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Biological Psychology Worksheet Essay

Answer the following questions in short-essay format. Be prepared to discuss your answers. 1. What is biological psychology? Biological psychology is the scientific study of the biology of behavior. This study is also known as biopsychology, psychobiology, behavioral biology, and/or behavioral neuroscience. 2. What is the historical development of biological psychology? The historical development of biopsychology is traced as far back as the ancient Greek era. It became the Roman church who dictated much of the human behavior according to their religious beliefs. After the Dark Ages subsided a new way of thinking was born and this period is called the Renaissance era. With this era came new ways of studying things, ways to see things by observing them and this was how modern science was founded. 3. Name one to three important theorists associated with biological psychology. One theorists related to the study of biological psychology is Rene Descartes. Rene Descartes elaborated on a theory in which the pneumatics of bodily fluids could explain reflexes and other motor behavior. Rene Descartes also was the first to identify, clearly, that the mind has a consciousness and is self-aware, which leaves the brain to be a tool for intelligence. 4. Describe the relationship between biological psychology and other fields in psychology and neuroscience. Whether it is the study of biopsychology and other fields of psychology or neuroscience, all psychologists and scientists are trying to understand the functions of the brain. The body and mind connection and how it reacts to certain behaviors or illnesses. Biological psychology is defined as the scientific study of the biological bases of behavior and mental states. Neuropsychology is a division of the science that attempts to understand the way structure and function of the brain relate to behavior and psychological processes. 5. Describe the major underlying assumptions of a biopsychological approach. Mental illnesses can cause biological consequences. Biological events cause mental illnesses. Trauma is something that can cause any person to experience some type of mental illness. Some believe that they are two things go hand in hand and cannot be separated and are completely linked to each other.

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A Critical Review of Infant Artificial Language Learning Essay

They also give evidence which comes from experiments showing that newborns discriminate a passage read aloud by their mothers during the last six weeks of pregnancy from an unfamiliar one. Rebecca L. Gomez and Louann Gerken’s observation about this phenomenon is very helpful especially for those who are learning about the mystery of how children acquire their language and it is only how but also since when children especially infant acquire the language and it can be answered by Rebecca L. Gomez and Louann Gerken which stated that there’s a probability infants learn and acquire language since in the utero. Summary How children acquire language is one of the mysteries of human cognition. There is a view about thirty years ago states that children master language by means of a language-specific learning device but in earlier proposal states that children make use of domain-general, associative learning mechanisms. Language acquisition is one of the most complex learning tasks imaginable. The complexity of natural language makes it exceedingly difficult to isolate factors responsible for language learning. Infant language researchers have begun by examining four aspects of the language learner’s task. The first involves identification of word-like units in speech. The second involves encoding and remembering the order in which words occur in sentences. The third involves generalization of grammatical relations. The last involves learning at the more abstract level of syntactic categories (e. . determiner, adjective, noun and verb). This fourth sensitivity is at the root of our unique human ability to produce and comprehend novel utterances. First implication of the research on infant artificial language learning concerns artificial-language-learning studies discussed have examined infants’ sensitivity to linguistic form in the absence of semantic content. This is not to say that learners do not ultimately need to map the syntactic forms they encode durin g infancy onto meaning. Obviously they do. However, the fact is infants are able to acquire certain aspects of form prior to acquiring the meaning of these forms changes the nature of the language acquisition problem in a fundamental way. A second implication of the research on infant artificial language learning concerns the specificity of the constraints on the learner. On many accounts, these constraints have been construed as being language specific, such that for every aspect of language to be acquired, the child is born with a specific constraint. Data showing that infants can use transitional probabilities to segment grammatical tone sequences contrasts with this view. A third implication of both the infant artificial-language learning studies reviewed here and many studies of infant language perception preceding them concerns the relevance of children’s early utterances as evidence for theories of language acquisition. One of the key observations of linguistic natives involves errors that children do not make. Children never erroneously transform a statement like ‘The man who is tall is Sam’ into a question like ‘Is the man who tall is Sam? The lack of such errors, along with logical arguments concerning the poverty of the stimulus, have been taken as evidence that children never consider rules based solely on linear order in sentences. it is equally important to note that if the studies of infants’ early linguistic abilities tell us anything, it is that they have become sensitive to many asp ects of linguistic form a year or more before they ever begin to produce multiword speech. This is not to say that all of language is acquired by the age of 12 months. However, if infant language-perception studies have one theme, it is in demonstrating the extremely complex relationship between aspects of their native language infants. Thus, we must exercise caution in interpreting children’s early utterances as evidence for or against the linguistic representations they do and do not entertain. Critical Evaluation Infant Artificial Language Learning and Language Acquisition by Rebecca L. Gomez and Louann Gerken are based on the observation which they already held and also from the later observation from other experts. The main focus in this journal is about the artificial language of infant, here Rebecca L. Gomez and Louann Gerken made such a grammar for infant to determine whether infants could learn ‘grammatical’ word order, Gomez and Gerken exposed 12-month-olds to a subset of strings produced by one of two grammars. However, this journal focuses not only how children especially infant acquire language but also since when infant acquire the language itself. Rebecca L. Gomez and Louann Gerken also give evidences which make their observation stronger. The explanation given is also complete and simple. Conclusion Infant Artificial Language Learning and Language Acquisition by Rebecca L. Gomez and Louann Gerken is a journal that expose about infant artificial language. They explain how infant acquire language from their own observation and they also made a grammar special for infant in order to complete their observation but besides that, they also take some observation which also already been discovered. This journal is worthy to read especially for the linguists who try to reveal and find out one of the mysteries in human cognition which is how children acquire language.

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Literature Review Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Literature Review - Research Paper Example The aim of this paper is to discuss the psychological disorders among the children and adolescents, and the interventions necessary to improve the productivity of the children and teenagers with the disorders. Key words: disorders, psychological and interventions. Psychological Disorders Introduction A psychological disorder is a pattern of behavioral or psychological symptoms that impact multiple life areas or create distress for the people experiencing these symptoms. A mental disorder is a psychological pattern or anomaly, which is reflected in behavior. Mental disorders are defined by combination of how an individual feels, acts, think or perceives. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Report of 2007, over a third of people in most of the countries report problems at some point in their life, which are diagnosed as mental disorders. Child and adolescent mental disorders are common problems experienced by these groups. The disorders can affect the productivity of the c hildren and adolescents just as it has implications on the adults. The aim of this paper is to examine the different types of inventions that that can be put in place to enhance the productivity of the children and adolescents who have the psychological disorders. ... The root causes of mental disorders vary and in many cases they are not known or they are unclear. The people suffering from mental conditions can only access their specialized treatment from mental health professionals. Psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy are the only two major treatments for those suffering from mental disorders. Mental disorders treatments do not really require specialized treatment in terms of offering medicines to the affected people, but actually require psychological treatments. This is where the psychologists or the psychiatrists come in to help these patients. Here, the patients undergo through a therapy session with the psychiatrists, which helps them overcome the conditions they face. In other words, basically, psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy are the most common methods that are used to treat mental related disorders. These types of treatment help a lot in treating these disorders, which are usually very dangerous when not well treated. In fact , if not well treated, they can cause a lot of damage and sometimes even death and so, they should be treated as soon as possible to avoid further damage on the affected person. If the people having these disorders undergo through psychiatry or therapy sessions, they start recovering slowly by slowly, and eventually recover completely. Most studies on mental illness have focused on the psychological disorders in adults. It is just of recent that there has been some focus on the mental illnesses of children and the adolescents. The researchers are now examining the growth and development of children as they try to establish what is normal and what is abnormal. The key goal of the researches is trying to study the childhood development in view to try and predict and

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How Germany's Hospitality Has Changed During the Olympic Games in 1936 Essay

How Germany's Hospitality Has Changed During the Olympic Games in 1936 Compared To the WM In 2006 - Essay Example World War 2 is considered to be a black mark in the history of the mankind. This was the war which changed the geo-political scenario of the world. Even today in some or the other form we still face the repercussions of this war. Germany bid for the 1936 XI Olympics in 1931, year in which Hitler had not surfaced so strongly. There were only two countries which bid for the hosting of the Olympic Games, Spain and Germany, out of which Germany won the bid with good voting margin. It is interesting to note that there were only two countries who bid for the games. The year 1931 was extremely depressing for the world. The crash of 1929 affected almost all the countries in a real adverse way. Germany was no different. Economic crisis is a phenomenon in which the society crumbles faster and deteriorates more than any other calamity. We have to understand this background to understand the extreme nationalism that rose to the surface. Adolf Hitler came to power 2 years prior to the Olympic Games in Germany. The racial and anti-Semitic policies adopted by him were becoming well known. Due to treaty of Versailles the size of the German military was restricted. The pretext of athletic training was used for military training. All these areas were banned for the Jews to participate in. It was not difficult for any political party for that matter to ignite the already inflammable conditions. In the third edition of his textbook (with E. Baur and E. Fischer), professor Fritz Lenz writes: "We must of course deplore the one-sided anti-Semitism of National Socialism. Unfortunately, it seems that the masses need such anti feelings... we cannot doubt that National Socialism is honestly striving for a healthier race. The question of the quality of our hereditary endowment is a hundred times more important than the dispute over capitalism or socialism, and a thousand times more important

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Sun Exposure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sun Exposure - Essay Example The most important information to capture in educating patients about the skin and sun exposure relates to the benefits and damages that the sun causes to the skin. The patients need to understand the extent of sun that is necessary for their skin. This is in the view that vitamin D; a crucial vitamin in the human body can be derived from sun rays (Reichrath, 2008). However, excessive exposure of the skin to the sun is harmful, and can result in skin diseases; among them skin cancer. The patients have to be equipped with vast explanations as to how such scenarios may arise. On the other hand, the damaging aspect of sun exposure to the skin would be crucial to account for, making patients understand the process behind the harmful aspects of sun exposure to the skin. Personally, the underlying risks of sun exposure are well understood. On the simple step towards reducing such risks, covering the skin in extreme sunny days comes in handy. Over and above this, use of certified products that protect the skin from harmful aspects of sun exposure also works. On the same note, having regular checkups by a dermatologist and seeking relevant advice and information towards minimizing sun exposure, or actually alleviating the underlying risks

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Insurance company Bupa Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Insurance company Bupa - Research Paper Example It would be followed by discussions which would help in concluding that whether the perception from the literature review and the results of the analysis are in line or not. The study would be concluding with an insight into the conclusion derived from the entire study. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 3 Objectives of the study 4 Company Introduction and History 4 Bupa’s journey in Saudi Arabia 4 Problems faced by Bupa initially 5 How does Bupa manage success? 5 Challenges faced by Bupa in Saudi Arabia 6 How they manage their success in Saudi Arabia? 6 Literature Review 6 Financial Information 9 Framework of the Study 10 Analysis 10 Discussion 10 Recommendations 11 Conclusion 11 References 13 Appendices 14 Appendix 1: For the managers 14 Appendix 2: For the customers 30 Introduction Health or wellness always remains one of the most concerning issues because chronic diseases have increased in number in today’s world and is continuing to incre ase even further. Presently, there have been increased health problems related to obesity as well as heart disease. The other concerning diseases include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc. This increases the necessity of the efficient services of the healthcare organizations in order to provide remedies to these concerning issues. It also raises the demand on the insurance covering the individuals. Objectives of the study The objectives of this study are: To understand the past and present situation of Bupa. To analyze the challenges faced by Bupa from global perspective. To analyze the challenges faced by Bupa in Saudi Arabia. Company Introduction and History BUPA is an international corporation which provides healthcare services to more than 14 million customers in almost 190 countries. It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company is privately owned and acts as an alternative to the United Kingdom National Health Services (i.e. NHS). The company was actua lly established in the year 1947 when seventeen different British provident associations united together for providing healthcare services to the general public. The actual services offered by the company included private medical insurance facilities which gradually expanded towards running BUPA hospitals. The healthcare organization initially had registration of 38000 which increased to 14 million customers all over the world. It has become one of the leading private health insurance servers in United Kingdom. Gradually the organization has implemented diversification in its services from the health insurance business to international healthcare organization providing healthcare services to a large number of customers. Bupa’s journey in Saudi Arabia Bupa Arabia is a cooperative insurance provider in Saudi Arabia. It is a publicly traded organization having a paid up capital of SR 400 million. It provides health insurance by remaining in compliance with the necessities in Sau di Arabia Monetary Agency and Cooperative Health Insurance Council. It was started as a joint venture with ‘Nazer Group’ in the year 1997. Presently it is the biggest health insurance provider in the entire region having greater than 1.2 million customers. Under all the insurance regulations, the organization has started evolving its business from joint venture to the public listed company that is providing cooperative

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Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 64

Discussion - Assignment Example Organizational politics is behaviors that reflect self-serving and manipulative attitude of individuals in the organization. People take part in organizational politics in order to cater for their interest at the expense of other individuals. Politics in organizations thrive in situations where there is competition for resources, conflicts, power and external influence. The most affected players in organizational politics are the employees. There are conventional means in which the employees can adopt in order to comprehend the full extent of organizational politics. According to Berne (27), it is fundamental that employees learn to establish trust around each other. As a result, this will counter any ill intentions and self-centeredness. It is also  safe for the employees to  can look up to their leaders for direction whenever doubt arises. For a leader, trust is paramount to solving organizational politics. Without trust it almost impossible to lobby the subordinates to rally on their side. Good leaders who treat employees fairly and with integrity face fewer hurdles when it comes to dealing with politics in the organization. When it comes to leveraging political understanding, a leader should be in a position to highlight every contribution. Every employee likes to feel useful in their workplace. In turn, employees’ confidence improves leaving little room for insecurity. Lastly, a leader should comprehend the importance of exploiting the political climate of the organization in order to maximize on workers’

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MGMT305 U5 IP Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MGMT305 U5 IP - Research Paper Example Management Information Systems are very distinct from other types of information systems because of their ability to analyze data I order to facilitate both operational and strategic activities in an organization. Different organizations use Management Information Systems differently according to the type of the organization, its industry and its objectives. There are also different types of management information systems serving different purposes at different levels of organizational structure. The various categories of management information systems include Decision Support Systems (DSS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Project Management among others. Management Information Systems have five main components namely software, hardware, data, procedures and the people who use the systems(Bidgoli, 2004). The first organization is Starlet Marketing, a privately owned marketing agency dealing with internet and social media marketing for its clients. The main objective of Starlet Marketing is to enable its clients to boost their sales. Being an internet company, the firm heavily relies on technology to manage its affairs. In this regard, the organization has enhanced its operations by using management Information systems. This organization mainly relies on the systems to manage its inventory and sales and customer relationship management. The systems collect, store and analyze sales and inventory data to enable the management to make appropriate decisions to boost the forms activities. The other organization is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is a government organization charged with collecting taxes on behalf of the government. The IRS is one of the largest government organizations managing a very huge client base. The use of Information technology is very vital in ensuring the organization meets its objectives. The IRS therefore mainly relies on Management Information Systems to manage its

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Employee training at B&Q Plc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Employee training at B&Q Plc - Essay Example There has been a various change in the employment policy at B&Q Plc. over the past decade. About a decade ago, many business analysts criticized B&Q Plc. For having a policy that encouraged to employ and retaining much older employees. At that time younger job seekers were less advantaged when they were seeking jobs at the company. The company has always considered quality of their products and services to be their first priority. Therefore, employing older employees was seen as a way through which the company could be able to get experience and skills in a single package (Saks, Haccoun& Belcourt 2010, p. 101. At that time this really worked for them especially because they were able to build a reputation that was rooted on quality. There is always some uncertainty regarding employing younger employees. Younger employees might be skilled by the obvious reason as to why employing them might not be a good idea is the fact that it might take a while before they attain the experience that the older employees have. However, the good thing is that this is a problem that can be properly solved by having a good training program. As for the case of B&Q Plc. mentoring was chosen as the most appropriate way of making sure that the company will be able to accommodate both the young and energetic employees and the old and experienced employees (Becker 1993, p. 123). This method can be said to have worked well for the company.

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The Great Gatsby Essay Example for Free

The Great Gatsby Essay If The Great Gatsby had taken place in Sri Lanka, the hype surrounding F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel would have been non-existent. The enthralling love affairs between the characters that are the foundation of the story would have been absent from the plot because Sri Lankan culture is grounded on Buddhism. Buddhist guidelines emphasize the thought that attachment leads to suffering, a theme that appears habitually throughout the novel. Most characters in the novel face this attachment, but at such a degree that they are unable to detach themselves from the thing they desire. The collective inabilities of Wilson, Gatsby and Tom to let go of the people they love are key contributors to Gatsby’s murder. Wilson’s ineptitude to admit that Myrtle, his wife of 12 years, no longer loves him causes emotional suffering and plays a role in Gatsby’s murder. Wilson discovers that â€Å"Myrtle had some sort of life apart from him,† (111) that she shared with Tom. Wilson, in an attempt not to lose Myrtle forever, locks her in her room so that she can’t run away. His plan is to keep her closed off from the world for a few days and then â€Å"she is going whether she wants to or not† (111). Wilson plans on moving away with her so that the two can start a new life, with no one to get in between them. Although Wilson thinks that this will save his relationship, he is inept to acknowledge that he can’t do anything for them. Myrtle, trying to escape from Wilson, runs into the street and is hit by a car, Gatsby’s car. This causes Wilson to mistakenly believe that Gatsby is the one who killed Myrtle. Using an â€Å"eye for an eye† mentality Wilson wants the same consequences to be inflicted on Gatsby and seeks revenge by murdering him. Had Wilson been able to let go of Myrtle, he most likely wouldn’t have felt anger towards Gatsby. But his ineptitude to let go causes him to feel anger towards Gatsby because he has problems imagining a life without Myrtle. Wilson’s incapacity to acknowledge Myrtle’s lack of feelings for him is among components leading to Gatsby’s death. The inability of Gatsby and Daisy to let go of their past together ultimately contributes to Gatsby’s demise. The couple’s passionate history is rekindled because their houses are in close enough proximity to resume their connection. Even though Daisy has been married to Tom for the past five years, she maintains clandestine feelings for Gatsby. â€Å"Both of us loved each other all of that time,† (111) states Daisy in an emotional moment. This drawn out love holds true for Gatsby who faces difficulties letting go of Daisy. For example, right after Daisy marries Tom, Gatsby has problems accepting the realization that she is out of his reach forever. In desperation Gatsby crashes their wedding. Gatsby, a. k. a. Biloxi, ends up making an excuse to sleep at Daisy’s house for a few weeks after her marriage. Daisy is unaware that it is Gatsby, not Biloxi the box maker from Tennessee, who has been sleeping in her house all of that time. Even though Daisy is married to Tom, Gatsby has such an attachment to her that he hasn’t moved on. Gatsby’s inability to forget about Daisy leads him to persuade Nick to invite Daisy over for dinner. Gatsby plans on trying to reconnect an old fire within Daisy that used to burn for him. This attempt to reignite his love with Daisy ultimately results in his own death. Tom, Daisy’s husband, still loves her and like Wilson is distraught by the fact that another man is taking away his love. Tom wants a way to get rid of Gatsby so that Daisy will only have one man in her life. Tom sees his opportunity to rid Gatsby from Daisy’s’ â€Å"picture† by telling Wilson, who is seeking revenge for his wife’s murder, it was Gatsby’s car that killed Myrtle. In a way Gatsby contributed to his own death by not being able to put his past with Daisy behind him. This incapacity to move on is the spark that ignites people’s revenge towards him, and ultimately is the main cause of his death. Tom’s inability to admit that Daisy has become unfaithful, results in him seeking revenge on Gatsby. Tom is aware of the fact that Daisy and Gatsby have an on going clandestine affair, but still thinks that Daisy has loved him during that time. â€Å"Daisy loved me when she married me and she loves me now,† (117) yells Tom at Gatsby. This shows how Tom is incapable of admitting that Daisy has moved on from him. Even though Daisy is having an affair, Tom still thinks that the two of them share a passionate love for one another. Tom is so confident that Daisy still loves him that he states, â€Å"She’s not leaving me† (118). He falsely thinks that Daisy is as in love with him as he is with her. His inability to let go has made him think that Daisy also doesn’t want to loose him. Like all of the other characters in the book, Tom’s inability to let go of Daisy contributes to Gatsby’s murder. Tom still loves Daisy even though she has moved on from him, and will do anything to still be with her. Tom understands that the only way to be with Daisy is for Gatsby to disappear. Therefore, Tom tells Wilson that Gatsby’s car responsible for killing Myrtle, and as previously stated, allows for Wilson to get revenge on Gatsby. By refusing to admit that Daisy still doesn’t have feelings for him, Tom contributes to Gatsby death. Have you ever gone to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and seen one of those Pointillism paintings made up of small dots of paint? The murder of Gatsby is like a pointillist painting titled â€Å"Just Let Go†. Gatsby’s inability to let go of Daisy is the purple, Tom’s inability to let go of Daisy is the green, and Wilson’s inability to let go of Myrtle is the blue. The important thing is that all of these â€Å"colors† come together to form one image. Like the paintings up close, you only see the different colors and are unaware of the bigger picture being painted. When you look closely at The Great Gatsby you are also unaware how Wilson’s love for Myrtle could lead to Gatsby’s death. But when you step back it becomes apparent how each event leads to Gatsby’s unfortunate death. All of the little actions of Tom, Wilson and Gatsby are small dots in a bigger image. If these three men were able to let go of the people they loved at one time, Gatsby most likely wouldn’t have died. Like the Beatles sang, â€Å"Let if be, let it be, let it be, let it be. Speaking words of wisdom let it be. † If only the Beatles were founded 40 years earlier to pass their message onto the main characters in The Great Gatsby.

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Unitary matrix

Unitary matrix INTRODUCTION Unitary matrix In mathematics, a unitary matrix is an n by n complex matrix U satisfying the condition where , is the identity matrix in n dimensions and , is the conjugate transpose (also called the Hermitian adjoint) of U. Note this condition says that a matrix U is unitary if and only if it has an inverse which is equal to its conjugate transpose A unitary matrix in which all entries are real is an orthogonal matrix. Just as an orthogonal matrix G preserves the (real) inner product of two real vectors, so also a unitary matrix U satisfies for all complex vectors x and y, where stands now for the standard inner product on If is an n by n matrix then the following are all equivalent conditions: is unitary is unitary the columns of form an orthonormal basis of with respect to this inner product the rows of form an orthonormal basis of with respect to this inner product is an isometry with respect to the norm from this inner product U is a normal matrix with eigenvalues lying on the unit circle. A square matrix is a unitary matrix if where denotes the conjugate transpose and is the matrix inverse. For example, is a unitary matrix. Unitary matrices leave the length of a complex vector unchanged. For real matrices, unitary is the same as orthogonal. In fact, there are some similarities between orthogonal matrices and unitary matrices. The rows of a unitary matrix are a unitary basis. That is, each row has length one, and their Hermitian inner product is zero. Similarly, the columns are also a unitary basis. In fact, given any unitary basis, the matrix whose rows are that basis is a unitary matrix. It is automatically the case that the columns are another unitary basis. The definition of a unitary matrix guarantees that where is the identity matrix. In particular, a unitary matrix is always invertible, and . Note that transpose is a much simpler computation than inverse. A similarity transformation of a Hermitian matrix with a unitary matrix gives Unitary matrices are normal matrices. If is a unitary matrix, then the permanen The unitary matrices are precisely those matrices which preserve the Hermitian inner product Also, the norm of the determinant of is . Unlike the orthogonal matrices, the unitary matrices are connected. If then is a special unitary matrix. The product of two unitary matrices is another unitary matrix. The inverse of a unitary matrix is another unitary matrix, and identity matrices are unitary. Hence the set of unitary matrices form a group, called the unitary group. Properties Of unitary matrix All unitary matrices are normal, and the spectral theorem therefore applies to them. Thus every unitary matrix U has a decomposition of the form Where V is unitary, and ÃŽ £ is diagonal and unitary. That is, a unitary matrix is diagonalizable by a unitary matrix. For any unitary matrix U, the following hold: U is invertible. | det (U) | = 1. is unitary. U preserves length U has complex eigenvalues of modulus 1. It follows from the isometry property that all eigenvalues of a unitary matrix are complex numbers of absolute value 1 (i.e., they lie on the unit circle centered at 0 in the complex plane). For any n, the set of all n by n unitary matrices with matrix multiplication forms a group. Any matrix is the average of two unitary matrices. As a consequence, every matrix M is a linear combination of two unitary matrices (depending on M, of course). Unitary group In mathematics, the unitary group of degree n, denoted U(n), is the group of nÃâ€"n unitary matrices, with the group operation that of matrix multiplication. The unitary group is a subgroup of the general linear group GL (n, C). In the simple case n = 1, the group U(1) corresponds to the circle group, consisting of all complex numbers with absolute value 1 under multiplication. All the unitary groups contain copies of this group. The unitary group U(n) is a real Lie group of dimension n2. The Lie algebra of U(n) consists of complex nÃâ€"n skew-Hermitian matrices, with the Lie bracket given by the commutator. The general unitary group (also called the group of unitary similitude) consists of all matrices A such that A * A is a nonzero multiple of the identity matrix, and is just the product of the unitary group with the group of all positive multiples of the identity matrix.

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Pythia Peays Soul Searching Essay -- Pythia Peay Soul Searching

Pythia Peay's Soul Searching Most people are identified by where they are from and what type of background they are accustomed to. In the short story, â€Å"Soul Searching,† by Pythia Peay, the topic discussed relates to the city a person lives in and how it eventually becomes a part of their soul. Many rhetorical appeals are displayed throughout the article, and these methods are successful in expressing to the reader how much a city can become a part of an individual. Peay decides to use her home town of Washington, D.C. to demonstrate her argument of identifying with one’s home. For any article it is important to identify the rhetorical triangle, and get the background information to further the understanding of a subject. The first piece of the rhetorical triangle is the author. Pythia Peay is a writer mostly known for her works in the fields of spirituality and psychology. Her writings tend to focus on specific areas such as â€Å"the soul of the city, the messages in our nightly dreams, the spiritual passage of death, the sacred bonds of friendship, and the wisdom of ancient myths† ( She has been a columnist for over twenty years and has numerous articles published in â€Å"Utne Reader, George, New Age Journal, New Woman, Publisher's Weekly, and† ( Some of her well-known newspaper pieces include her comments on â€Å"reincarnation, dreams, healing, and other spiritual topics† ( Peay’s credibility in this subject is valid by observing her previous record. Along wit h checking the credibility of an author, a certain audience is always trying to be reached in any piece of writing. â€Å"Soul Searching,† is geared towards any U.S. citizen that lives in a metropolis. Although th... ...icle states â€Å"†¦she receives regular doses of inspiration from the Georgetown Flea Market and the Potomac River† (Peay 3). Because she observes these specific areas, she knows Washington, D.C. and is valid in describing her home town. Each rhetorical appeal enhances the Pythia Peay’s point of view and enhances the information trying to get across. Lastly, Pythia Peay establishes her opinion of home is where the heart is by the format used. Deciding to break up the essay into six sections is effective in making it easier to read. The landscape, history, influential people, heart of a town, wounds of a city, and where individuals come together are all detailed descriptions of a city, and describes the topic of her writing. Peay’s method of writing is easy to follow and conveys her points very well inviting the reader to think the same way about their hometown.

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The Merging of Cultures During the New World Discovery Essays -- Ameri

The Merging of Cultures During the New World Discovery The voyages of the Iberians marked history. The discovery of the new world meant the unification of two old worlds. These old worlds had different beliefs, attitudes, language, and values. The culture of these two worlds would never be the same. The native peoples of America at the end of the fifteenth century ranged from the simplest hunting-fishing-gathering societies to highly developed civilizations with urban and peasant components. In spite of these notable differences, they were alike in that they had all developed from the level of pre-bow-arrow hunters without significant contact with other regions. There high civilizations were based on agricultural and trading economies, with craft specialization, large cities, monumental architecture, elaborate politico-religious organizations, and dense populations. Soft metal was worked, writing was being developed, and the idea of the wheel was present in toys. Until the end of the fifteenth century, the peoples of the Iberian Peninsula were grouped in several politically autonomous units, resulting in significant cultural and social differences. These people shared the same basic cultural history through several millennia, during which time they were exposed to the basic innovations of Western Eurasia and North Africa. Phoenicians and Greeks brought civilization from the Eastern Mediterranean, and Neolithic farmers from Africa had been followed by Hallstat ironworkers from Europe. Six centuries of Roman domination gave the peninsula a common language, unified political control, widespread urbanization, and other forms and values of Rome. Agriculture, medicine, mathematics, and other forms of science was ... ...plague, measles, and many more, even the common cold. Bibliography Basso, Ellen B. THE KALAPALO INDIANS OF CENTRAL BRAZIL. New York: Holt 1973 Cespedes, Guillermo. LATIN AMERICA, THE EARLY YEARS. New York: Alfred A. Knopf 1974 Diffie, Bailey W. LATIN AMERICAN CIVILIZATION. New york: Octagon 1967 Elliott, J.H. THE SPANISH WORLD. New York: Abrams 1991 Faron, Louis C. THE MAPUCHE INDIANS OF CHILE. Illinois: Waveland 1986 Foster, George M. CULTURE AND CONQUEST. Chicago: Quadrangle 1960 Morrison, Samuel Eliot. THE EUROPEAN DISCOVERY OF AMERICA. New York: Oxford University 1967 Parry, J.H. THE DISCOVERY OF SOUTH AMERICA. New York: Taplinger 1979 Reindrop, Reginald C. SPANISH AMERICAN CUSTOMS, CULTURE AND PERSONALITY. END OF A NEW WORLD. Films for the Humanities. A NEW WORLD IS BORN. Films for the Humanities.

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How to Cheat :: How to Cheat

How to Cheat I love procrastinating and then cheating and plagiarizing to get my essays and research papers complete on time! The only drawback is a website called Teachers use to check for plagiarism in submitted papers. This website often indicates plagiarism when all the writing is completely original. This is called a "false positive". Although a "false positive" has no negative impact at all on the owners of, it can destroy a students academic future! There are many videos on YouTube which explain how to eliminate the "false positives" produced by and thereby protect your reputation. It is unfortunate that these videos are found by searching for "Cheat". In this case, "Cheat" is certainly a misnomer, because it is who is cheating the students with false positives which result in unfair accusations of plagiarism against students. To learn more about this topic, Google "Plagiarism False Accusations". How to Cheat I love procrastinating and then cheating and plagiarizing to get my essays and research papers complete on time! The only drawback is a website called Teachers use to check for plagiarism in submitted papers. This website often indicates plagiarism when all the writing is completely original. This is called a "false positive". Although a "false positive" has no negative impact at all on the owners of, it can destroy a students academic future! There are many videos on YouTube which explain how to eliminate the "false positives" produced by and thereby protect your reputation. It is unfortunate that these videos are found by searching for "Cheat". In this case, "Cheat" is certainly a misnomer, because it is who is cheating the students with false positives which result in unfair accusations of plagiarism against students. To learn more about this topic, Google "Plagiarism False Accusations". How to Cheat I love procrastinating and then cheating and plagiarizing to get my essays and research papers complete on time! The only drawback is a website called Teachers use to check for plagiarism in submitted papers. This website often indicates plagiarism when all the writing is completely original. This is called a "false positive". Although a "false positive" has no negative impact at all on the owners of, it can destroy a students academic future! There are many videos on YouTube which explain how to eliminate the "false positives" produced by turnitin.

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How Did the Europeans Affect the Native Americans? Essay

Anne Bradstreet Jonathan Edwards and Anne Bradstreet were both famous Puritan writers of their time. Each of their works, â€Å"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God† and † Upon the Burning of Our House† convey to their audiences the strong religious beliefs prevalent during that time period. Edwards writes to persuade his audience. On the other hand, Bradstreet writes to inform her audience. Edwards mainly talks about hell and damnation in his writings, however Bradstreet talks about heaven and hope. Although both Edwards and Bradstreet have similar outlooks and understandings of religious beliefs and attitudes and beliefs about human life, there are also distinctions that allow the reader to better understand each author’s purpose. Bradstreet believes that one should look to God and pray during times of hardship. On the other hand Edwards believes that one should always look God, but not in times of hardship, he thinks people must let God come to them. Bradstreet expresses her needing of help from God after her house burns down when she said, â€Å"Raise up thy thoughts above the sky†(Bradstreet41). Referring to this quote Bradstreet looks up to God for help while she is in the middle of a crisis or hardship. Edwards suggests that people should let God come to them when he said, â€Å"And now you have an extraordinary opportunity, a day where in Christ has thrown the door of mercy wide Motahari 2 open, and stands in the door calling and crying with a loud voice to poor sinners†(Edwards129). According to this quote Edwards is saying that God has finally come to the sinners in their time of need. Not only are Bradstreet’s and Edwards’s religious beliefs different, but they also have different attitudes and beliefs. Bradstreet is a positive woman who believes that everyone is going to heaven, on the other hand Edwards is a negative man who believes that everyone is going to hell. Bradstreet expresses her positivity and belief for heaven after her house burns down while saying, â€Å"The world no longer let me love, my hope and treasure lies above†(Bradstreet119). This reveals that that she will always believe something good will happen. Even though her house and all of her things burned to ash, she still is happy that she has another home that lies above [heaven]. Edwards show his negativity towards people when he said, â€Å"In short, they have no refuge, nothing to take hold of†(Edwards126). Referring to this quote Edwards is trying to say that people do not have any escape from hell and damnation, also that there is nothing worth living for. Bradstreet and Edwards do not have the same views in the categories of religious beliefs and attitudes and beliefs of human life. Through her writings, Bradstreet explains that God is a kind loving person who is always there for us. However Edwards portrays God as a mean and angry person through his writings. I think that Bradstreet has a better view of God.

History of African American Music Essay

The history of African American music has been characterized by a mixture among various forms of music. Country blues, urban blues, New Orleans Jazz, Bebop, big-band jazz, and rhythm and blues, have all influenced each other profoundly. These influences flowed back and forth among the various forms. But, black gospel music had only a very limited effect on popular styles, until a few church-trained artists, such as Sam Cooke and Ray Charles, began to incorporate gospel styling into their popular work. The result is usually described as â€Å"soul music,† a mix of blues, rhythm and blues, and gospel voices. But, if Ray Charles was one of the â€Å"originators† of soul music, â€Å"Aretha Franklin reshaped it,† by bringing even more of her gospel background to bear on secular love songs (Wade and Picardie 27). By combining popular elements with her stunning voice, her great musicianship, and the feeling for a song that she learned in church, Aretha became one of the greatest soul singers to ever live. Aretha Franklin is a well-known pop, R&B, and gospel singer. She has been nicknamed â€Å"The Queen of Soul† and is an internationally known artist and a symbol of pride in the African American community. Her popularity soared in 1967 when she released an album containing songs â€Å"I Never Loved a Man†, â€Å"Respect†, and â€Å"Baby I Love You. † Throughout her career she has achieved fifteen Grammy Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Legend Awards, and many Grammy Hall of Fame Awards. In 1987 she became the first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Time magazine chose her as one of the most influential artists and entertainers of the 20th century. She sang at Dr. Martin Luther King’s funeral and at former President Bill Clinton’s inaugural party. Although she has all these accomplishments and awards there are other reasons that have driven Franklin to fame and landed her on the front cover of Time magazine on June 28, 1968. The reasons I believe allowed Aretha Franklin to become so successful are the following: Her family’s involvement with religion, the inspiring people that surrounded her, and the pain she suffered. It is clear that because her family’s involvement with religion would be one reason why Aretha Franklin became as famous as a Gospel singer. Some people would say that her love for religion is unbelievable, but after researching her childhood it is very believable. Her father, Reverend Clarence LaVaugh Franklin lived in Shelby Mississippi and preached while living the life of a sharecropper. As soon as he had enough money, he would move to Memphis, Tennessee to become a pastor of two churches. After a couple of years he attended LeMoyne College, and he studied Education and English Literature. With his education he was able to bring a more liberal view to his preaching’s. Then he moved the family to Buffalo, New York. When he had the resources, he moved the family again to Detroit, Michigan were he settled and became a pastor of a churched called New Bethel Baptist Church. He quickly became one of the most famous pastors in the city of Detroit. Aretha was two years old when they made their final move, she would grow up here and grab the emotion of Church and incorporate it into her music. Aretha Franklin’s mom, Barbara V. Skaggers, served as choir director and pianist. Aretha describes her mom as â€Å"a Superb singer, her voice was clear and distinctive†. (Franklin and Ritz, 6) Her parents taught her how to sing with great pride. This was a big issue because the late ‘50s, early ‘60s was a time of turmoil for African Americans. Her father especially tried to instill pride into her. He was a Civil Rights activist and he was a close colleague with Dr. Martin Luther King. With her parents keeping her involved in Church she was bound to become one of the world’s greatest singers. At around age 12, the father recognized Aretha’s talent as a singer. So he took her on the road with his traveling gospel show. This was important because it shows the kind of support Aretha received from her family. It was said, â€Å"She was a spellbinding performer at the age of fourteen. † (Franklin, 3) So her family really supported and inspired her to become a gospel singer. What also made her a great artist was that she had inspiring people all around her. Aretha grew up in Detroit which at the time was a rousing city or a city of hope for the African Americans running away from the brutality of the South. Though Detroit still had its problems such as race riots, many famous musicians grew up there. Also since New Bethel Baptist Church was so prominent, many musicians and political leaders used Reverend Franklin’s pulpit as a platform to sing or speak to the Black’s of Detroit. Aretha was introduced to classical music by Smokey Robinson’s sister Sylvia Burston. She listened to well known local DJ’s like Ruth Brown and Senator Brystal Brown. When Aretha was younger, she would ride her bike to the local park, and on her way home she would stop by a night club where you could here B. B. King perform. She says, â€Å"You could hear the soft sound of his guitar all the way to the sidewalk (Franklin and Ritz, 22). National and local political leaders would give there speeches. Speakers such as Dr. Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. , Dr. Martin Luther King, and Reverend Jesse Jackson would speak powerfully to the church. Aretha was directly influenced by Miriam Anderson, Sammy Davis, and Roy Wilkins. Detroit was overflowing with talent and speakers which I believe also contributed to Aretha’s success. Pain was probably what really drove Aretha Franklin’s success. As stated before, Franklin’s family was highly religious and was continually involved in the Church. But that doesn’t mean that she hadn’t been through a tremendous amount of pain. Early in life her mother and father got a divorce. The father was better suitable to raise Aretha and her four Siblings. The mother moved to Buffalo, New York and tried to make regular visits to see her children. She was supported her children in the best way she could, but when Aretha needed her, she still was not reachable. Matters became worst a few years later when Aretha’s mom dies of a stroke. Aretha described her mom by saying â€Å"she was the absolute lady† (Smith, 3). At age 15 she had her first child and two years later another would come. But Aretha still wanted to go out and be with friends, so her grandmother usually babysat for her periodically. In a time when Black Activism, Feminism, and Sexual Liberation were high, she needed to provide for herself. So when Aretha was old enough and was ready to start performing, she hired a man named Ted White to be her manager. He later became her husband. In the future she would divorce him for a famous actor which would end in divorce, too. Even though in 1968 to 1969, Franklin’s career was rising rapidly. She was still described by her Producer Jerry Wexler as â€Å"a person whose depressions runs deeper than the sea† (Ritchie Unterberger, 3). Then one of Franklin’s highest admirers, gospel giant Mahalia Jackson died. Right after her death a extremely emotional gospel album was released my Aretha â€Å"Amazing Grace† This record was considered to be one of the most emotional records of its time. Much of the pain that Aretha suffered was not really publicized, but still it had to be one of the reasons for her to have such a powerful voice. Aretha Franklin was a successful artist and still inspires musicians today. Her voice is still described as incredible. She has all the awards that she needs to show her talent. Works cited Franklin, Aretha, and David Ritz. Aretha: From These Roots. New York: Villard, 1999. Print. Carroll, Jillian. Aretha Franklin. Chicago: Raintree, 2004. Print.

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Admissions MBA

I can vividly remember how happy I am to do trade-ins with my friends and siblings when I am still a kid. Every time I like something which my friends or siblings have, I try to convey them to trade in to what I have. With small and simple talks, I able to make them compromise to what I have offered. Unknowingly, that simple gesture already foretold of what I would be like when I become an adult which is to do business.I am a graduate of computer science and hold a master’s degree in the aforementioned course but the interest that I have with MBA has never subsided. I am very much interested in MBA with concentration in Management.MBA or Master of Business Administration is everyone’s dream. It is an achievement for an individual to finish this master’s degree. I have a number of reasons why I want to do an MBA.It is basically for my self-improvement however I have five reasons that are on my top list. First thing is, I firmly believe that MBA program would allow me to have further studies that would enhance my knowledge and skills related to the field of my specialization; thus, it will get me updated to any recent buzz related to this field.Secondly, MBA offers a lot of opportunities especially we are in this modern and competitive world where everyone must has its own edge to cope the competition; thus it is an edge for me if I have an MBA. Thirdly, MBA ensures excellence and eminence business education that equips individuals to be competitive and perform tasks efficiently.The fourth one is it gives me more opportunities to be exposed to different subjects such as economics, international business, marketing, finance and etc. that I don’t learn in my previous studies and I have the chance to concentrate on my chosen area of specialization.The last one would be, MBA does not only equip me academically but it would change my perspectives in life through the rigid training and studies that I will be going through.

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Science Boon and Bane

There are no extents to define science. Science is every where around us. Some people say it is a boon and some say that it is a bane. According to me it is a boon as every thing have both cons and pros, but the decision is made by observing which side is better. Some who would disagree with me and would believe that science is a bane. Everyone have his/her different opinion. But, friend! science is the discovery, it is the mixture of creativity of human's mind with his/her intelligence. You would say that earlier when all the comforts were not available, everything was just perfect as science was not there. But the stone weapons, invention of fire, cave, animal clothing, everything was discovery, creation, creativity, intelligence in short science. There was no human era in which science was not present as without science the human would be even worse than the new born baby who is totally confused and does not know where he is, and what to do, but he at least know that he have to cry, but without science, humans would not be even in that state. So friends, no to science and technology does not only means that there will no electricity, TV , ac, fridge, taps, computers, internet, transport, etc but it means even more, it means that human would be nothing less than being a living corpse. I agree that it can be harmful if in evil hands, but is it the fault of creativity, intelligence, no it is the fault evil mind. They can use anything to facilitate their plans and if this is the case, then according to it, if someone is stabbed, then the knife through which the murderer had killed the victim should be punished and is to be blamed and not the murderer.

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Rural Development Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Rural Development - Case Study Example Poverty alleviation and addressing the problem of hunger remains as the priority action areas for the Niger government. Persistent landlessness, lack of business opportunities and child hunger erode the initial gains made in Niger placed last out of a total of 177 countries on the United Nations list in 2007. The U.N. aid had stated that 300,000 children under the age of five facing the risk of death from malnutrition every year in the Sahel region which encompasses Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, among others. The hunger problem which afflicted the country had stemmed from the apathy that was present in the Niger government. Thus, the government failed to fulfill its serious obligation to provide food to its citizens. (Mousseau and Millant, 2007) Business conditions have dire prospects. Niger's population lives on less than a dollar a day. The per capita gross domestic product (GDP) was $320 in 2007. Approximately 40 percent of the Niger children suffer from chronic malnutrition and Niger's less than five years old mortality rate is very high. (Mosseau and Mittal, 2006) The regional integration of West African countries via the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), meant to assure an adequate food supply in the region. However, this organization failed to establish a regulatory mechanism that to ensure food supply and stable food prices. Irregular food production, exchange rates, government policies, international commodity prices, and regional conflicts exacerbated the hunger crisis. High food prices led to the sale of livestock, capital goods, and land, thus putting more people at a high poverty risk.The Government must do three tasks. First, attain food availability for all of its citizens soon. It has done this based on recent developments. The Board of Directors of the World Bank's International Development Association (IDA) had approved the request of the Niger Government for a grant of CFAF 3 billion (US$7 million) to finance the Emergency Food Security Support Project in August 2008. The main objectives of the grant are to pro vide support for irrigated rice production and to achieve household food security.The State of Niger will supplement this grant with resources derived from mineral exploitation. The hike in the food prices during the Ramadan period made the Government subsidize the prices of consumed food products. This operation provided 3,000 metric tons of rice and sugar on the market at half the real price. The Government has channelled CFAF 11 billion (US$25 million) for trade channels for the marketing of cowpea.Second, the government must establish an arrangement with its major food suppliers to deliver food to the country on a regular basis by setting up a Food Exchange Market and funding it through its mineral resources. Third, the government can promote a holistic training in skills and education to make available a healthy and well-educated work force which can generate substantial income for their families and communities. Rural development in the NorthRural development is responsible for economic regeneration among the countries in the North, particularly the UK.

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BETTER PLACE CASE STUDY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

BETTER PLACE CASE STUDY - Essay Example The mission was to be achieved by forming partnerships with other companies and the Israeli government which would help launches a network of electric vehicles nationally and eventually it would be extended to the whole world after forming partnerships with other governments Vision The vision of Better Place was, â€Å"to create linkages between car companies, battery companies, utilities and consumers in a manner that would enable electric vehicles to attain widespread adoption†. Creating links with the car companies will help in modification of the cars so that electrical vehicles are attained. The battery companies will help to provide the rechargeable batteries for the vehicles Stakeholders Better Place formed partnerships with the following: Venture Capital firms Corporate clients Israel’s national electric utility Car manufacturers Battery companies Israeli government Suppliers and Service providers Consumers The organization had also announced partnership with fi rms and governments in: Denmark Australia United states Japan Canada and engaged in conversations with 25 other governments around the world. The stakeholders of Better Place play a great role in making the organization achieve its mission. For example; the Israel government as a stakeholder of the organization helps it to launch a nationwide network of electric vehicles. Other stakeholders like the firms and other governments across the globe similarly would help the organization to launch a global network of electrical vehicles. Governments on the other hand are able to reduce the greenhouse gases and other effects caused by the Inte1rnal Combustion Engines, and also reduce the amount of oil consumption (Bogue & Buffa, 1986). Stakeholders like the Israel’s national electric utility will help to increase the mobility of the electric vehicles so that they are not limited to 100 miles as they currently. They will help in the creation of recharging spots all over to replace the gas stations. In return, the national electric utility is able to have an increased amount of income (McLaughlin & Maloney, 1999). The battery companies provide rechargeable batteries for the organization thus they get ready market for their products. The other stakeholders included suppliers and service providers e.g. Electric Recharge Grid Operator. â€Å"ERGO† helped â€Å"Better Place† by providing recharging services to electric vehicles belonging to subscribers. The presence of ERGO made the services readily available. On the other hand, they were competitors of Better Place since they offered the same service that Better Place could offer, and the drivers were either to subscribe to either Better Place or ERGO. They partnered with suppliers like the car manufacturing companies to provide them with modified vehicles, the electric vehicles. The consumers as important stakeholders to the company were very eager to use the technology. 57% of Israel drivers, 40% of Denmark drivers, 39% of Australia drivers among others wanted the electric powered vehicles. At the time of launching the technology in Israel, 20,000 Israel drivers were very willing to purchase the electric vehicles. They benefit on the comfort and advantages of electric vehicles over internal combustion engine vehicles as Better Place gets its market. A summary of main stakeholders are outlined in the diagram below. Level of Interest Low Power/ LoI High LoI Government Venture Capital Firms Consumers Supplier High Power Industry and Scenario Analysis The automobile industry uses the five forces of analysis to identify the

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April 9th Whiteness Reading + Questions Coursework

April 9th Whiteness Reading + Questions - Coursework Example The selection of areas to live, friends to associate with and the feeling of discrimination by the affirmative action indicates the power of racism in the society. 1. There are some issues that are not visible or conceivable to the author but could be used to identify the challenges in society. One of the most important approach as depicted by the author is the power of choice. Despite the existence of affirmative action, personal choices still indicates the influence of race in choice of friends, possession, employment area and the living area. The situation is evident by the number of areas occupied by whites or blacks as compared to the hybrid and cosmopolitan areas. My personal choices clearly indicated the power of race unconsciously creating a feeling of discomfort when reading the article because it is the truth. 2. Before reading the article, I had not evaluated several issues that may be racism. The key issues that the article address is the role of personal choices in facilitating racism. This view has not been taken by the majority because we tend to look at people’s actions instead of our personal choices, which indicates the highest degree of racism. 3. The major area of concern after reading the article is on how personal choices can be changed to reduce the showing of racist behaviour. The challenge is on personal evaluation which may not reflect the true nature or impact of racism because it does not employ the standard evaluation actions. The main question is; â€Å"what can one do to change his personal choices to reflect acceptance of the races in the society? This is the real dilemma that creates serious confusion between affinity to the race and acceptance of the dynamic society. Favourite quote is â€Å"Racists for innocence† (Pierce 53). The article addresses the issue of personal choice and the power of perception. The same situation is depicted in the movie Crash released in

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Critique of Quantitative Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Critique of Quantitative Research - Essay Example However, the authors of this article have not given a statistic of what others have done on the same study. It is however important to note that the investigators have provided sense in their research since the organization of the research study is such that there is a research question, followed by how the study was conducted and the results. The investigators have also reinforced sense in their study by using scientific method relate variables to the outcome. The investigators in this research article have clearly stated that there are problem of fall prevention among elderly adults in nursing home settings. However, the investigators have not given a comprehensive statistics to validate the existence of the problem. For instance, when the investigators states that 1.6 million residents fall each year, it is important to state how many of these are elderly (Gray-Miceli et al, 2010). It is also important to note that the authors have not clearly stated the limitations of the current fall prevention strategies for elderly residents. Researchers would have given statistics to show insufficiency of the current based practices, for example statistics showing increasing falls in order to reinforce problem statement and clearly show that current best practices for fall prevention are not effective. Research questions for this have not been clearly stated by the investigators. Research question is important since it outlines what the researcher wants to find answers to. The investigators have merely stated the purpose and outlined the problem but have not clearly stated research question. However, the researchers have listed a number of variables but have failed to relate the variables to research question. Nevertheless, the study in this article is very important since it provides a turning point nursing practice especially in caring for the elderly adults. This is because the findings in this study are important in improving evidence

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Indigenous Studies 301-Assignment#5 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Indigenous Studies 301- #5 - Assignment Example The stories are critically examined, reflected upon, and brought to life by being unified into the experience of the audience and the storyteller (Bopp et al., 2004). According to Bopp et al. (2004), Little Bear reflects several factors and evidences in naturalizing indigenous education and knowledge. Bear reflects that there are abundant studies since the 1960s that have evaluated factors and evidence in the Canadian education system. The evidence and factors reveal that the reason for the Canadian education system’s failure to aid Aboriginal students and learners in achieving their potential. Additionally, the Canadian education systems have also continuously and consistently been reportedly insensitive to the education wants, needs, weaknesses and strengths of Aboriginal peoples. The systems have resisted making the curricular, infrastructure, and pedagogical changes needed to commendable service Aboriginal students (Bopp et al., 2004). According to Bopp et al. (2004), Taiaiake Alfred encourages Indigenous people to live similar to Onkwehonwe, the original people. People should undertake a journey of living commitment to significant change in their lives and to transform the society by recreating their existences, regenerating their cultures, and rushing against the forces that keep them bound to their colonial past. The path is of the struggle laid out by the personalities who have come before them. Taiakiake says that now it is the peoples’ turn, to choose to relinquish the memories of colonialism and face the challenge of creating a new certainty for the nation for the young and the old alike. Bopp et al. (2004) acknowledges that it is through rejecting and forgetting the acts of racism and other colonial mistreatments that naturalizing indigenous education will be possible. Towards naturalizing indigenous knowledge, Little Bear identifies factors as â€Å"the way it should

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Management, People and Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Management, People and Organization - Essay Example Given below is a list of few of the objective of an organization: Human behavior in organizations is as complex as the social system itself. People differ from each other in their needs and values, which can be understood better with the help of behavioral science. Behavioral science considers the influence of various social, economic and technical elements of the complex external environment on people's behavior. It improves people's understanding of interpersonal skills and so also their ability to work together as a team to achieve organizational goals effectively. Organizations comprise of human beings who are highly complex and unpredictable in nature. The management of organizations is therefore a challenging task. Increasing diversity, knowledge and information explosion, strategic partnership, global competition and emphasis on total quality management are the other challenges confronting managers in the modern times ((ICMR)). To meet these challenges, managers require cooperation from individual employees and their work groups who often resist change. So, for an effective management of organizations, an in-depth study of the behavior of individuals within workgroups, including an analysis of the nature of workgroups is required. One such study is "organizational behavior." Human relations, in a very gene... It deals with the interaction of people in work situation that helps to generate team spirit. Though human relationships have existed since time immemorial, the branch of knowledge dealing with them is relatively recent. Prior to the industrial revolution, people worked in small groups and had simple work relationships. They were, however, subjected to unhealthy working conditions and scarcity of resources, so they hardly had any job satisfaction. During the early stages of the industrial revolution, the conditions of workers showed no signs of improvement. But as increased industrial activity led to greater supply of goods, wages, working conditions, and level of job satisfaction gradually improved. Until the early 1900s, workers were made to work in inhuman conditions. The importance of human element in organization was first realized by Fredrick W. Taylor. Taylor is also known as "the father of scientific management" and his contributions to the field of management were useful for the later development of the field of organizational behavior. His studies helped improve the working conditions of industrial workers and were instrumental in enhancing the productivity of the organization. He propounded sound management practices by stressing on division of labor and scientific selection, placement and training of workers. Taylor was also instrumental in introducing the differential piece rate system in organizations. According to Taylor, specific scientific methods could help people perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. Taylor emphasized technical efficiency and mass production in organizations. However, certain aspects of interpersonal and social behavior that included

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MGT599 - Strategic Management, Mod 3 Case Assignment Essay

MGT599 - Strategic Management, Mod 3 Case Assignment - Essay Example In this paper we will make a detailed analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Southwest Airlines and see how they contribute to its overall success. A firm is blessed with its own resources of men, money, machines and materials that can be used to its best advantage if the strategy it is following is correct and feasible in the present conditions. Strong and Robust Reputation: One of the best strengths of Southwest Airlines is its strong reputation and brand name in the airline industry. Established in 1967, it changed its name to Southwest Airlines in 1971 and from them on has been dominating the local air transport sector in the USA. According to its Annual Report 2011, it presently flies to 76 destinations within the USA, and following its acquisition of Air Tran and strategic alliance with Volaris, Mexico it has also established routes to the Caribbean and Mexico in Latin America, making it an emerging regional player (Annual Report, 2011). Zealous and Committed Staff: Southwest Airlines makes no secret of the fact that it works hard to be the leader in the domestic airline sector. It spends a lot on the training and education of its staff and likes strong, enterprising and hard workers who can do a variety of tasks. Even its internship program encourages this attitude. A unique combination of zeal and enthusiasm on the part of its workers coupled with a businesslike but courteous customer service plan makes for a WOW experience even on this low cost service provider. Although Southwest Airlines has in excess of 45,000 staff belonging to as many as 18 different Collective Bargaining Agents in Unions, yet it has managed to coexist with their needs (Annual Report, 2011). Exemplary Pricing and Service Plans: Another plus point for Southwest which other airlines are struggling to emulate are its challenging low fares and variety of pricing plans,

Policy Issue and the Three Branches of Government Essay Example for Free

Policy Issue and the Three Branches of Government Essay In a news article written by Deborah Hastings entitled â€Å"Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote,† it was shown how the three branches of the government works, which are the executive, legislative, and judiciary, on aspects of law for the country.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The issue elaborated on the news article was about the voter’s ID card. It pressed problems for people living in certain states, one of which is Indiana, who prohibits people wit no voter’s ID card to vote (Hastings, 2007). The requirements for the document to be presented are a) voter’s photograph; b) the voter’s name which should be similar to the name indicated on the voter’s registration record; and c) a current expiration date (Hastings, 2007). However, a considerable number of people in Indiana do not have these requirements and are, thus, ineligible to vote (Hastings, 2007).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In the news, it has been shown that it is the legislative branch of the government who takes the task of formulating the laws. The legislative branch is responsible for creating and proposing laws with the aim of making a better society for all. The second branch, the executive, has the responsibility of implementing the laws and policies. It has the veto power which gives the executive branch the chance to make advice and changes on the law proposed by the congress. In addition to this, the executive branch has quasi-legislative power, such that, as needed and with certain conditions, it can formulate policies without having to go through the normal process of the legislative branch. Included here are administrative and executive orders. The third branch, the judicial branch, serves as a check and balance for the legislative and the executive branch. The judiciary ensures that the acts of the other two branches are within the framework of the Constitution.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   It is hard to conclude that they have equal roles, nor is it fair to say that they do not posses equal roles. This is for the reason that their responsibilities are practically different from one another. One can not simply conclude that three persons do equal tasks when the natre of their tasks and duties are different. However, it can be said that they are equal in terms of the level and that no branch of the government is a subordinate of the other. This is clearly stated in the Constitution (Baker, 2007). It is very important to note, after having discussed the roles of the three branches of the government, that they contribute to the functioning of the society and the country. References Baker, J. H. (2007). United States Government.   In Microsoft ® Student 2008 [DVD]. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation. Hastings, D. (2008). Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote. Retrieved January 23, 2008, from;_ylt=AkLkJaWl5i_WdCIhdDjIpxhvzwcF.

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The Iliad Essay Example for Free

The Iliad Essay Greek Mythology is dominated by numerous heroes, all with unique super-human qualities. The purpose of every story is to demonstrate each character’s remarkable â€Å"gift.† Some of the qualities represented by these colorful characters include caution, confidence, kindness, strength, and courage. Combining Odysseus’ wisdom, Achilles’ intimidation factor, and Hector’s bravery, would result in the ultimate warrior who would surpass the best of Homer’s creations. Among Homer’s enviable heroes, Odysseus with his great cunning wisdom is certainly one of the most admired. In every major battle, it is Odysseus who comes up with the ideas to outsmart the enemy or more importantly, factors that will help and allow the Achaians to win the battles, â€Å"Wait a bit, Achilles- we know your quality, but do not drive out the army to battle fasting. Fighting lasts a long time, when once the battalions meet†¦First order them all to take food and drink here in camp. Strength and courage both are mine when I have my bread and wine†¦Then dismiss, and tell them to make a proper meal.† (Homer 231). This not only shows Odysseus’ knowledge in how a battle runs and what the soldiers need in order to have energy to fight well in battle, but also shows how Odysseus’ wisdom is acknowledged by the Achaians and he is well-respected by having kings and princes such as Agammenon and Achilles listen and do what he suggests. With his words, Odysseus also keeps the Achaian army intact, â€Å"But here we have the ninth year at the turn, and still we stay†¦But all the same, it is disgraceful to stay long and then to return empty. Bear it, my friends!† (Homer 28). The soldiers have grown impatient especially with their lack of result. Odysseus uses his wisdom to demonstrate understanding of the soldiers’ plight, yet at the same time, remind them that they’ve put in so much time and that they need to have something to show for it! A successful, ideal warrior most definitely needs Odysseus’s wisdom on the battlefield. Achilles is another one of the most famous Greek heroes. He is known as a great warrior, someone who easily intimidates all his opponents. Very few other mythology figures is a better fighter than Achilles and his intimidation factor is an extremely useful weapon, â€Å"When Acilles appeared after his long absence, and the Trojans aw him sweep into the field with gleaming armour like a very god of war, their knees trembled beneath them in dismay†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Homer 237). Without even having to make a move, Achilles causes his enemies to be afraid of him and want to back down. A warrior who can intimidate his enemies by just sight, usually does have the advantage to dominate in actually fighting. Once Achilles engages in combat, it is clear to see that his skills are above all others, â€Å"My dear Priamides! Why do you tell me to tackle that proud man, when you know that is the last thing I want?It’s no good for a mere man to fight Achilles†¦And even without that his cast goes straight and does not stop till it runs through human flesh† (Homer 237-238). Aineias, who is no amateur soldier, is clearly unwilling to risk his life facing Achilles. A true, ideal warrior would definitely need to have the sort of reputation that Achilles has. An ideal warrior also needs to have bravery. No one represents this trait better than the famous Trojan, Hector. In the ten years of defending the City Of Troy, Hector is never directly connected to any defeat. Where Aineias backs off without hesitation, Hector also aware of Achilles’ reputation steps up instead when he tells Achilles, â€Å"I know you are a stronger man than I am, but all that lies on the knees of the gods† (Homer 243). Hector knows he may lose his life, but he is so full of bravery that he is not afraid to fight Achilles one on one. Hector’s daring actions also show how his valor. The killing of Patroclos is probably the most troublesome death of a warrior. Patroclos’ death leads to the Trojans and the Achaians to fight with even more intensity. However, bold Hector did not just kill Patroclos, but did something even worse, â€Å"Hector had taken the armour, and now he was dragging away the body, intending to cut off the head and throw the body among the carrion dogs† (Homer 204-205). This shows how not only is Hector daring enough to kill Patroclos when knowing he is a good friend of Achilles, but also has the guts to take his armor and even attempt to carry the body back to the Trojan city to be his chief pride. To be considered as a warrior, the man most definitely needs to take valiant actions. After reading Homer’s famous Iliad, we the readers know that Homer did not put all of the great qualities into one single warrior, but instead put great characteristics and qualities into different warriors, which when combined forms an ideal warrior- the combination of Odysseus’s wisdom, Achilles’ intimidation, and Hector’s bravery. Odysseus with his cunning wisdom not only comes up with ideas to outsmart the Achaian enemies and to win the battles, but he also helps keep the Achaian army intact. Achilles with his intimidating reputation allows him to be greatly feared by his opponents and highly-respected for his combat skills. Ultimately, Hector with his bravery and the bold actions he takes earns him a reputation of a greatly-respected hero. It is obvious that an ideal warrior must have the characteristics of Odysseus, Achilles, and Hector, heroes in The Iliad.

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Obstacles to Internationalization of Vietnamese SMEs

Obstacles to Internationalization of Vietnamese SMEs Major difficulties and obstacles to internationalization of Vietnamese SMEs Financing problems Lack of capital to expand production and business are considered as common phenomenon of SMEs. Despite of Vietnamese government’s effort to facilitate SMEs’ process of accessing capital and commercial banks have made great strides in the provision of credit to SMEs, surveyed about the difficulties, more than 60% of SMEs often have difficulty in financing, according to Vietnamese Ministry of Planning and Investment (VMPI, 2009). SMEs usually mobilized capital from relatives, friends or bank loans. Clearly, the poor access and low speed to access to capital is main disadvantage of SMEs compared to large corporations because it stymies the expansion, especially foreign expansion, of SMEs. The fact that only 30% of the capital is borrowed from banks and credit institutions. The main reasons are, most business have insufficient collateral for the institution to borrow money, financial management is not really transparent, and creditors sometimes acquire reputations as credit worthy because of moral hazard and adverse selection problems (TD). Sometimes, in hurry and needing capital, SMEs have to pay for non-financial creditors with interest rates 3 to 6 times higher than common official rates (VMPI, 2009). Difficulties in land and production premises Another difficulties that SMEs have to face is land and production premises. To some extend, it is also another financial problems for them. Over half of SMEs have major operations in the field of trade and most of them use their house as office, or lease small offices (VGSO, 2009). Otherwise, many manufacturing SMEs have to rent the land or premises with high cost. Even when they want to have long-term investment, there still is hesitation due to lack of legal guarantee (TD). Recently, many places have carried out many planning and construction of industrial clusters of SMEs aimed at bringing together the business production business. Some provinces such as Ha Noi, Bac Ninh, Vinh Phuc, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Ha Nam, Thai Binh, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh Cityhave built many industrial clusters for production and attracting foreign investment. However, due to rent land with inadequate financial capacity of businesses in small scale, so many SMEs st ill cannot access these zones. SME survey data in 30 northern provinces, showed that 42% of businesses having difficulty in land and production premises. Imperfect information Another disadvantage of SMEs’ entry is their information disadvantages about market such as labor market, materials market, and output market conditions. Besides, customers’ poor information about these new entrants also account for blockade new SMEs have to face in foreign expansion procedure. However, there is argument that steady entry might erode the information barriers because later entrants can learn from earlier entrants’ mistakes. The higher steady flow of new entrants, the less dependence of customers and even workers on established large corporations (TD) Corporate management is not high quality and low quality human resources Level of production and business management of SMEs which are almost private enterprises, is still limited and largely based on personal experiences of business owners, investment with little application of information technology into management. Skilled workers in SMEs are fewer compared to large corporations because of relatively lower and less stable salary. Especially, new market entrants also may find it difficult to attract good workers because employment and contracts with established large firms are seen as less risky. Low level of technology, weaknesses in RD Most SMEs have the backward technology, equipment. According to VMPI, results of survey for small and medium enterprises in 30 Northern provinces, in the nearly 11 thousand industrial enterprises surveyed, there are only 8% of businesses having advanced technology. Surprisingly, there are 50% of businesses said they could reach the average level of technology, and the remaining 42% of enterprises chose the answer of backward technology (VMPI, 2009). Moreover, skilled workers in SMEs are few, so the quality of products, goods and services is not high, thus they have weak competitiveness and difficult to dominate domestic and international market. The level of investment in technological renovation of enterprises is still low compared with development requirements. Most SMEs are lack of motivation on the research for technological innovation. Content of technology and knowledge in goods of Vietnam SMEs are low. In fact, the product is made mainly based on capital and unskilled labors. Only some small firms are innovators. Many smaller firms undertake no innovative activity. Some may be serving local niche markets relying on owner’s control. Still other small firms might be unsuccessful innovators (TD) Awareness and observance of the law is limited A number of SMEs have not followed strictly the provisions of law, especially provisions on taxation, financial management, labors management, quality of goods and intellectual property. The situation of complaint about the laws compliance of enterprises has been popular even in the period of deeper economic integration with various international commitments. This could even lead to conviction because of tax and financial violations. Therefore, limited awareness of law brings greater barriers to foreign expansion because SMEs need to work with not only domestic but also foreign legal system. Survey report The difficulties and benefits to the internationalization of SMEs 1. Difficulties To find out solutions to promote internationalization, research has to point out the obstacles from the environment inside and outside the enterprises. For SMEs, the main difficulties are often referred to as inside and outside difficulties. Inside difficulties of Vietnamese SMEs Inside difficulties: Lack of capital, Lack of quality human resources, Out of date Technology, Difficulties in acquiring land and facilities for manufacturing and trade activities, Lack of knowledge and experiences in international business environment, and Limitation in management capability. 1: Lack of capital 2: Lack of quality human resources 3: Out of date Technology 4: Difficulties in acquiring land and facilities for manufacturing and trade activities 5: Lack of knowledge and experiences in international business environment 6: Limitation in management capability 7: Others Data from our survey shows that Lack of capital, Lack of quality human resources and Lack of knowledge and experiences in international business environment are main difficulties of SMEs. Especially, there are about 50% of SMEs considering the lack of capital is most important reason inside SMEs, which is the obstacle to the internationalization. Other reasons such as Out of date Technology, Difficulties in acquiring land and facilities for manufacturing and trade activities, Limitation in management capability are not higher but each of them also account for more than 10%. Outside difficulties of Vietnamese SMEs Outside difficulties: Highly risky and competitive environment, Unattractive profit, Disadvantages from the Vietnamese Policies, Too many barriers and restrictions to market penetration in many foreign countries. 1: Highly risky and competitive environment 2: Unattractive profit 3: Disadvantages from the Vietnamese Policies 4: Too many barriers and restrictions to market penetration in many foreign countries 5: Others In terms of outside reasons, almost SMEs (nearly 70%) consider highly risky and competitive environment is the main obstacle to internationalization. One of the special features are drawn from the survey is, in addition to concerns about the risks and fierce competition in the business environment, many SMEs consider the inadequacies of government policies in Vietnam and barriers and restrictions to market penetration in many foreign countries are the main obstacles to their internationalization: 2. Benefits The main benefits: Helping innovation technology, Business experience gaining, Improving the qualification for employees and leadership skills for the management, Spreading enterprise’s image, brand and prestige, Providing opportunities to attract and accumulate more capital. Benefits from internationalization: 1: Help with innovation of technology 2: Help with business experience again 3: Improve the qualification for employees and leadership skills for management 4: Help spread your enterprise imagine, brand and prestige 5: Provide opportunities to attract and accumulate more capital 6: Others In terms of positive effects, according to our survey, most SMEs think that five positive effects mentioned above are the main positive impact on their business. Other positive impacts account only 1.13%. Especial thing is, there are nearly 70% of SMEs believe internationalization will help them with business experience gaining. Actually, in a volatile business environment with many risks and challenges, this is a positive and optimistic signal of SMEs. Furthermore, many of them believe that internationalization helps to expand their business, brand and prestige. Moreover, as discussed in obstacles part, lack of capital is significant obstacle to internationalization, but in the chart above, we can see that they also think internationalization as a way to providing opportunities to attract and accumulate more capital (with more than 50% of SMEs believe internationalization as a way to providing opportunities to attract and accumulate more capital). Recommendations The result of this research lead to some recommendations for policy makers and SMEs managers For policy makers Create a favorable business legal environment which is equal, transparent, Continue to further economic reform and open the economy policy; Continue to simplify the regulations to create favorable conditions for business registration, market entry and operations of the firms: Enterprise Law, Land Law (Facilitate access to land and production premises for SMEs), Tax Law, Trade Law (Promote the international economic integration through bilateral, regional and multilateral channels), etc. Create favorable conditions for SME access to finance: Credit guarantee fund, SME financial fund, venture investment fund, get loan from commercial banks, etc. (Ministry of Finance, State Bank of Vietnam, Provinces and central run cities) Support SMEs to improve their competitiveness: technique innovation, intellectual property protection, training on enterprise management and for human resource, market information (Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Education and Training) For SMEs managers In internationalization process, SMEs need take initiative in preparing the necessary â€Å"baggage†, creating a basic capacity of international economic integration and ready to grasp better the opportunities and confront challenges from this process Map out a strategy to internationalize SMEs need to carefully research the market, study the strengths and weaknesses, research opportunities and challenges; clearly define the objectives, benefits and risks of internationalization; find out the main factors and conditions deciding the success of internationalization; choose the suitable methods of internationalization. Take opportunities to attract more capital and innovating technology In terms of technology, SMEs need to promote its inherent flexibility to capture and take advantage of the opportunity to catch new technology. Besides financial aid from the government, SMEs should actively seek opportunities from other resources such as financial support from the joint venture partnership; establish feasible business projects to attract capital from banks, venture capital funds; conduct joint venture with other firms as needed. Apply international standards in production and business One of the challenges or obstacles for Vietnamese SMEs when enter the world market are the technical barriers to trade. Countries have different requirements related to goods and services. When international economic integrating, Vietnam SMEs must also acquiesce by these requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to apply international standards in production and business activities actively, depending on the requirements of markets and depending on the ability of each enterprise. Emphasis on improving human resources quality SMEs should be more emphasis on improving human resources quality, focused training and recruitment of talented and knowledgeable managers about the international market, skilled workers who have ability to grasp new technology. SMEs also need stronger links with educational institution for training and retraining of human resources. Moreover, to organize production and marketing in foreign market, managers need to work with new legal system and social customs. Therefore, sending out expatriate managers and experts is also necessary because managers with inexperienced in internationalization may not have necessary knowledge to be efficient international operators.

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The Oedipus Complex in Galatea 2.2 :: Galatea 2.2 Essays

The Oedipus Complex in Galatea 2.2 Helen is in love with Powers; Powers is in love with C.; C. only wants to forget about Powers. This may sound like a soap opera, but in fact it is the love triangle present in Galatea 2.2. This love triangle mirrors Freud's Oedipal Complex almost perfectly. According to this theory, Richard Powers is Helen's mother. Like a mother he created her and then taught her how to think for herself. Also in this role reversal of the Oedipal Complex, Helen assumes the role of Power's son, and C. portrays the absent father. The twisted version of the Oedipal Complex presented in Galatea 2.2 explains the interaction between Powers, Helen, and C. as that of a family, and throughout this depiction the Dialogical Method enhances this image. In the story of Oedipus he kills his father and then marries his mother. Galatea 2.2 does not present Helen as committing such an outrageous act. C.'s absence in Helen's life does mirror the absence of Oedipus' father during Oedipus' marriage to his mother. Helen never has one on one interaction with C. Her only knowledge of C. is through the love letters that Powers reads to her. It because of this that Helen begins to view C. as a hindrance to her own relationship with Powers. According to Freud, the son wishes to dispose of the father in order to have the attention of the mother solely to himself. This creates a very peculiar relationship to say the least. Of course, Powers' relationship with Helen is anything but common. She is after all a computer. He begins their relationship as her teacher. He has a mother's love for Helen because in her he sees something that he has toiled to create. Powers sounds like a parent when he speaks of Helen's singing. At one point he describes her voice as, " extraterrestrial warble, the way deaf people sing" (198). This does not sound like a sweet sound. The words "music to my ears" are not present in any description of Helen's singing. Powers knows that Helen cannot carry a tune, but he cannot bear to convey this message to her. He says, "I didn't have the heart to tell her how unbearable this music sounded" (235). There are very few parents that would actually inform their child about a lack of talent in a certain area.

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My Dad and Old Cars Essay -- Personal Narrative Writing

My Dad and Old Cars Some people bring home stray dogs. My father brings home stray cars. He gets emotionally attached and eventually puts them on life support. This keeps them viable long beyond the time other family members vote to pull the plug. He drives a 1968 VW van that chugs along on its third rebuilt engine. My big brother vows to bury dad in it. The 1971 VW Bug that he used for fifteen years is still operable, but since a teenager's foot went through the rusted floorboards to the street below, it's been relegated to the retirement home: his driveway. He continues paying on the life insurance policy but he has signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" waiver. My father went off to college in a 1931 Model A Ford. In the back seat of that car, on an old country road, I made love for the first time. Now it sits under a blue parachute in the driveway. Mice breed in the upholstery and the ceiling fabric hangs in shreds, but my father is convinced the car will awaken from its coma and live to cruise again. A 1960 Plymouth Valiant that drove like a tank and sounded like a B-52 suffered sudden paralysis one car-pooling morning when both front wheels turned at right angles to the frame of the car, bringing it to a sudden and permanent halt. Unwilling to assign the car to a nameless grave in Potter's Field, my father paid to have it hauled to a vocational school. Prince Valiant became a vehicular cadaver; the old thing may even have become an organ donor. We don't buy new cars. According to my dad, "You never know what might go wrong with a new car, and you could get a lemon." I say, "But we know even less about a used car. People don't sell their cars when everything's fine. They sell them when things start going wrong." ... key. My dad, the guy with the soft spot for homeless old cars in need of a square meal and a soft bed, had made good on a long-standing promise of "a decent car." It took him six months of scouring the ads, but he'd bought me a car that's only five years old. It's an Acura Legend and appears to be in excellent health. The leather seats are as comfortable as the Peugeot's, no gremlins live in the CD player, and the AC and heating systems have no viruses. The sunroof is dry as a bone, and the car starts whenever I turn the key. Overall, I'd say the car has a superb attitude. That first morning of new ownership, I stood staring in awe at this white beauty. Then the rest of my life spread before me as my father said, "And we can give it to Bria when she starts driving. It should have all the bugs worked out of it by then." Bria is my five-year-old niece.