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English - Police Brutality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

English - Police Brutality - Essay Example Sometimes this use of force is morally and ethically wrong and turns out to be followed along the lines of misuse of power. This paper is thus a discussion on the insight of how police force and brutality should be countered in certain situations; how the same has its pros as well as cons and how such physical as well as mental intimidation might or might not be suggested as the action to carry out in most cases. The very first occurrence of police force took place in the year 1893 and was reported in the New York Times as a police officer had badly beaten up a civilian man because of some issue. Since officers have the power to use force according to the legal structure of most countries and thus they feel obliged and completely within the line when they carry out actions like dealing too harshly or beating up people if they do not obey the law. However, the question lies in whether or not this should be carried out. In some cases, it seems important to carry out police force and br utality in order to correct a mob or groups of people because there are many those do not understand what doing the right thing means. Many a times, it may so happen that people anger other people and it turns out to be a complete brawl. â€Å"Of course, police officers and civilians are not similarly situated: Officers act with state authority, they are often not permitted to retreat, and they are trained and expected to use force. These differences affect how the concepts of imminence, necessity, and proportionality that comprise the justification standard should be applied to police uses of force and these differences are not incidental. Instead they reveal the deep structure policing. Police officers use force as an authorized form of state coercion, but they do so intense and often emotionally charged interpersonal encounters.† (Harmon, Rachel A.) Even though it is sometimes alright for the police to use force and try to assert their authority in some situations, it is n ot morally alright for them to do so. In some cases around the world there are groups of police that harass people in order to meet their sadistic wishes and achieve a sense of pleasure in doing so. There are many groups of police that try to keep people in check by using some amount of force. The force used is mostly always proportionate to the kind of mischief or nuisance that the civilian has created. In many cases, there are a number of people who disobey rules of traffic, and other public conduct and thus need to be put in their place. There are many people that do such things on purpose and hamper the lives of others in the process. In such cases, the police has a duty to intervene and take corrective measures even if it involves the use of force because here it is necessary to do so. However, there are many times when people do not deserve the kind of force that the police provide to them. This might even happen without people offending the police or having an intention to ca use nuisance. Some police have a habit of overusing or abusing their powers and authority which is not allowed. Most of the times, this even goes unheard because they are let off the hook easily and do not get punished for any miscreant work that they might create. For example, the Davis family faced such an issue when the boys of the family soon reported that the police were harassing them because of their skin color being black. In their neighbourhood,

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