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Pink Floyd may have been a revolutionary band from the late sixties to today, but you truly can not apprise the band until you know of its members. First off is, David Gilmour. He was born on March sixth, nineteen forty-six. He has eight kids, four with a past wife, Ginger, and terzetto with his current wife, Charlie (Charlie had a kid from a previous marriage). David was raised by easy going parents, and was given his own guitar at thirteen. As a modern teenager he was brought to the U.S. because of his fathers job. He started playing at military bases in a band named Jokers Wild, and working odd jobs including modeling. In his spare time he enjoys flying and collecting vintage aircrafts.Next is Nicholas Mason the bands drummer. Born on January twenty-seventh, nineteen forty-four, Nick has three kids with his wife, Annette. He was born to a rich family and from puerility accompanied his father to car shows.Nick attended the Frensham Heights boarding school at which he is still re membered as a mischief maker. directly he races and collects cars such as Ferraris, Bugattis, and Macerates.Another consequential player in this awesome band was Richard Wright. Born on July twenty-eighth, nineteen forty-five, and has three kids Gala, Jamie, and Benjamin. Met Nick and Roger at he Regent Street Poly. He enjoys taking his sixty-five foot yacht out when he is presented the opportunity.The second most important person in the band was George Waters or RogerAs he preferred. Born on September sixth, nineteen forty-three. Roger has two kids and has recently divorced for the third time. Rogers farther was killed in the war and he never had a chance to know him. He tried the navy and quit soon after joining. The single most important person that truly got the band persona started was Roger Syd Barrett. Born on January sixth, nineteen forty-six. Barrett had an above average childhood with supportive parents with a fair amount of money. He was a good student with a lot of fri ends. His parents encouraged his medicinal drug with providing the supplies necessary for it. Syd was the founder of Pink Floyd and gave the band its own personality. Since the sixties the band had pushed their music to the limit, mixing pop, classical, and rock they had a ground breaking formula to success. Most fans know of only the hits that the band had in seventies, and of none of the controversy and pit go the band suffered throughout their career.

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It is said that technology is turning our world into a global village, and this is true to some period but even now if we move from one city to another, one can feel the difference in language, culture, life style and many more.In my case I moved thousand of miles from my country, Pakistan. The differences are unimaginable.I was born in a very big house with 5 bedrooms, 2 hold rooms, 2 kitchens, big lawns in front and back, servant quarters and couple of servants serving my family. This wasnt like this because we were filthy rich or millionaires. It simply portrays a middle class home in my country.My grandmother was used to wake up before sunrise and opened all the windows and doors for fresh air, and for the voice of rooster. whence she was used to sit on a very low table with lots of colorful round pillows, directing servants what to do and peeling vegetables or cleanup rice. The house was cleaned from top to bottom everyday. For lunch a long red and white-patterned tableclo ths was laid on the floor and all the ladies in home use to eat on together. My mother use to make bread in a special underground oven.Men usually came home by the evening and dinner was an chief(prenominal) event since everybody was supposed to be there for it.Things havent changed a lot now. I grew up in a very conservative city where girls have fewer rights and are raised with the concept that our essential goal is to get married and serve our husbands, making sure our household runs in the crush way po...

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Philosophy of TeachingMy goals as a teacher atomic number 18 to help students channelise effectively and foster a desire to learn. I believe these two characteristics are important for students to have because patronage what problems they encounter or what situation they are in, the ability to make it effectively will help them in working with others and the desire to learn will motivate them to make positive changes in their life. As a teacher, I want my students to become interested in learning, both in school and in their in the flesh(predicate) lives. With these two goals in mind, my role as a teacher is to help them acquire these skills and values. However, effective communication is one of the hardest tasks for teachers because we all communicate in diametrical ways and through different means. This is wherefore teachers also need the desire to learn because it will motivate them to learn more useful ways of communicating and connecting with the students. To help s tudents attain these goals, a teacher who leads by example can demonstrate to students how to communicate to others. In addition, if teachers are excited about what they teach, they will piss a better learning milieu that will motivate the students to learn. My philosophy of teaching consists of these two traits because after they leave my class, I want them to continue their commandment with the desire to learn more and to communicate this desire and the skills they have obtained with others. As a future social studies ... Philosophy of Teaching Essay -- Teachers Education Learning EssaysPhilosophy of TeachingMy goals as a teacher are to help students communicate effectively and foster a desire to learn. I believe these two characteristics are important for students to have because despite what problems they encounter or what situation they are in, the ability to communicate effectively will help them in working with others and the desire to learn will motiva te them to make positive changes in their life. As a teacher, I want my students to become interested in learning, both in school and in their personal lives. With these two goals in mind, my role as a teacher is to help them acquire these skills and values. However, effective communication is one of the hardest tasks for teachers because we all communicate in different ways and through different means. This is why teachers also need the desire to learn because it will motivate them to learn more useful ways of communicating and connecting with the students. To help students attain these goals, a teacher who leads by example can demonstrate to students how to communicate to others. In addition, if teachers are excited about what they teach, they will create a better learning environment that will motivate the students to learn. My philosophy of teaching consists of these two traits because after they leave my class, I want them to continue their education with the desire to l earn more and to communicate this desire and the skills they have obtained with others. As a future social studies ...

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This hebdomads selections of conditions from the AE reader were both interesting and thought provoking. The first article Drinking to get Drunk, details the growing anxiety of binge beverage on college campuses across the country. I thought it was very interesting that 23% of students are frequent binge drinkers whereby frequent binge drinking is operation wholey defined as those who consumed at least five drinks in a row at one point during any two week period. This is startling number when prizeing of my own drinking habits or even the social norms of drinking on this campus. I would be confident in claiming that at Providence College, the percentage of frequent binge drinkers is likely higher than the national percentage. With the social culture of this campus being focused on gatherings that include alcohol, it is hard to discharge oneself from a drinking climate. As a student leader on this campus, we are required to program so many alcohol free activities to go on a dry campus. These efforts go unnoticed and very often are unattended by students because of the competition of the off campus bar scene. Perhaps if the surrounding friendship (ie local bar establishments/package stores, law enforcement officials, attorney generals office) becomes more stringent in enforcing modest drinking regulations, it will become more difficult for underage students on this campus to drink. Or on the flipside, the result could be just as devastating with a shift in drinking off campus to on campus, cause more on campus disciplinary actions. This could be worth it however if it means that students will be drinking in their dorms and in a fairly pencil eraser environment unlike our neighboring community. Further examination on this campus is necessary and continues through student congress and Fr. McPhails office. Personally, I dont think the drinking climate will change until the allure of drinking and being drunk is discouraged and students develop a mature sens e of what is cool.The second article The Drug that Pretends it Isnt is also an article related to alcohol and the nasty consequences of drinking on our society. The article opens with the giggle of Jamaica, the trendy spring break wild spot that many college students flock to. A policy research group called Drug Strategies produced a report that calls alcohol Americas most distributive drug problem, which is sadly true. What shocked me was the claim that alcohol-related deaths outnumber deaths related to drugs four to one alcohol is a factor in more than half of all domestic-violence and sexual assault cases.

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In 1999, Mary DeGenova and F. Philip Rice conducted an experiment to determine the differences between the covers of twelve popular mens and womens magazines. cardinal out of the sixty-nine covers viewed of the womens magazines contained some message just about bodily visual aspect, whereas none of the fifty-three covers of the mens magazines viewed contained such messages (78). It seems that the media socializes women to value themselves according to their appearance and men are taught that being a man is about status and success rather than physicality (DeGenova and Rice 68). Karen Horney, a German psychiatrist in the early twentieth century, maintained that there is a distrust that exists between the sexes partly because we all have a natural fear of losing ourselves in some other person (361). Because trusting someone of the opposite sex requires vulnerability, people are reluctant to allow themselves to be seen without the protective shield of indifference. After perusing t he may issues of Elle, G.Q., Glamour, and Maxim, one could detect that women are taught to please men through their appearance and their sexual prowess while men are taught to use their fashion and their intimacy to appear ambivalent and independent.Before one can consider the messages contained within the magazines, he or she must be aware of the media existing as a socializing agent. Magazines and other forms of Taylor 2mass media transmit several messages that shape the way individuals view themselves and others. There are several perceived differences between the grammatical gender roles of men and women. Young children are taught schemas of gender that continue to be culturally and socially reinforced as they grow up the children, in turn, use these schemas to mathematical process information about themselves and about others. Children are encouraged to assume the appropriate gender identity by being rewarded for behaviors that align with socially-determined gender expectati ons and punished for those that do not. Those who live up to societal expectations are accepted as normal those who do not conform are criticized and pressured to comply. (Transition sentence) All four magazines viewed contain messages about the importance of style, but Elle and Glamour, womens magazines, promote the idea that a females personal happiness is linked to her physical appearance. Elle contained an article entitled Pretty, beguile which demonstrated various techniques of applying makeup in order to make a woman appear more beautiful. G.Q. and Maxim, mens magazines, endorse style as a means of exuding machismo.

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The Theme of Marriage in Middlemarch Essay -- Eliot Middlemarch Essays

The Theme of Marriage in Middlemarch One of the central themes that runs through Middlemarch is that of matrimony. Indeed, it has been argued that Middlemarch prat be construed as a treatise in favor of divorce. I do not think that this is the case, although there are a number of obviously unsuitable marriages. If it had been Elliots intention to bring through about such a controversial subject, I believe she would not have resorted to veiling it in a novel. She illustrates the different stages of relationships that her characters undergo, from courtship through to marriage A fellow mortal with whose nature you are acquainted with solely through the brief entrances and exits of a few imaginative weeks called courtship, may, when seen in the continuity of matrimonial companionship, be disclosed as something better or worse than what you have preconceived, but will certainly not appear altogether the same(193)She not completely includes the new couples (Fred and Mary, Celia and Chettam), but also the older ones (the Garths and the Cadwalladers and the Bulstrodes), as well as widowhood (Dorothea). The marriage that would at seem most in need of a divorce, that in the midst of Dorothea and Casaubon, would be, ironically, the one that would last the longest if divorce had been available. Dorothea would not, indeed could not divorce Casaubon because of her honesty and the strength of her idealism. Despite the fact that Casaubon is clearly unsuitable, she still goes ahead with the marriage. It can be said that Dorothea represents the antithesis of Casaubon, where he his cold and severe, she is warm and friendly. Indeed, they are portrayed in clearly different ways Dorothea represents light and life, while Casaubon is darkness and death. ... ...similar stack (An example of this is the comparison between the reactions of Rosamond and of Mrs Bulstrode when they learn of their husbands disgrace). This desire to analyse and compare probably came from her studie s of both natural sciences and psychology. I dont believe that Elliots position is either for or against marriage - she is, in my view, equally for or against certain characters. The marriages that are portrayed in Middlemarch are of such different and varied composition that no frequent rule can be drawn from them. Works Cited and ConsultedCarroll, David (editor). George Eliot Middlemarch. Oxford & New York Oxford University Press, 1996. Drabble, Margaret. Introduction. Middlemarch. By George Elliot. New York Bantam, 1985. vii-xvii.Pangallo, Karen L. The Critical Response To George Eliot. Westport, CT Greenwood Press, 1994.

The Theme of Marriage in Middlemarch Essay -- Eliot Middlemarch Essays

The Theme of Marriage in Middlemarch One of the central themes that runs through Middlemarch is that of marriage. Indeed, it has been argued that Middlemarch quite a little be construed as a treatise in favor of divorce. I do not think that this is the case, although there are a number of obviously discrepant marriages. If it had been Elliots intention to write about such a controversial subject, I believe she would not have resorted to veiling it in a novel. She illustrates the different stages of relationships that her characters undergo, from case through to marriage A fellow mortal with whose nature you are acquainted with solely through the brief entrances and exits of a few imaginative weeks called courtship, may, when seen in the continuity of married companionship, be disclosed as something better or worse than what you have preconceived, but will certainly not appear all told the same(193)She not only includes the new couples (Fred and Mary, Celia and Chettam), but al so the older ones (the Garths and the Cadwalladers and the Bulstrodes), as well as widowhood (Dorothea). The marriage that would at seem most in involve of a divorce, that between Dorothea and Casaubon, would be, ironically, the one that would last the longest if divorce had been available. Dorothea would not, indeed could not divorce Casaubon because of her honesty and the strength of her idealism. Despite the fact that Casaubon is clearly unsuitable, she gloss over goes ahead with the marriage. It can be said that Dorothea represents the antithesis of Casaubon, where he his cold and severe, she is warm and friendly. Indeed, they are portrayed in clearly different ways Dorothea represents light and life, trance Casaubon is darkness and death. ... ...similar circumstances (An example of this is the comparison between the reactions of Rosamond and of Mrs Bulstrode when they learn of their husbands disgrace). This desire to analyse and compare probably came from her studies of bo th natural sciences and psychology. I dont believe that Elliots positioning is either for or against marriage - she is, in my view, equally for or against certain characters. The marriages that are portrayed in Middlemarch are of such different and varied melodic theme that no general rule can be drawn from them. Works Cited and ConsultedCarroll, David (editor). George Eliot Middlemarch. Oxford & New York Oxford University Press, 1996. Drabble, Margaret. Introduction. Middlemarch. By George Elliot. New York Bantam, 1985. vii-xvii.Pangallo, Karen L. The Critical Response To George Eliot. Westport, CT Greenwood Press, 1994.

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Impact of Climate Change on Food Security

pic pic CASESTUDY SOLOMON ISLANDS NAME LIZZIE IMMACULATE. TEGU ID S11053489 Course Code GE302 DUE DATE week -13- 2011 Lecturer Dr. Tamarisi Yabaki INTRODUCTION Agricultural sector was the most classic sector for the economy. It accounts for nigh 30% of the GDP. Agricultural export is a major source of export earnings and it is the main source of employment and musical accompaniment in the rural argonas. tillage consists of three sub-sectors subsistence smallholder farming, a commercial sub-sector, and large orchards (Central Bank of Solomon Is cuts, 2006, Annual Report 2005).On the other hand, the mood of the Solomon Islands is changing and tribe be straightway experiencing growth in intensity or severity of extreme stock-stillts like cyclones, storm surges, floods and droughts. These extreme events be causing substantial violate to land and associated infrastructure with negative strike on nutrition proceeds. In which, in that location is increase concern over the consequences of mode commute over on pabulum performance amongst the peaceful Island Countries, Solomon Islands for instance.Already, the changing survive patterns is having some operations background fertility, pests and dioceanses, increased heat puree on plants, changes in pelting and soil moisture, salt water incursion from rising sea- directs and increased damage on gardening and growths from extreme weather events (Baragamu, G. 2008). Well, in this report it will focus on the effects of humour change on the floriculture enlargement in Solomon Islands. However, the explore will concent put looked at the intellectual nourishment warranter and land specifically a take apart from livestock, fisheries, and forestry as a part of husbandry as sur take c atomic number 18.Besides, the research looks at how effects of mood changes take up land , and dissolvent in slighten of food crops such as taro, banana, new potatoes, Pineapple, coconut, and so on. Statem ent of the problem Well, this research project will mainly focus on the humour change and its effect on the sylvan expansion in SIDS. The problem that this research tried to find it out is that, how do the SIDS will cope with drastic effect of climate change if there is no enough land left for agriculture to expand, for example low-lying lands are covered due to sea-level bound Ontong coffee berry for instances.And excessively what happened if the crops are modify due to increased of temperature, and humidity where it encourage the plants to die out due to lack of under(a)ground water, and also encourage of pests to damage the crops, whilst it lessen the verdant productions in the field. It leads to downfall of the GDP of the economy, poverty that tidy sum will find. In which it is a problem for Solomon Islands, therefore these research will investigate on the problem, and come with a achievable solutions to jock them to deal with problem.Signifi poopce of the study Th e signifi bunsce of this research is that, to find out the most problems, and challenges that face by the Solomon Islands in terms of their agricultural expansion as solution of climate change, and how it halt the agriculture maturation at the community basis or level and to provide some possible solutions to help them to cope with the changing climate. BACKGROUND INFROMATION The ground had an estimated universe of 508,000, there were nine provinces in the country Malaita is the most populous and Renbel the least populous.The population of Solomon Islands is predominantly Melanesian (about 95%) although there are smaller Polynesian, Micronesian, Chinese and European communities ( Solomon Islands groundal census statistic, 2007). besides, the economy is largely dependent on agriculture, forestry, and fishing. For a high proportion of the population (mainly village- found), the Solomon Islands economy involves the production of subsistence foods and other items for individualize d consumption.The main item of production for cash at the village level is copra (the dried flesh of coconut), but also signifi groundworkt in some bowls is chocolate, market vegetables and marine products including fish and shells. Export commodities include gold, copra, wood and fish products, and cocoa (Judith A. Bennett 1978) Solomon Islands is a low-lying soaringal country that shares similar sustainable phylogeny challenges, including small population, remoteness, susceptibility to natural disasters, vulnerability to external shocks, and excessive dependence on international trade and foreign aid.Besides, Solomon Islands make believe particular problems and concerns in dealing with the effects of climate change, variability and extreme events, and clime change will be a major impediment to the movement of sustainable development in Solomon Islands. As all economic and social sectors are likely to be adversely moved(p), and the cost of variant will be disproportionatel y high, relative to gross domestic product (GDP) (World Bank, 2000). GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION & INFORMATIONThe Solomon Islands is located between latitudes 5o South and 12o South and longitudes 1520 East and 1630 East in the peace-loving Ocean, encompassing a total land area of 28, 785 square kilometres (km-2) and an Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ) of 1. 34 million km-2. The land area of the Solomon Islands consists of a double compass of six large islands that make up total 997 islands. The double chain of islands is described as a fragmented island arc situated on the bound between the Ontong Java Plateau-Central Pacific Basin and the Solomon Sea-Woodlark-Torres Basins.A composite basin separates the double chain of islands that make up the main archipelago of the Solomon Islands and is the segment of the Melanesian Island arch complex that separates the Pacific Ocean from the Coral Sea and Solomon Sea (Geography. about Solomon 2005). Map of Solomon Islands pic Sourcehttp//maps. goog le. com/maps? hl=en&biw=1276&bih=820&bav=on. 2,or. r_gc. r_pw. &wrapid=tlif130062192869311&q=google+map+of+solomon) OBJECTIVES OF THE RESEARCH To find out the effects of climate change on the agricultural production specifically on the food gage. To find out whether the halt of agricultural expansion affect the livelihood and nation as a whole. To find out the challenges or problems that Solomon Islanders or farmers were facing due to climate change. To determine adaptation and mitigation strategies to cope with the effect of climate change, topical anesthetic and national level. LITERATURE REVIEW According to Kenneth M, and Joel S (1995), they highlighted that agricultural production could decrease in m any countries, low-lying land oddly in deltas could inundated by sea-level drum. olibanum, they express that, climate change could cause developing countries to fall farther behind developed countries. In which they provide examples, that agricultural output in umpteen deve loping may be reduced by climate change compared to what it would be without it, firearm many developed nations could consider increased output, because high dependence on climate sensitive systems, and rapid population ontogeny, cause developing countries will be much vulnerable to climate change than developed countries.Besides that, he mention that, countries with large agricultural productions in deltas, such as Egypt, Bangladesh, and China are particularly vulnerable for a 1m sea level rise, in which he people will be at risk because they depend on agriculture for food and monetary purposes. In which Solomon Islands experience the similar problems as utter by the two authors. Well, in supplement to that, in the coming decades, many low-lying areas, and plain areas in Solomon Islands will or so certainly suffer from more(prenominal) frequent and intense droughts and floods, which will reduce yields and potentially fuel forest clearance.Moreover, according to Aalbersberg , W. , Nun, P. D. , and Ravuvu, A. D. (1993), stated that climate change has the smashing effect on agriculture in a sense that increased temperatures will cause heat stress on many plants, and increased desiccation may lead to increased drought, specially in drier areas during the dry season. Besides that, increased atmospheric carbon dioxide will increase plant gain faster growth will also lessen time maturity. This could decrease yields and perhaps food values. Weeds will also grow faster, competing with plants for water and soil nutrients, and areas of agriculture would shift.Due to warming upland area could be planted with crops that previously could not be grown there. Sea-level rise will claim coastal land that is currently for agriculture by means of inundation or salination where it affect the expansion of agriculture whilst it cause the p sieve to accelerate, and the economy of the SIDS will be drop. To more extent, other factors affecting agricultural output may chan ge in a warmer, more humid south-west Pacific. The occurrence of agricultural pests may increase causing lower yields and increased loss during storage.His sum up with one statement which is, Farmers are likely to be less productive as temperature and humidity increase. Well, there are ways that the authors highlight to mitigate climate change in terms of agriculture, for example Network internationally, it was global research to find out cultivars that are less sensitive to heat, salt and drought stress, and it required technological developments that help us the pacific to address these problems. However, it is not applicable for the Solomon Islands for instance, because it was very expensive in sense that it required professionals to deal with this kind of experiment and very demand.And also, they didnt seen the underlying issues of resistance to heat, salt because pacific islands are surrounded by oceans, and even though they find those cultivars but they do not suite the climat e conditions in the pacific. The gap of this research is the way in advance to achieve the sustainable agriculture where it not cause climate change on the other hand whilst it will adapt to the changing environment sooner than emphasis on the sophisticated technology with the solutions that cannot applicable for theSIDS, Solomon Islands for instance. Nevertheless, look carefully on the simple methods that agriculture could expand but does not create any green house gases as strong. METHODOLOGY The completion of this report was extracting from a wide Variety of sources, which included quantitative and qualitative data. They highlight at a lower place under each(prenominal) sub-heading. In addition, the sample size of the population that interviewed are fifteen (15) both students and working staff for supporting ideas for substantiate some ideas gathered from the standby sources.Quantitative Method Quantitative is a numerical data in which it is gathered and collected from the i nterviewees and from the secondary sources for example, collected data from the internet about the total agricultural production that alter due to effects of climate change. Besides, collected geld of temperature, and also the get along of rainwater from each meteorological station in Solomon Islands. Hence, the info gathered, and the sources of tuition will be summaries in the table below. Sources Types of information Primary data Secondary data Internet Total agricultural production that alter Trend of temperature Amount of rains Rate of change in sea level height However, there were difficulties and challenges faced during the collections of anatomys, in which the figures collected from the internet and books were general to attend and analysed in order to pick out the relevant figures. Besides, the sample size of the research did not achieve the accurate results because the sample size was very small. soft METHOD Qualitative is traffic patternly non-n umeric data in which it gathered during data collection. There were many sources of information collected through websites, books, Library, interviews, observation and so forth. at a lower place summaries the types of information gathered and their source. Sources Types of information Primary data Secondary data Internet & Grounded theory Information for the literature review Google pictures of the site Effects of climate changes Impact of climate change Geographical information for Solomon Islands Relevant information on the effects of climate change Library books Literature review addition information on the topic Interviews& questionnaires Effect of climate changes in Solomon Islands In terms of the agricultural productions specifically on food certification Suggestions of new strategies adaptations for development sustainability Observation Damaged of crop productions Lecture handouts Report format However, the re were difficulties and challenges faced while searching for the information because there was very general information gathered for the literature review. Besides, the questionnaire are not properly answered due to some students did not understand what climate change is. To more extent, the questionnaires are delay to leave alone it back, thus it delayed to complete my report in time. Despite of the challenges and difficult faced, the information was accessible and available. RESULTS AND FINDINGSSolomon Islands has a climate humid and warm with mean quotidian maximum temperature of about 300 ? C and a mean daily stripped-down of about 230 ? C. Rainfall distribution is quite varied with annual second-rate rainfall normally ranges from3000mm to 5000mm. Often drought in the country is associated with the El Nino Southern Oscillation phenomenon (ENSO). From about December to March, a period of west to north-westerly monsoonal winds and abundant rainfall can expected as well as a period where tropical cyclones form and affect the islands. The south-east trade winds (SE trades) blows from around whitethorn to October and trigger higher rainfall particularly on the windward side of the islands (http//www. SolomonIslandsNapa. pdf. com).Figure 1. 0. Shows The annual mean temperature trends for two locations indicate a warming trend since the 1950s. This is concordant with warming trend elsewhere in the Pacific islands region. pic pic Source http//www. SolomonIslandsNapa. pdf. com The above two figures obviously indicated the warming trend of two main stations in Solomon Islands since 1950. The best fit maximum temperature approximately starting from 29. 0 C and gradually upward, while the minimum temperature approximately from 22. 0 C and upward. So by telling that because of the mean, it seen the temperature was gradually change magnitude with respects to the number of years.Therefore, because of the positive changing in temperature it would actually lesse n yields of agriculture crops especially taro, potatoes and so forth on the coastal lowlands, and fires can also result from burning of debris in shifting agriculture systems. Moreover, The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (AR4) estimates that sea-level rise over the last century was 1. 7+ 0. 5mm/yr. However, from 1961-2003, the average rate of sea level rise is estimated at 1. 8+ 0. 5mm/yr. spheric projection of sea level rise estimated by AR4 ranges from 0. 18m to 0. 59m (IPCC 2007). Thermal expansion accounts for about 75% of the total sea level rise (http//www. SolomonIslandsNapa. pdf. com). Figure 2. 0.Shows the rate of sea level rise in the last 10 years up to 2006 from satellite records. In the southwest Pacific (Melanesia region), the rate of change of sea level height as measured by satellites over the 10 years was at 8-10mm/yr, approximately three times the global average. In more recent measurements of sea level in Solomon Islands from 1994 up to June 2008, indicates the net relative sea level trend at 7. 6mm/yr, which two-time average of the trend up to June 2007. pic Source http//www. SolomonIslandsNapa. pdf. com It clearly, shown above in the global map with respects to scale and colour signify the raising sea level due to the climate change. Moreover focuses ainly on Pacific Ocean especially Solomon islands, and from the map, Solomon Islands is located between latitudes 50 South and 120 South and longitudes 1520 East and 1630 East in the Pacific Ocean. So the color that represent the region is somewhere between the scales reading of 3-9 mm per years. So evidently, Solomon Islands facing the sea level rising which causes salt-water intrusion, storm surge and fill up in low-lying coastal areas of the main islands and the atolls such as Ontong Java are already threatening food crops and livelihoods. Figure 3. 0. While temperature records show a generally warming trend, rainfall records show a downward tren d.Rainfall trend for seven meteorological stations in Solomon Islands. pic Source http//www. SolomonIslandsNapa. pdf. com From the graphs above shows the rainfall trend for the seven meteorological stations in Solomon Islands from each year. Likewise, it showed the amount of rainfall from each provinces in Solomon Islands as well, where in some provinces the amount of rainfall were increasing from1960s , Auki for instance as shown in the map. Therefore, the above station evidently had shown the downward trend of rainfall due to the changing of climate. As compare to the pass years from 1950 the amount of rainfall increase, while in the current years the amount of rainfall going downward.The trend of best-fit line is downward, which indicate the decrease in amount of rainfall, and raise the temperature, where could change the pattern of the environment system. So this may result in high intensity storm events, increased evaporation and more enounce dry seasons, could bedevil severe impacts on agriculture crop production and intense rainfall during planting seasons could damage seedlings, reduce growth and provide conditions that come on plant pests and infirmitys. Moreover, below were the responses from the 15 interviewees on the effect of climate changes and its impact on the agricultural productions in Solomon Islands. Table 1. Show the number of the interviewees views on the objectives of the research topic. Temperature 4 The effect of climate change on Sea level Rise agricultural expansion in Solomon Islands Rainfall Cyclone 9 Drought downpour Tsunami Storm surge 2 What will happen if the agricultural National level 8 expansion decline? Less production to export decrease in GDP of the economy Price of the production increase due to less fork over Local level 7 Less income earning Less production in the domestic market Decrease in food interpret leading to the increase of prices, thus creating poverty to l ow ncome earners Rural villagers wont make profit or money leading to the increase in poverty rate Determine the challenges or problems Decrease in food supply 5 Increase in food prices Decrease in employment rate Poverty 3 Diseases Hinder standard of animate Water deficit for irrigation 1 Decrease in GDP of the economy due to less agricultural 6 production Decline in dwelling house purchasing ply Decline in income basis for household Determine adaptation and mitigation Adaptation strategies 3 strategies to cope with the effect of Diversify root crops. climate change, topical anesthetic and national level. Select crops and cultivars that tolerate stresses Increase support for plant breeding programs. Broaden genetic base of traditional food crops. Develop locally qualified crops. Adopt agro-forestry practises. 5 Promote low tillage and permanent soil cover on agricultural lands. Construct safe food storage facilities. key alternative food sources including imports. Research on farming systems including soil/land husbandry. 3 Mitigation strategies Promote adaptive management approaches. Increase public consciousness about potential impacts on agriculture and food security. Review breeding strategies and regulations concerning varieties 4 release and seed distribution Support agriculture research especially on traditional food crops. Encourage and support local processing of food crops The table had shown clearly the views of the interviewee about the climate change in Solomon Islands. There a maximum of 15 people, response to the questions and their views a arranged above in the table. More over most of them their views a similar, because of the reality that occur now in the country Solomon islands. Thus, they grouped according to their similarities on the responses. Besides, you can see that many interviewees answer some of the questions and few students answer some of the questions, but it based on what they experience that they see in the Solomon Islands about the effects of climate change, some of their perceptions on the mitigations and adaptations as indicated above.Hence, some of their responses shown above are clearly stated that they really experience the severe effects of climate change in their homes in Solomon Islands, and suffered extensively from the impacts, western Solomon for instance where they heated by the Tsunami in 2007, in which they lived in poverty for a long period before they recovered. By saying this because, they lost their farms both subsistence and commercial farming, and the entire valuable belongings, house, and stuffs inside are damaged due to the drastic event. Figure 4. Shows the heavyset of the table into graph in plowshare pic The pie chart showed the percentage of the responses, and by looking at the graph, it showed that, 75 percentages of the responses were unassailablely agreed that effe ct of climate change had a great impacts on food security, 20 % of the responses were fair in weighing the effects of climate change and other factors.And 5 % they did not sure of the effects of climate change on food security. EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON THE hoidenish PRODUCTION AND EXPANSION IN SOLOMON ISLANDS Table 2 a. Table shows the effect of climate change on agricultural productions that collected from the interviewees views and from other research findings in Solomon Islands. Direct effect of climate change Impacts Cyclone Increased intensity/frequency of cyclones could have dramatic effects on agriculture and food production that oft lasts for many years. Also, after the immediate effects, pests and diseases could come in later damaging the newly grow crops. For examples, Cyclone Namu in 1986 had dramatic effects on commercial agriculture (palm oil and rice) in Solomon Islands, particularly rice production has not recovered, and there is now a heavy relia nce on imported rice. Rural people experienced downfall of food security due to the event. Drought Drought in different localised parts of the country, as influenced by ElNino and La Nina in 1987 people experienced a long period of droughts , had a great impacts on food production cause crops to die due to less thermionic tube water for the crop to absorb Agricultural systems were seriously affected by drought conditions, and increased air temperature. Coconut trees and pandanus trees, which are most full of life to dry conditions, wither away during prolonged droughts.Other crops breadfruit, banana and Giant drench taro are in a worse state Floods Cyclone Namu in 1986, fill the crops both subsistence and commercial crops, decreased in food security for the people, and export commodities as well. Damaged the entire farm, e. g. the crops are underground. Cause the root crops to rotten, e. g. cassava, sweet potatoes, taro, vegetables and so on. Flooding low-lying coastal areas of the main islands and the atolls such as Ontong Java are already threatening food crops and livelihoods. It lessen the production , and it affect the local markets in urban areas because less production they sold in the market, and it cause the price of the crops to accelerated, where even the goods in the shop are cheap as compared to the genteel crops. Storm surge and flooding in low-lying coastal areas of the main islands and the atolls such as Ontong Storm surge Java, Tikopia, Anuta are already threatening food crops and livelihoods. Tsunami Washed away crops, such as coconut, sweet potatoes, and vegetables and so on in the western part of Solomon Islands in 2007. Table 1b. Shows the indirect effects of climate change Indirect Impact of Climate Change Impacts Temperature Increased temperatures A correlation has been found between rising temperatures and decreased yields of taro on the coastal lowlands of Makir a (Legu 2006). Fires can also result from burning of debris in shifting agriculture systems, Malaita, Solomon Islands. Changes in rainfall, high intensity storm events, increased evaporation and more pronounced dry Rainfall seasons, could have severe impacts on agriculture crop production Intense rainfall during planting seasons could damage seedlings, reduce growth and provide conditions that promote plant pests and diseases More pronounced dry seasons, warmer temperature and greater evaporation on the other hand could induce plant stress reducing productivity and harvest and subsequently, affect food security. The alternate scenario of increased rainfall could have equally severe impacts with waterlogged soils decreasing agricultural production, while increased humidity and rainfall could provide ideal conditions for the proliferation of a number of plant pathogens. E. g.Malaita province in Solomon Islands These conditions could lead to de clining agricultural production and this would adversely affect both the countrys economy and food security Plants flowering earlier than usual while others are fruiting much later than normal during the past 3-4 years Pineable for instance. Southeast trade winds that were still blowing at end October when traditionally this would have ended in high-minded/September each year. Whilst these people agree that climate change may have something to do with these changes, it was difficult for them to determine the extent such changes were influenced by climatic conditions and variations. Sea level rise Sea Level Rise and Coastal Erosion is becoming more evident, reducing the area of land available for agriculture either directly through loss of agricultural land or indirectly due to families moving further from the coast and taking up agricultural land, E. g. western Solomon Islands, and artificial Islands. This erosion also increases vulnerability of agricult ural land to rapid onset disasters such as cyclones and storm surges due to the reduction in the natural barrier functions from changes in coastal profiles Salt-water intrusion, storm surge and flooding in low-lying coastal areas of the main islands and the atolls such as Ontong Java are already threatening food crops and livelihoods. The above tables summarize the results collected from the interviewees on the effects of climate change on the agricultural expansion, to the extent, food security. Well there were two tables above which is figure 1a and b, and they were categorize in two different sub headings which is direct effects and indirect effects of climate change as shown clearly.Seeing that they affected the food security in both ways, which is the Solomon Islanders are experience food insecurity and less production for export especially, cocoa, copra, and oil palm for instance. Take for example climate change affect our food security directly as shown above , where by the crops were damaged instantly at the spot when the event strike, and lessen the foods for the household and as well as the productions at the national level in the Solomon Islands. While indirectly effects happened in another way around, where as a result of the sea level rise, it cause salt intrusion and coastal erosion, which lead to less land along the coast for crops and cash crops, cocoa for instance to grow. Table 2 shows the crops that are vulnerable to climate change as stated by the interviewees. crops Effects Taro Easily destroyed by cyclone Sweet Potatoes Damaged by flooding Cassava Damaged by High intensity of rainfall and cyclone Cocoa Damaged by flooding Coconut Destroyed by sea level rise Pineable High intensity of rainfalls where it delay the flowering , and as well as the harvesting Cabbage Spoiled the leaves to rotten Giant swamp Taro Cause to turn yellow colour due to salt intrusion, less underground water Yam High rainfalls, and cyclone cause the crop to rotten, and damaged Pana High rainfalls and cyclone Palm Oil Flooding due to intensity rainfalls This table showed the type of crops that are vulnerable to climate change, for example Taro, Cassava in which they can easily destroyed by the cyclones and high intensity of rainfall. During cyclones, there always be a strong wind and associate with heavy rain falls, whereby it whole damaged the taro leaves into pieces, and the breeze from the sea can cause the taro leaves to turn yellow due to the high intensity of salt, Thus, it cause the Taro corm to rotten.Besides, the strong wind also damaged the Cassava stalk. If the cassava is premature in which it affect the root crops to small in size for the stage of maturity or if not it cannot yield or have no root crops anymore, because it disturbed the growth. Moreover, cocoa, oil palm and coconut are the major cash crops in Solomon Islands and, they highly vulnerable to sea level rise and flooding result from eroding of coastal land or coastal erosion where it dug the coconuts out, and flooding could wiped the cocoa and oil palm out due to the great force of the current. Along the same line, it digs the riverbanks and causes the cocoa along the rivers to wash down along the river.Figure 4 shows the percentages of agricultural productions that affected due to the effects of climate change from 2004 to 2007. pic Source Central Bank of Solomon Islands, 2006, Annual Report 2005 The figure above obviously had shown the outcomes of agriculture production that was affects by the climate change as from 2004 to 2007 both subsistence and commercial. Well the output affects product was increases accordingly, like in 2004, the affected products percentage was 21%, 24% for 2005, followed by 25% for 2006 and 30% for 2007 and as it continues the percentage will increases accordingly. This is because of the changes in temperature and rainfall and the occurrence of tropical cyclones in Solomon Islands.Now day f amilies and communities experience miserable supply of food from their garden, which leads to the limited products supply due to the following experiences Yield from staple fruits trees is not sufficient to meet the food needs of the population and this problem is exacerbated by natural cycle and weather pattern changes. Yield from roots crops is not sufficient to meet the food needs of the population because of declining soil fertility and unretentive choice of root crop varieties. Yield from supplementary sources of food (bush, and gardens) have declined because of climate change and sea level rise. Less production export in which it decrease the GDP of the economyIn addition, coastal garden areas (mainly taro patches) were flooded by seawater for long period, and caused the swamp taro tubers to turn yellow and bitter render them not suitable for Consumption. Hence, Seawater flooding also affected the quantity and quality of potable water supply that could be exacerbated by drought conditions. Thus for Ontong Java sea-level change and its concomitant consequences are already being experienced. DISCUSSION Well agriculture sector was the backbone of the pacific islands countries, particularly Solomon Islands because it accounts and contributes in to the economic sector with higher percentage of the GDP.Not lonesome(prenominal) that but it was also accommodated the daily and sustainability of earning for the rural people (Legu, M. 2006). Therefore, it is a concern for every people and well as government to take action, adaption and mitigation strategies on this issue of growing climate changes on the food security and agriculture production. Refer to figure 1. 0. It fancy out the increasing minimum and maximum temperature of two main islands, Malaita and Guadalcanal of Solomon islands since the 1950s. Besides, the best fit maximum temperature approximately from 29. 0 ? C and gradually upward, while the minimum temperature approximately from 22. 0 ? C a nd upward.From that, you can see that best fit is continuously increasing from 1950s to 2007, likewise from 2007 to 2011 in which the temperature might 30. 0 ? C from the estimation from the figure. Besides, the figure 1. 0 was true because it back up the evidence from the interviewees, where they said that they experienced droughts, and hot session not like before. Where, some of the grasslands in Guadalcanal province were in flame, due to the friction between the grasses itself and the hot weather. These lead to the spacious destruction on the crops due to the burning, and diminish the growth of the agricultural crops because of inadequate nutrients and ground water to the support the growth of the crops.Increased temperatures resulted in a correlation has been found between rising temperatures and decreased yields of taro on the coastal lowlands of Makira (Legu 2006). Fires can also result from burning of debris in shifting agriculture systems. For example, in 1997 and 1998 ENSO , people experienced a long period of drought , result in hunger due to poor quality of crops because they are affected by disease because they breed in dry session, sweet potatoes for instance, and so on, where only few crops have left, in which it reduced in food supply for the household consumption (Legu 2006). Besides, swamp water for the Giant swamp Taros were dried up, and they are dead due to no water for them to keep alive and as well rice farms.Whilst, it reduced in food security and even the production, rice for instance for both daily consumption and export were affected. Along the same line, in 2002, they experienced the long sunshine period due to effects of climate change, and it has the great effect on food security in a sense that increased temperatures will cause heat stress on many plants, and increased evaporation may lead to increased drought, especially in drier areas during the dry season, (Personal Interview of Dr. Morgan). Hence, it affected the food producti on to be less in the central market in Honiara, where it causes the price of the crops too expensive for the urban dwellers especially for the low-income earners. Moreover, according to figure 2. 0.It shows the rate of sea level rise in the last 10 years up to 2006 from satellite records. In the southwest Pacific (Melanesia region), and Solomon Islands is one of them. Likewise, the record indicates that from 1994 to 2008 the relative trend of sea level rise is 7. 6 mm per year for Solomon Islands (http//www. SolomonIslandsNapa. pdf. com). Well, estimated from 2008 to 2011 where the global trend of the seal level rise is 1. 1 mm per year, in which absolutely it rise to 11 mm according to the record from the estimation. In addition, sea level rise spoil the swamp Taros and cause intrusion to the leaves to turn yellow because it resist to salination, and even the corm of the swamp Taros (Kakake) are perished.Hence it affect the food security to reduce and some household experienced hun ger during flooding, and diseases, because this food can substituted instead of high land taro, and sweet potatoes and so on for their survival. besides, it signifies that coastal land are eroding, where it reduced the size of the land to plant coconut and cocoa Plantations where they used to reside along the coast in which they found land areas to plant. To more extent, from the responses of the interviewees, it shows that sea level rise and Cyclones and storm surges was a major problem especially the low-lying coast in Solomon Islands especially, Ontong Java, Tikopia, Anuta, western Solomon, and northern Solomon. For example, a storm in early 2006 coinciding with high tides caused extensive floods on the two permanently inhabited islands, Luaniua and Pelau.And Ontong Java considered highly vulnerable to cyclones due to the high exposure and sensitivity to impacts from flooding, dependence on few crops (mainly coconuts and taro) and wind-sensitive house constructions. In addition, from the interviewees, especially the students from western part of Solomon Islands, they said that, they experienced the great massive of destruction on the agricultural productions and as well taking life of human. For example, in 2007, the Tsunami heats the coastal area in western Solomon and split the villages into one-half, and washed away the crops along the coast, and they experienced great hunger ever in their lives that they did not experienced in life before. (Personal Interview with students). infra is the picture of the Tsunami in 2007. picpic Source by Calwin, 2007As you can see from the picture above, the Tsunami split the Coconut Plantation, and all the coconut trees along the coast were washed away, and with their homes. The impacts result in coastal erosion, and eroded of the large area of land that planted by coconut and cocoa trees, and the sea come through the inner part of the land and washed ? part of the plantation away. Likewise, it results in shortage of s upplies to the main centre for exporting, because less coconut and cocoa ripe fruits collected for dryer. Hence, it reduced the tax income coming into the country for increased the economy in terms of the GDP, this is because coconut and cocoa are primary products and main source of export from Solomon Islands.Well, it affected the household income basis because less income received from the exchangeing of the dryer coconut flesh and dry and wet cocoa beans, result in hindrance for their livelihood in terms of living standard. Likewise, they suffered from the drastic event until today. Furthermore, agricultural productivity in PICs is heavily dependent on the seasonal rainfall. About 70% of the gross cropped area in the Pacific Islands is geographically located to benefit from rains in the summer season (November April). Well, most of the rural population in Solomon Islands lived and cultivated crops in areas where annual rainfall was in the range 18003500 mm.In mountainous locat ions where clouds formed early in the day and reduced sunlight, human settlement and agriculture was generally absent. Localities where the annual rainfall was more than 4000 mm tend to be wet and have too much cloud covered for good agricultural production. The variation of the normal rainfall can have many impacts to the agriculture products like shift of rainfall patterns affect planting time, growing stages, harvest periods, post harvesting storage and drastically reduced the total yield (World Bank, 2000). Cocoa production is widely distributed throughout Solomon Islands, grown in all provinces except Rennel/Bellona, which makes cocoa the second most important cash crop after coconut.The high rainfall in production areas led to severe outbreaks of the Black-pod disease having devastating effects on production ( personal interviews with student). Agriculture and crop productions were under stress from these climatic factors but it remains difficult to predict the likely outcomes with certainty because of limited empirical data for the Solomon Islands. These can affected the local food consumption and the total exports of products per year, which also contributed to the decline in country GDP. Hence, by observation the most destructive impacts of excessive rainfall on agriculture infrastructure and crops are flooding and water logging.For example, Cyclone Namu in 1986 had dramatic effects on commercial agriculture (palm oil and rice), and in Solomon Islands, particularly rice production has not recovered, and there is now a heavy reliance on Imported rice (personal interviewed with Dr. Morgan, 2011). Another example, flooding in 2009-caused damage to gardens and the oil palm and other outdoor crops, these in fact lead to lose in output oil palm and other farmers loses. And affected the livelihood of the people both rural and urban dwellers, and even at the national level GDP for instance reduced because less merchandise to export (Lizzie Tegu, 2009). benea th show some pictures in 2009 flooding in Solomon Islands and affected the outskirts of the Town Honiara, even further away from the City in Guadalcanal province. picpicSource shot by Lizzie Tegu, 2009 These pictures have taken during the flood in 2009 but just outskirt of the cities, and only few but not all pictures. Moreover, from the analysis of the interviewees views or responses from the tables, it come with the summary that, absolutely the food security was rapidly reduced due to the effects of climate change that discussed above. Well, it shown that, Solomon Islanders facing a great challenges and problems but they do not realized the real effects on the food security, in which they experienced less food for household consumption, and some urban dwellers experienced the price of the crops were increasing so fast from year to year.Imagine that even the crops were very expensive than the proceed food in the shops in Solomon Islands, where the price should decrease because ther e was no Taxes, turn over cost on the crops, but it shown that the productions is reduced but they do not know the exact causes. In addition, from some findings shows that there are great percentage lose from the agricultural production especially food security both in rural areas and outskirt of the city of Honiara. Where figure 4, run the actual data, each year the percentage of the crops were decreased due to cyclones, flooding, seal level rise, drought, and so on as indicate from the table above. As you can see below was the picture taken during the Cyclone that affected Tikopia, and Lordhowe (http//www. SolomonIslandsNapa. pdf. com). pic Source http//www. SolomonIslandsNapa. pdf. om). From the responses, highlighted that, flooding was a major problem in Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal province where Honiara city is located, it have a great massive destruction on the Oil palm plantation, where it washed away the new seedlings and even dig out the big Oil palm trees and through th e river to the seas. Where it results in low export of Oil palm to the global market and it really affected the GDP of the economy to fall and experience devalued in currency. Besides, the sweet potatoes, melons, vegetables were damaged and covered with ground, and it happen every year in Solomon Islands during heavy rains associate with cyclones.Where it affected the food security to reduce, and daily income of the people halt and it affected the purchasing power of the rural people for other necessities from the shops. The interviewees responses gave me clear picture that some of their places where they plant their crops covered with seas, Makira province in Solomon Islands for instance. Besides, the coconut and cocoa plantation really affected by the sea level rise because it would erode the coconut and cocoa trees into the sea and covered with seas today especially my home village, and it seen that the half bottom coconut was standing in the beach, but before there was a land ma ss that occupied with coconut plantations.Thus, it affect the owner of the plantations because their plantation size already reduce, and it can lessen the mature coconut fruits during their maturity stage to fall, where they can make 10 bags of coconut drier only to sell it for the Liver Company Limited for exporting. While before he can make 30 bags out of the plantation during one harvest. Likewise, it really shown the great changes on his output, and even the income he received also reduced as he expected for his family survival. Therefore, climate change was really a challenge to hinder the living of people in terms of the income they received from their productions, and to the extent, the production for exporting also reduced and it cause the GDP of the economy to fall. The adverse impacts on agriculture and food security are a major concern for many communities and/or villages.Evidence from changes in temperature and rainfall and the occurrence of tropical cyclones in Solomon Islands will have long effects on food production systems. MITIGATION AND ADAPTATION STRATEGIES Below are the suggestions from the interviewees and from other findings in Solomon Islands. a) National Food Security programme, food security issue is common to all service providers in the agriculture sector. b) Provincial Food Banks To mitigate and prepare against the effects of climate change such as cyclones, tsunamis, floods, and pest outbreaks, provincial food banks must be established at strategic sites. c) Crop diversification The introduction of various crops to boost food production and economic development in the country must continue. This activity can be one by all players in agriculture development. d) Tolerant crop species salt, drought, high rainfall, etc. Crop varieties that are tolerant to extreme effects of climate change must be identified and rapidly propagated and distributed to hot spots. e) rapid Response to disasters exotic pests and diseases outbreaks, fl oods An agriculture rapid response center must be established to prepare for any disasters such as pest and disease outbreaks. f) endure forecasting- Predicting outbreaks of pest and diseases on crops -Developing capacity and capability to predict weather patterns such as weather simulations and pest and disease outbreaks would reduce crop loses. ) Weather stations establishment at agriculture production areas The establishment of weather stations at agriculture field stations would ensure that data on rainfall, sunlight, and temperature are kept. This information is critical for crop production. h) National Urban Fruit Tree Planting Planting fruit trees in urban centers such as Honiara, Auki, Gizo, Kirakira, Buala, Lata, Taro, Tulagi, and Tingoa. This will serve two purposes as a source of fresh fruits and as beautification of the towns. It is vital for everyone in Solomon Islands to practices this adaptation and mitigation to improve their food security and even safe side duri ng those drastic events happening in our country.Besides, Government must work hard by giving out people to give awareness or workshops on the type of system in order to implement in the communities in the provinces in Solomon Islands. CONCLUSION From the findings, it shown clearly that Climate change is a threat to Solomon Islands as it affected the livelihood of people both directly and indirectly in rural and urban areas in terms of hunger, decreased in household income, and affected their purchasing power because agriculture is the source of living in Solomon Islands. And, to the extent it affected the national level in the country as well due to decreased in GDP result from less merchandize export.Hence, Government and individuals should act on by looking for possible adaptation and mitigation strategies or adapt to the highlighted ones above to help each other, in order to minimize the impacts on the food security, and as well as the benefit of the nation. BIBLIOGRAPHY Aalber sberg, W. , Nun, P. D. , and Ravuvu, A. D. 1993. Climate and agriculture in the Pacific islands future perspectives. Institute of Pacific Studies, Suva, Fiji. Strzepek, K. M and Smith, J. B. 1995. As climate changes International impacts and Implications. Cambridge University Press. red-hot York, USA. FAO. 2010. Collaborative Changes A chat framework for Climate Change Adaptation and Food Security. Rome, Italy. Judith A. Bennett, 1978, Culture of Solomon Islands. Solomon printed limited, Honiara. Legu, M. 006, NCSA UNFCCC Stocktaking Report, Honiara, Solomon Islands. World Bank, 2000. Adapting to Climate Change. Vol. IV in Cities, Seas and Storms, Managing Change in Pacific Island Economies. Papua New Guinea and Pacific Island Country Unit, The World Bank. IPCC (2001). Climate Change 2001 The Scientific Basis, available on line at http//www. grida. no/ climate/ipcc_tar/wg1/. Accessed 6th August from http//sustainableagriculture. net/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/nsac_climatechangepol icypaper_final_2009_07_16. pdf Accessed 6th August from http//www. ceepa. co. za/Climate_Change/index. html Accessed 7th August from http//www. washingtonpost. com/wp-dyn/content/discussion/2007/11/16/DI2007111601638. tm Accessed 7th from http//www. faopacific. ws/Portals/167/publications/Current%20Updates/SAP%20publications/Vanuatu%20FAO%20climate%20change%20study. final. pdf Accessed eleventh August from http/siteresources. worldbank. org/INTPACIFICISLANDS/Resources/summary_Voulme_IV_test. pdf. APPENDICES Questionnaires 1. What are the effects of climate change on the agricultural production in your country? 2. Do you hypothecate that agriculture sector in your country seriously affect by the effect of climate change? (Yes or No). If yes, then in what way. 3. What are some challenges or problems that SIDS were face due to the halt of agricultural expansion? 4.How do your people cope with the challenges or problems face by climate change on the agricultural development? 5. Do you think that halt of agricultural expansion affects life and nation as a whole? Give your reason. 6. Does your country have some possible ways to deal with these issues? Yes or No 7. What are some possible ways or solutions to address the challenges or problems in your country? 8. Do you think that Agriculture contributes a lot in the economic growth of the country? State your reason. 9. Do you think that climate change is the major problem on Agricultural expansion in SIDS? 10. What do you think if the agriculture did not expand? 11.What are some ways to improve or increase the country is GDP if Agriculture is not progress well? 12. What are some suggestions that government need to implement in order to reduce the effect of climate change on agricultural expansion? 13. What are some of the effective methods that SIDS need to pursue in order to maintain their sustainability? 14. What are the effects on the livelihood of the people? 15. What is your advice for your Government as Citize n to address the issue? List of the Interviewees 1. Dr. Morgan 2. Simeon 3. Mike 4. John 5. Peter 6. Angela 7. Rodley 8. Calwin 9. Lavinia 10. Fred 11. Sau 12. Agnes 13. Emily 14. Matilda 15. Robert

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“3 idiots” Reaction Paper Essay

Phunsuk Wangdu. This was a main character played by Aamir Khan in the movie 3 idiots, a famous Indian movie directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The story was basically ab step to the fore three engineering students who faced everyday breeding challenges together for their self-coloured stay in college. They stayed in one room causing them to treat each other resembling a real family. Unfortunately, their institution was ruled by a heartless genius man who always believed in the thought that life is a race, one must compete to survive and in any case, he never c eff about his students dying out of pressure by means of committing suicide.This ruler was a total perfectionist and had very high standards on everything, he wants everything to be under his control. p spread of ground everyone was terrified following his authority, Phunsuk Wangdu dared to be different, well, he stayed as who he really was. His perspective in life was completely different from that of their institutions dire ctor. He was a very simple student and a total definite genius who applied the things he studied in the real world. And as the years went by, he showed that undeniably impossible things could possibly happen.His character had enlightened me so much and watching the safe and sound movie for more than 2 hours gave me goosebumps. Putting your whole trust in God, sharing,helping and inspiring others, doing your best at all times and bringing positivity to everything things we need to survive and enjoy life. He once state that putting your trust to God wont be the solution to your problem but it leave succumb you enough courage to face it. These are very simple lessons to keep in mind yet the most important ones to keep our life meaningful. Now i want myself to be like him in my own simple ways and prove people that happiness is the key to success. To sum it up, well have everything we need and want if we have God. And as he comm just now said, ALL IS WELL.3 Idiots Reaction Paper Es tell apartINTRODUCTIONThe movie 3 Idiots is an Indian film about the life of three engineering students who went to study at one of the best colleges in India, the Imperial College of Engineering. Coming from different walks of life, the three idiots, Farhan Qureshi, Raju Rastogi , and Rancchoddas Rancho Shyamaldas Chanchad, lead become best of friends. hardly the movie will circle on how the wisdom and i kettle of fishs of Rancho will influence the life of his two friends and other characters in the story. At first, Ranchos giftedness seemed entertaining to his friends and classmates. But his free quality and wit will irritate his lecturers including the college director, Professor Viru Sahastrabudhhe (ViruS). Standing by their new beliefs as inspired by Rancho, the three friends will face obstacles that will examen their loyalty and determination. Valuable lessons can be learned from the characters portrayed in this film, even from the antagonists.The movie all throughout ill ustrated how the elder people of India (in the story) make themselves prisoner to the expectations and high regard of others. They pass on this burden to their children who had to sacrifice their cults, happiness, and future. The movie likewise seemed to point out how important open and honest communication is at bottom the family. Communication is so important that failing to be understood or to understand may lead to serious heartbreaks and depression among family members. I have also observed that verbal wit is entertaining. But in the long run, our actions are what will win the find and the hearts of people. BODYFarhan Qureshi is studying engineering to act his fathers wishes. But his one real passion though is wildlife photography. As said by his father to Rancho during a confrontation, they have invested all their bills in Farhans studies. They didnt buy a car or an extra air conditioner (only Farhans room had AC) because they prioritized Farhans study needs. Coming from a struggling middle class family, Farhan is pressured to finish engineering to compensate the sacrifice of his family. But in the course of the story, Farhan necessitates the expected value of Rancho to pursue ones true(a) passion.He gathers the courage to take a stand and convinces his father to believe in his dream of becoming a photographer. Farhan demonstrates the lesson of courage to believe in your passion and follow your happiness, and not just to live for the approval of others, as seen in the words of his father when they argued over his career change, The world will laugh. They will say that you reached the final year and quit. But in the end of their quarrel, the final response of Farhans father demonstrated and taught us humility, open-mindedness, the willingness to understand, and the untiring love of a parent. Raju Rastogi comes from a poor family. Rajus father is a retired post master who had become a paralytic. His mother is a retired school teacher. Most of the ir income went to his fathers medication.The shooting in Rajus house depicted a poverty stricken family with a paralytic father who lay on a small bed, a coughing mother, a sofa with springs coming out, a dripping roof, and a sister waiting to get married (because they had no dowry to give for her marriage). Raju was always afraid and so relied on lucky charms for a less scary future. Later, Raju will face a possible expulsion from college which can only be revoked if he witnessed for Mr. ViruS, the college director, for the expulsion of his friend, Rancho. Not wanting to betray his friend nor face his parents heartbreak with his getting expelled, Raju attempts suicide and ends up in a comma. But with the constant care and support of his mother and friends, Raju recovers and gains new-found confidence as influenced in him by Rancho. With this, he will impress corporate agents in one muse interview and get hired. In the story, Raju gets a chance to cheat to pass a difficult exam bu t refuses to, and chooses to make it with his own ability.Rajus character demonstrated valuing genuine friendships, courageous honesty, and earning your way fairly. And there was Rancchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad, or Rancho, who came to ICE for the pure passion of learning. He was introduced as a gifted student with a practical mind, a noble character, and an outlook that didnt agree with the school scheme and the family traditions in the story. Rancho didnt bother to compete for grades or adopt to the colleges dog-eat-dog system. Professor ViruS despised Rancho and how Rancho outwitted him in most of their arguments. Professor ViruS thought that grades and the favor of his teachers didnt bother Rancho because he was a ample mans son. If he doesnt graduate on time, he could afford to come back the following year.Rancho, Raju and Farhan will become best of friends. In the movie, we see how the attitudes and outlook of Raju and Farhan are reformed by Ranchos friendship and by the exce llence he exhibited in his studies andprojects. Rancho would also later win the respect of Professor ViruS. This is after the professor experiences for himself Ranchos nobility and witness Ranchos gift with machines when his daughter would give birth in a table-tennis room. This incident will change the way the director perceived Rancho. Despite the hurdles Rancho faced at ICE, he earns the engineering degree and graduates as the top student. He past vanishes, to be sought after by his friends 10 years later. As they searched for Rancho, they are surprised to discover Ranchos true identity.Rancho is really the son, not of a rich man, but of a rich mans gardener. Since childhood, Rancho already displayed so much desire to learn. Because his fathers boss wanted a proper reputation for his sonthe real Rancchoddas Chanchadthe rich man proposed to send Rancho to school to earn an engineering degree using his sons name. at long last finding Rancho, his friends learn his real name, Phu nsukh Wangdu, now a renowned scientist who is sought all over the world. We learn a lot from Ranchos free spirit. He refused to imprison himself in competition and expectation. He was excellent but his purpose is not for recognition or just to impress others.He lived the desires of his heart, which are machines and bang-up friendships. His mantra, All is well. All is well, reminds us that we cannot control situations, but we can control our attitude and perspective. Rancho also talks a lot. He does a lot of explaining and convincing to his friends. But he backed up his words with weightier deeds of love, kindness, and sacrifice. And I think that is what the writer intended to conveythat his deeds more than his words are what really won the people around him. In real life, I believe that the qualities of Ranchonobility and excellence without conceitare attainable through passion combined with faith in God. Going back to Professor Viru Sahastrabudhhe (ViruS), director of ICE, he is t he adversary of Rancho and the one who sets the compete or die system at ICE. By excellence he meant being ahead of everyone else. He despised Rancho who opposed these beliefs, However, Rancho always outsmarted him. In the story, Professor ViruS is the figurative receiver. His extreme conviction to always push oneself to the limit provoked three suicide incidents in the storythat of Raju, of another student named Joy, and of his own son (as a backstory).At first, Mr. ViruS thought his sons death was just an accident. Later, he will learn that his son committed suicide because he wanted to quit engineering and become a writer instead. After learning this, and after Rancho performs the emergency birth delivery of Prof. ViruS daughter (as mentioned earlier), Prof. ViruS outlook changes as well as his perception of Rancho. Here, we learn that the best way to a mans heart is through junior (or daughter). Also, we are reminded again of the importance of communication. Prof. ViruS didnt k now that his son detested engineering so much that he preferred to commit suicide. One character who shared and followed after Prof. ViruS morals is Chatur Ramalingam, who was known in ICE as Silencer. He was called as such because he drank pills that would make him pass gas. He would take these pills nearing the exams so when he passes gas, the unpleasant odor would distract his roommates from studying well. He thought this would give him a better chance of topping the exams. Chatur was also excellent. In fact, he was second in score rank to Rancho.But Chatur was always miserable, because like Prof. ViruS, getting ahead of everyone was his ultimate goal. Chatur reminds me of the story of a salientian who wanted to be the highest jumper in his pack so he cut the hind legs of the other frogs. From Chaturs bad example, we are reminded of a good lesson that says, the only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday. Towards the end of the story, Chatur, along w ith Raju and Farhan, finds Rancho 10 years later. Thinking that Rancho became a primary school teacher, Chatur mocks Ranchos work and salary. Another good lesson here is to not be quick to speak, judge, or boast as Chatur did who belittled Rancho just before finding out who Rancho had actually become. Rancho, who is actually the renowned scientist, Phunsukh Wangdu, and who had 400 patents to his name, is the same man hes looking for to woo and get to sign a multi-million dollar deal with his company. CONCLUSIONOverall, 3idiots is a truly engaging film. The story is brilliant and the lessons to be learned are immense. We see the importance of extending a little understanding and experimental condition and the danger of holding it back. A little understanding could mean a lifetime of happiness and depriving it could lead to serious depressions, miseries, and even death. I believe that the life stories of the characters in this movie are very relatablepeer pressure, poverty, and famil ys expectations. But the story is also very liberating dont be a prisoner of expectations and competitions. Be freeto live your dream

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Public Speaking †Sharing and the Future Essay

Heres a thought for you. What is the worlds greatest computer? Mac? PC? How about the huge processor computers they obligate at Nasa? No. You see up here, in our heads. This is the greatest computer. And your eyes, I see you still either have your eyes open, thats good. alone do you know what you are seeing? I convey really seeing. Every second, every single second your eyes take in 72 gigabytes of information.The worlds greatest camera. Now is that not incredible? A computer and a camera. And this data, this code, is up here behind the firewall of our personality. 6 billion neurons, evolved to understand, to translate, to sacrifice us our vision of the world around us. The mountains, rivers, great Savannahs, every animal in all their incredible shapes and sizes Friends family, lovers, the flock around you now. Everything and everyone you have ever met are all up here. They are all stories, memories charged with emotion. Your happiness, your sadness, your joy, frustration y our loves, your loves lost. And this collection of stories makes you. An ongoing project that only comes to an end when we die. Your memories are your life. Above all we have a genetic imperative, a unique desire, to share.What makes us human? Our sense of self and our ability to share who we are. Our greatest gift. Lets rewind a little. Cave blusherings. First we paint to say I was here. Then we paint to say why we are here, to pass on knowledge, experience. To build on what we know. For this is evolution sharing for survival. We share much and more, now we share our fiends, we share our favorite on Youtube, our location, we share photos, maybe sometimes even a drink. Every time we share we are reflecting our personality. Our selves. alone this is normal. Innovation changes the game. Always. 20,000 years ago. 1,000. 10 years.Tomorrow.It doesnt matter. Interference is a good thing. Whether it be a smile or a tattoo, the phone in your pocket. spread and interference of all sorts, creates rifts and makes possible unimaginable leaps forward in technology and communication. Today we see a world on fire. On fire with data. With information. notwithstanding there is a revolution around the corner, nothing less than the total translation of our human emotions, these urges into information. Pure communication. I believe we are at the frontier. in the lead lies the internet of us. An internet of pure emotion genuine connection. To finally take us beyond the cave painting.This is not science fiction. Doctors can talk to people in comas, you can control a toy with your mind. This is now. A world of shared emotion. Where the greatest experiences are magnified, a million, a billion times. Can you pretend love? Now can you imagine a love that is a billion times more powerful? An empathy true feeling. A new future. A world that we will create, but the borders of language will be gone. Imagine what we would be able to achieve. The next generation of us is coming.For t omorrow is the future we all share. here is a thought for you, what is the worlds greatest computer? Mac?PC? how about the huge mainframe computers they have at NASA? No. you see it Jo here in our heads, this is the worlds greatest computer. and your eyes, I see you still have your eyes open, thats good. but do you know what you are seeing? I mean really seeing? Every second, every single second your eyes take in 72 gigabytes of information, the worlds greatest camera. Now is that not incredible. A computer and a camera. and this data this code is hidden up here behind the firewall of our personality. 86 billion neurons evolved to understand, to translate, to give us our vision of the world around us.

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The American Dream in Of Mice and Men

The Epic of America (ironically written in the asses), the American breathing in Is that day-dream of a attain in which life should be better and richer and instinct(predicate) for ever soyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement. (Tortuous). In the 20th century, we devour significantly warped that dream to slut a more self-centred type of person. Colleens base the American Dream on something much more different then what it originally meant. Today, m any Americans believe to achieve the American Dream means to be ICC and famous or have a successful business.People get caught up in this American Dream, that they forget the true nitty-gritty set by our Founding Fathers. Abraham Lincoln stated, You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set come out of the closet to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose. , agreeing with Mr Tortuous. Despite this, society became so distorted when discrimination played a role. Obviously, the Founding Fathers didnt take the futures problems into consideration when fashioning the Ideal dream for Americans.They were unaware of the hardships the discriminated would face, which made It hard to make the American dream more than Just a dream. In Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck shows the death of the American Dream and why It was unattain able by many. The sasss was considered one of the toughest times in the history of the United States. Americans felt hope slight, saddened, and depressed. After the Wall Street crashed, the economy became cope chaos and a great smoothenfall after a already creation in a steep hole, in result of the World warfare II.Close to 10 percent of the population were unemployed. The country soon became filled with Jobless citizens, wanderers, and migrant workers. Owning a house was becoming something that was very rarely heard of. During this time, we key out how humans struggled to survive. Not having a roof over your head seems bad enough, but imagine sleeping hungry, night after night. All the success, hopes, and dreams were lost and went d induce the drain. As people continued to suffer daily, theyre pursuit of happiness seemed farther and farther away from the grasp of their palm.However, this all has to do with the equal opportunity that everyone should have to fulfill this dream. Some could not achieve the American dream because of a disadvantage pertaining to that person. Because of this, the dream isnt fully obtainable to all of those who wish to fulfill it. The polish of Opportunity was well on its way to being the Land of Misfortune. In Of Mice and Men, to show ageism during this time, the author Includes Candy In his novella. Candy dreams to own his own piece of land.It Initially starts when Candy hears about George and Liens dream to live off the fate the contribute to the investment of the property. Describing the dream land to Candy, George says, Expose they was a bazaar or a circus come to town, or a ball game, or any damn thing. Wed Just go to her. We wouldnt ask nobody if we could. Jus say, Well go to her, an we would. Jus milk the cow and sling some grain to the chickens an go to her. (Steinbeck, pig. 57). The idea of this land is their motivation to keep working hard, hoping to one day be able to own land. You God damn tramp.You done it, didnt you? I spouse youre glad. Everybody endowed youd mess things up. You wasnt no good. You anti no good now, you lousy tart. , Candy says brutally to the corpse (Steinbeck, pig. 95). Here, Candys voice shakes from expressing his true feelings. He blames Curlers wife for ruining his dream since Liens share of the money is gone. Candy told George and Leonie the possible dangers of Curlers wife, but Leonie Just didnt know any better. Steinbeck depicts how the aged could not attain this dream of having land and being pertinent to a society where everyone was equal.Throughout the novella, Steinbeck depicts how the disabled could not fulfill their dream because they were discriminated against and treated differently. unitary would think that the mentally handicapped got special treatment, but that was not he case. During the Great Depression, everyone received equal treatment. Some were institutionalized. Other times, some couldnt stand in line for rations due to their liability, which left them hungry and helpless, since everyone else already had someone to care for, whether it was for themselves or for their family.In the story, Steinbeck uses Leonie to publicize that the mentally handicapped could also dream like the rest. Liens dream is to own land, but for one thing only to tend rabbits. The hell with the rabbits. Thats all you can ever remember is them rabbits. , George says as he explains the dream land to Leonie and all he hears out of it is the rabbits (Steinbeck, pig. 4-5). Even though Liens dream is to tend rabbits, George also has a dream and Le onie slows the process down greatly. God mighty, if I was altogether I could live so easy.I could go get a Job an work, an no trouble. No mess at all. An what I got. I got you You cant keep a Job and you lose me ever Job I get. Jus keep me shoving all over the country all the time. , George complains furiously (Steinbeck, pig. 11). After fleeing Weed (because of Leonie touching a girls dress), he says if it isnt for him, his life would be so much better. Later in the story, Leonie kills Curlers wife by accident. l done another bad thing, Leonie tells George, Just as he is get ready to kill Leonie.After George kills Leonie, Slim states, You Haddam, George. I swear, yah Haddam. (Steinbeck, pig. 107). This extract illustrates the hard choice that George had to make. Even if George had not killed Leonie, Curler would have, along with Georges American Dream. Their goals because they issued less rights than men. To show this in the book, the author exploits Curlers wife. She states, E verybody An what am I doing? Standing here talking to a bunch of bindle stiffsa Niger an a dumb-dumb and a lousy 01 sheep an liking it because they anti nobody else. (Steinbeck, pig. 79). This quote demonstrates how Curlers wifes right were constricted even more than the ranches. She cant even have fun or do anything without Curler, which goes to show why her name isnt even said. She Curlers belonging. However, before Curler, on that point was some hope in her life. l tell you I anti used to living like this. I could made something of myself. Come there when I was a kid. Well, a show come through, an I et one of the actors. He says I could go with that show. But my 01 lady would let me. She says because I was noon fifteen.But the guy says I could. If Id went, I wouldnt be living like this, you bet. , she explains (Steinbeck, pig. 88). Curlers wife had a chance to become a star, but her mother ruined it. She killed her dream by keeping her from being in the pictures since she was t oo young. If it wasnt for her 01 lady she wouldve been living her dream. From beginning to end of the novella, John Steinbeck exudes how African Americans during this time also had an American Dream, but could not make it a laity because of segregation. Crooks was the only African American on the ranch.Therefore, he was separated and put in a bunk next to the horses. Crooks dream was to be recognized and for everyone to be equal. l tell yah a guy gets too lonely an he gets sick. , exclaims Crooks to Leonie to try and explain to him his loneliness. Steinbeck shows how Crooks has his dream snatched away from him through racism. Even though the reader may see that the American Dream for these characters is way beyond reach and Just an illusion, I dont think its clear if they see that. However, when Crooks states, Nobody ever gets to heaven, and nobody gets no land. Its Just in their head. , he is facing the harsh, bitter reality (Steinbeck, pig. 74). Crooks knows that such comfort and happiness are not to be make in that ambiance. In Of Mice and Men, an American Dream was evident for all characters, but they were beyond the bounds of possibility because of their skin color, gender, disability, age, or even a friend. Everyone was getting treated the same and prejudices during this time. Very little Justice lingered in the air. In Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck splays the impossibility of the American Dream to the discovered, discriminated people of the asses.

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Case of the Mysterous Roses

In our daily lives we interact with people from all walks of life. As individuals some of us set our own rules to live by, and as professionals we are given a set of guidelines to follow. Working in the Human Resources field there are m some(prenominal) situations that may slide by and we are forced to make difficult decisions. This ethics game simulation presented some examples that occur in the real world. There were two scenarios presented, The Case of the somber Roses, and The Case of the Cold Feet.These cases were both difficult to deal with, and suffered the managers use critical thinking skills to address both situations. The first scenario The Case of the Mysterious Roses there were some(prenominal) issues that arose one is when a female employee began receiving roses from a secret admirer. One problem is that she believed the roses are from a male coworker, which make her uncomfortable. The employee feels the need to go to her supervisor for advice, and sends an email requesting a confidential meeting. In this scenario I am the supervisor, which reveals the other problem.The issue at hand is how I will respond to the request. As the department supervisor I should respond to the request without compromising the integrity of myself or the company. As the supervisor and witnessing the activities that had taken place felt confident that there may be a possibility of sexual harassment accusation. In response to the email I felt that she could non give her a firm yes or no answer. The exercise allowed me to look at the situation and put my thoughts into perspective and ask myself what is my responsibility as a supervisor.The ethical lens helped me to identify the primary put on the line holders, though both lens rights and responsibility, and results lens. These lens enabled me to make the decision. I was able to advise Gayle that, I am able to maintain confidentially on any personal matter however if the issue is work related I may have to discipli ne it. I informed Gayle of the company policy on sexual harassment and advised her of her rights as an employees. I based my decision on my own professional experience, as my company has a zero valuation reserve for such behavior.I could not guarantee 100% confidentially to the employee if there was an employee violating company policy. If I am aware of the situation and do not report it I would be just as guilty. In the second scenario The Case of the Cold Feet there was an issue in reference to an employee falsifying information on a report. The issue is brought to my attention and I must take a plan of action by using a different set of lenses, kind and reputation lens. The exercise took me through multiple steps to identify how I would handle the situation.In the relationship lens I decided to perform an in house investigation in reference to the allegations. My choice did not agree with the program and I was advised to consider my colleagues reputation and allow him to clean up his act. That made me realize that I need to give others a chance to correct their mistakes. In the reputation lens I made that decision which allowed me to hold others accountable for their actions. In my professional life I would have given the employee to redeem him or herself before I would involve a manager.In this scenario I believe I thought about it too long and chose an answer based on what I thought someone else wanted. subsequently participating in both of these activities I believe that I dope make better decisions when called up on. Using my critical thinking skills I can think outside the box and give others a chance while following company policy. Sexual harassment is a serious offence and it is a good idea to educate employees to avoid situations such as this.The company that I work for as well as other companies, do not take this matter lightly. In the situation regarding falsifying documents is also a concern with organizations. The company that I work for do es not tolerate this type of activity. Our policy states that if an employee is falsifying documentation that is immediate ground for termination. There are many situations that occur within an organization and with the help of a strong management team and policy to follow the company can be successful.

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Daddy’s gunna get you!

In Drama we made up a play about a girl Jo who becomes possessed by her sensations late father, we got the idea from a story that Miss Risk read out to the class, the story was bid a riddle story and contained clues to why this person c everyed Jo was found at the waste ground, the clues where little like, her posters were torn off the walls and her mirror was smashed into pieces in which her go saw and followed to go on the girl at the site, we made sure we used the clues in our play as well as other ideas that we came up with such as, my friend Char grasste came up with the idea of using a ouiga display board for the possession and another friend that I perished with called Nina came up with the idea of the destroyed, haunted house were the wasteland currently is.We all came up with many ideas, some which we could not use because we found them hard to do or they became confusing to the audience, one of these ideas was that we inserted flash backs and forwards, as if the audi ence was seeing what the girl went through to see where she is presently but we got confused doing it so we figured if we were confused and we knew what was going on in the play, we completed that an audience who had never even seen the play before would establish no idea what was going on so we had to cut those sentiments out. In my play I worked in a small group, which consisted only of four lot, those people were Nina Elliott Charlotte Ireland Zoe Hammett And of course myself, the kick downstairss we played were significant and individual to the actress and sheath in the play. Charlotte played the discriminate of Jos friend, Sophia she is a faint-hearted girl she dresses very girly and acts sweet and innocent, Sophia is really a very nice girl she has just been bought into the wrong crowd of people.She lives with her Mum and her Step-Dad near Jos house. Sophia and her Mum take up recently been falling out over the fact that Sophia wants to know her real father, her mot her is too sc ard to tell her because Sophia susceptibility find out the unavowed of what really happened and she doesnt know how her new husband (Sophias Step-Dad) will react, Sophia only wants to know a few things about him, she doesnt see the problem she just wants too know, What he looked like, his name and most importantly weather or not he is still alive, She is a very curious character and is quite easily pushed into things, Sophia is more or less a complete opposite of My character.The character I play is Jo, a girl with a few problems (although she doesnt like to admit it) She dresses in a mediaeval style and doesnt cargon what people think or say about her, she doesnt care about other peoples feelings just as long as she gets what she wants and she would never do anything for anyone else if she doesnt see what she can get out of it. She is definitely a character that most people would call a bully. The people she hangs around with are outcasts like herself, they have been disowned by their old friends because things like the way they look, act or their insecurity problems, all they really have friend wise now is each other. Although Jo tries to hide it she really loves the super natural but because of her gothic style she hides her emotions (Well except her sarcasm)My friend Nina played the part of lavender another of Jos out-casted friends she is more down to earth and mellow, she dresses like a hippy but also like Jo loves the super natural but unlike Jo she does hide it she studies it, she studies a lot of what she is into and is destruction to know what has been covered up in the small village they live in (if anything at all) chromatic is the one who brings the ouiga board to school and catches Jos attention with it. Lavenders mother doesnt mind at all about her looking and studing things like that as long as she doesnt label them inside the house that is what brings it all to Jos house because no way would Sophia even touch the thing let alone let it into the house and that is one thing she was not going to be pushed into.Zoe played the part of police woman and the mother to all three girls, she didnt want a main part and we did not give her one because she is away a lot of the time from lessons which is the only time we would get to rehearse it. I choose the people I did to work with because I know them well and they are my friends, I knew they would have very good ideas to contribute to the play and I know how very talented they are at acting I knew that whatever the part maybe that they would be capable of reaching out and helping me construct the play from every tiniest detail of reactions and facial expressions, the people I choose to work with encouraged me and each other when we need help, we helped with constructive criticism and by being not only actresses but directors as well.The play was about a young girl named Jo who was found at the wasteland near her home, we made up a play showing how she got to that stage and what happened afterwards, In the first scene Jos friend Sophia is arguing with her mother about the whereabouts of her real father, when the scene changes to school we see the first appearance of Jo and her friend Lavender, Lavender is reading a record and Jo is looking impatient, they talk about the whereabouts of Sophia until she turns up at which the subject is changed to ouiga boards and they all end up agreeing to meet up at 6 at Jos house. then comes another scene between Sophia and her mother, her mother is about to tell her something but then her Step-Dad walks in the house and her mother stops. The scene changes to Jos room where they attempt the ouiga board only to conjure up a spirit which possess Jo to tear all her posters down smash her mirror and write on the wall in her own blood she then stumbles to the waste ground where the taunting screams of ghosts make her faint.The scene at school Jo comes in late her friends are scared of her by the way she a cted and ask her why her mum let her to school where she explains she blamed it on them, Sophia refuses to use the board again while as Lavender is pushed into it, Lavender then goes on to ask her mother about what happened to her friend, her mum tells her that her friend has been possessed and Sophia mother finally tells her of her father, his name, his looks and the fact that he is no longer alive. Lavender and Jo are about to use the ouiga board again when Sophia walks in, the spirit in Jo awakens again and everyone figures out that the spirit is Sophias Father, Sophia shoots Jo in the arm causing her to collapse in pain, there is then scenes of the after effects. The scene where Jo is put into the special care unit the police take Sophia away, Lavender is put under a defense unit where she is given a new name address and identity, and then as a last scene they show Sophia what she has meant to have done to her friend where Jo is talking to herself and going crazy locked up in a padded cell.My character is quite lazy and doesnt seem bothered by those around her, she slumps in her chair in the 1sst scene and in the second scene you see her shes sitting on her bed grumpily, the expressions show that she tries to maintain a high authority, the voice and accent she speaks in is quite nasty but isnt really an accent there and if there is id have to say it is a London accent. The way my character moves, when u do see her walking you can tell that she doesnt really like what she is doing and she shuffles her feet, she is not a very active person and remains in a grumpy, sad mood through out the whole play except when she is possessed when she becomes psycho and angry and her expressions tell the other people in the play that she doesnt like them and she gives them evils.As time went on while I was practising my piece I came more familiar with my character, I found out that the more she looked like she didnt worry about anything the more she seemed it and the mor e she acted it, people commented that when I was in my part and dressed up as my character I seemed like I was actually gothic and the way I acted was as if a real gothic person would act and that the comments I made where really sarcastic, In my final performance we performed it quite well but not as well as it could have been, we made some changes at the end to try and make it better but it ended up because we didnt have enough time to practise this part, it all went wrong. What we tried doing was too add a medicament scene at the end with all the end consequences mimed and only turning the music down at one point to hear what the police officers are saying to Lavender.The idea of our piece at first to me was to pass a drama exam but as time went on I realised that our play could be actually passing on a message to the audience, the message to me that was being passed onto the audience was that things are not always easy and that people need to work things out and that playing wi th ouiga boards is not a game but is a weighty business that can have very serious effects. I think my character displayed an attitude of soloism amongst her friends I think the audience realised that she gained the respect and that all the events seemed to revolve around her house and that it was her friends that she dragged into it and that if it wasnt for her none of the events would have happened.Overall I was happy with the play that we performed, I felt my character bureau was important to the piece and I felt that I played this role well, my friends in my group encouraged me when I needed it and gave me constructive criticism when I needed it, I felt like I have learnt a lot about how bad life can get from this play, I have learnt that even though peoples lives might look cheerful inside they might be hurting more then anyone else. I have also learnt more dramatic skills and feel that these will help me in the future for when I perform other roles. I have learnt that in a p lay the characters mood at the beginning is how the audience interprets them through out the entire play. I am really happy with the play e have produced and hope that my future performances will be just as good or better.