Friday, February 21, 2020

Argumentive Reserch Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Argumentive Reserch - Research Paper Example Learners can acquire these skills when they develop appropriate attitudes and knowledge. This makes the main objective of conducting teaching and training programs to correspond to enhancement of knowledge, skills and attitude of learners. The main purpose of this essay is to argue the relevance of the message conveyed by some specific authors on the approach needed for conducting training and teaching programs (Chou, Chang, & Hauer, 2008). I believe that motivation towards learning and training is dependent on knowledge, skills, ideologies and a suitable environment. However, it is also clear that the number of students and the use of a multi-disciplinary approach are useful though the learning approach should not be specific. Counter argument I believe that the twenty steps are instrumental when handling students with learning difficulties. However, opposing ideologies indicate that these steps overwork the teachers, and compromise their ability to attend to other students. Further more, it is highlighted that people should recognise the social and cognitive skills of students while handling their learning needs (Hon and Watkins, 1995). However, the learning needs of a person transcends skills, and is dependent on the environment in several instances. I believe that the procedural steps that involve students in a workshop learning session enhances their interaction and comprehension (Chou, Chang, and Hauer, 2004). However, opposing arguments state that such an approach cannot accommodate a class with numerous students. It is only limited to a few number of students. Rao underscores the need to expose students to an environment where they easily interact with the elderly patients to improve their attitudes. However, attitude cannot be improved by exposure alone. It requires an interdisciplinary learning approach. Argument I believe that it is necessary assist the children with learning difficulties using fundamental steps. This can be successful with the provis ion of appropriate modifications in the learning process. Several steps are necessary in the quest to achieve such objectives. The authors use Greg’s experiences to develop some steps necessary for successful learning amongst children having trouble (Biddulph, Hess, & Humes, 2006). I find this rather disturbing because assuming that all children with learning difficulties are of the same level as Greg is wrong. Greg could have succeeded because the level of his difficulty was mild. Disorder depression does not adversely inhibit the process of learning. Greg listed a number of 20 steps that he considers appropriating in making a child with learning difficulties become successful (Biddulph, Hess, & Humes, 2006). I believe that Hon and Watkins’s attempt to evaluate social skills training program for Hong Kong students highlights the importance of valuing skills, and knowledge. They classify alcoholism, juvenile delinquency and depression as fundamental examples of behavio ral and neurotic problems that are responsible for psychiatric disorders. According to the authors, these are the causes of inadequate social skills. Hon and Watkins focus on directing additional efforts get to the training skills development programs for adolescents. However, these efforts mainly focus on the western countries. In response to this, they come up with well-knitted approaches to address

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Health Science and Medicine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Health Science and Medicine - Essay Example From this discussion it is clear that  there are various features present in the patient engagement applications available. For one, all these patient engagement applications offer medical tips and advice. This information helps the patients learn more about various diseases. The advice given on these applications helps the patients manage how to manage particular diseases. The other feature is that these application offer platform for the patients to give their feedback to the hospital or ask any questions.This study highlights that  patient education is one of the most important factors when it comes to ensuring that their health is made a priority. Patients who have been empowered with knowledge will be able to spot any problems in their health, signs and symptoms of various ailments. The patients are going to be more responsible in matters concerning their health and when the symptoms persist, they will understand when it is a must to see a doctor. It is for this reason that there are Patient Engagement programs set up by hospitals so that the patients can learn more. Through patients learning more about different ailments, they will also make it easier for the doctor handling them. They have an interactive platform to ask any questions and give feedback to the hospitals about their services and areas that may need improvement on.  One of the patient engagement programs is the Kaiser Permanente’s HealthConnect program.   This program used a registry and support program that offers electronic care.