps are instrumental when handling students with learning difficulties. However, opposing ideologies indicate that these steps overwork the teachers, and compromise their ability to attend to other students. Further more, it is highlighted that people should recognise the social and cognitive skills of students while handling their learning needs (Hon and Watkins, 1995). However, the learning needs of a person transcends skills, and is dependent on the environment in several instances. I believe that the procedural steps that involve students in a workshop learning session enhances their interaction and comprehension (Chou, Chang, and Hauer, 2004). However, opposing arguments state that such an approach cannot accommodate a class with numerous students. It is only limited to a few number of students. Rao underscores the need to expose students to an environment where they easily interact with the elderly patients to improve their attitudes. However, attitude cannot be improved by exposure alone. It requires an interdisciplinary learning approach. Argument I believe that it is necessary assist the children with learning difficulties using fundamental steps. This can be successful with the provis ion of appropriate modifications in the learning process. Several steps are necessary in the quest to achieve such objectives. The authors use Greg’s experiences to develop some steps necessary for successful learning amongst children having trouble (Biddulph, Hess, & Humes, 2006). I find this rather disturbing because assuming that all children with learning difficulties are of the same level as Greg is wrong. Greg could have succeeded because the level of his difficulty was mild. Disorder depression does not adversely inhibit the process of learning. Greg listed a number of 20 steps that he considers appropriating in making a child with learning difficulties become successful (Biddulph, Hess, & Humes, 2006). I believe that Hon and Watkins’s attempt to evaluate social skills training program for Hong Kong students highlights the importance of valuing skills, and knowledge. They classify alcoholism, juvenile delinquency and depression as fundamental examples of behavio ral and neurotic problems that are responsible for psychiatric disorders. According to the authors, these are the causes of inadequate social skills. Hon and Watkins focus on directing additional efforts get to the training skills development programs for adolescents. However, these efforts mainly focus on the western countries. In response to this, they come up with well-knitted approaches to address