Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Federal Training Programs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Federal Training Programs - Essay voiceThe curriculum in the rearing programs is designed in such a mien to enhance the competency and capabilities of the contrive force and to increase the leadership qualities of the senior management. The participants are trained in a manner to enhance their capabilities and to serve the country in future.The training programs of the Federal Government were aimed at reducing the unemployment problem, under(a) wages, in compare due to sex and race, women empowerment and addressing the problem of asylum seekers and refugees.According to governments initiative about the training programs undertaken, four strategic goals are to be achieved. They are 1. A inclined(p) work force, A see Work force, Quality Work places and a Competitive Work force. Achieving these targets was done well in the quondam(prenominal) now the strategic plan is being upgraded.1According to the new goals of achievement are 1. A prepared work force should give training and offer services to newly recruited workers and those services must(prenominal) mull quality. They must supply information about the economy.A competitive work force increases the capacity of the work force. It develops the capabilities of the work force and the regulatory systems. ... It develops the capabilities of the work force and the regulatory systems. These regulatory systems must assist the workers and managements in coping with the challenges in the international competition. These programs must ensure the safety, health in work places. The work places impart be safe and secure. These safe and secure measures include the wages of the workers and also equality between them. The equality in opportunity and employment must be achieved. This equality must be applied for both(prenominal) the sexes and all the races. By protecting the economy the economic security can be strengthened and must ensure transparency in the Union. This will offer secure pensions and health benefit s for the retired and disabled personnel. Along with the to a higher place achievements the presidents management Agenda can be considered as the focus of the efforts of the segment of labor. These include management of human race capital, increasing competitiveness in sourcing, financial performance, e governance and integration in budget performance. The goals, if achieved in a right perspective, they respond to evolving employment and training needs. By spurring the work force the department can give workers more flexibility, which makes them career oriented. This can create work force investment. The department did provide grants in order to enhance the capacity of the community and technical colleges, which train workers. Along with the above targets the justification of the workers also was present in the consideration. Emphasizing on high risk work places to make them more secure is one of the targets. The people involved in fighting global war on bane also will be cons idered and their needs will be addressed. To address

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