Thursday, August 29, 2019

Globalisation and Americanisation

McNationalizations probably the most obvious in terms of its connection with AmAmericanizationas the McDonald's franchise is a purely American product. Other than the obvious, McNationalizationoncerns the spread of an American product – or in this case, as RiRitzierould argue – a method of supply and demand momodeledn the American fast-food industry.It could be argued that AmAmericanizationinders our understanding of the process of Cultural Appropriation, because Cultural Appropriation usually deals with the taking of aspects of a minority group's culture and adopting these elements into a more dominant cultural group, whereas with AmAmericanizationthe elements of a dominant group (America) are aaopiatento cultural mlmolesterssociety InNineame can De sasalsaor Cultural Imperialism and AmAmericanization/p>Cultural Imperialism describes the process of enforcing a culture or language onto another cultural group, which, in a way, is what Europeans and early Americans during the settlement of America – English became the dominant language of the United States, with an English and European society acting as the foundation of the American society. The native peoples of America were forced out of their homes and forced to interact with the now dominant settlers in English, and adopt a more European way of living – a ChChristianizeswhite way of life.In contemporary society, AmAmericanizationoesn't necessarily help our understanding of this term, as American culture isn't enforced on minority groups around the world, but rather it is slowly adopted by them. In conclusion, the label ‘AmAmericanization as an umbrella term for the cultural, social and economic processes mentioned, helps our understanding of the terms, as it provides a specific, well-known example of an influential, globally dominant culture that ututilizeshe processes for its own global expansion and power.

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