Monday, August 12, 2019

Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Report - Coursework Example In addition, being self-aware makes me more employable in the sense that depending on my strengths and weaknesses, I can clearly define the most suitable working environment and conditions to which I will be of maximum productivity. For instance, the awareness of strong working values makes me eligible to any working environment be it team working or solo working. I have learnt that my strengths provide a good foundation for my pursuit of the sale and marketing career. Though, despite the advantage provided by my self-awareness, I also need to research on the sales and marketing job market and get the set specific targets to achieving the career objective. In addition, I have learnt that I also need to learn more about other factors that affect the employment process; factors like CV writing, job hunting and several more and that I need to improve my writing communication. Finally, I have learnt is that I need to acquire career facts in order to be employable. I need to know the entry requirements, key employers, recruitment schedules, useful social media websites as well as sources of work experience since all these factors play an important role in employment. The evidence previously provided shows the absence of the STAR program utility. One way that I could provide better evidence is by giving the exact details of what I actually did while working at the food processing company. My computer literacy enabled me to perform tasks using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. On top of these Microsoft utilities, I also used custom made software for the company to perform a special task like calculating the expiry date of a given type of process food. Subsequently, I could have provided more details in describing my positive attitude towards work. For example, despite joining the food company at a young age (18 years of age), I was optimistic that I could do whatever my elder colleagues were capable of doing. This positive attitude

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