Friday, October 18, 2019

STA Financial Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

STA Financial Report - Coursework Example Marketing STA travel has a perfect market strategic plan as its branch networks are based all over the world. The company has over 68 branches and these are spread all over the world meaning the company is a common figure in over 60 countries world wide. It does not only target the youth but old people can as well us the traveling agency. The company though has a marketing plan that seems to capture the attention of mostly young people and in this case students find themselves to be the top prioritized customers. A part from being known as one of the world’s greatest travelling agency,STA travel has also invested in other business fields like hotels which are distributed all over the world. STA travel has many representatives in countries where it is based to improve its marketing for example recently it joined hands with Charleston Travel that is found in Kenya. Charleston travels has been in the market for ten years and is well know in its geographical position as good compa ny that provides high quality services since it handles people both from within and abroad. This shows how ambitious STA travels is as it merges with small but potential companies with the aim of making them famous and in this process it markets itself in a broader perspective. Competition STA travel has ventured in two fields. One being a travel agency and the other business sector. In both fields, STA experiences a stiff competition from companies like Amero express company, Carlson Wagonlit travel and Expedia Company. STA travel’s competitor have managed to be a threat to it as the offer services quite similar to those of STA travels some of these being an excellent customer relations and nice services. They are also found in many countries all over the world which is to say they are equally popular in the market. STA travel has managed t secure ways of countering the strains of the competition by advancing their levels of operation making it convenient for all its custome rs to acquire their services and stay committed to the company. STA travel is known to be a pioneer of fair and affordable prices when it comes to their services. This has been one of the methods that have helped it maintain its leading position in the market. STA has as well appointed innovative managers in various sectors of the firm. Competent managers have the right instinct to understand the right policies to undertake. (Groppelli A,Nikbakht,E,2006,pg.7) Thus knowing specific rules is important to counter specific needs.(Banks,E,2000,pg.274). Non-financial features Apart from focusing only on the company’s income generations, it has also played a role in other areas like taking part in ethnical volunteering schemes. It gives exertion holiday visas and on top of it one is able to learn various languages as there are language packages being offered. They motivate their most hard working personnel with tokens. Comparative business analysis BALANCE SHEET STA TRAVEL AGENCY FO R THE YEARS ENDED 2009, 2010 AND 2011. CURRENT ASSETS: 2009 2010 2011 Furniture and fittings $60000 $50000 $65000 Land $50000 $42000 $53000 Planes $56000 $60000 $79000 Motor vehicle $68000 $69000 $71000 Total current assets $234000 $221000 $268000 CURRENT LIABILITIES: Creditors $17000 $9000 $4000 Unpaid wages $45000 $42000 $37000 Unpaid rent $35000 $34000 $24000 Total current liabilities $97000 $85000 $65000 The above is a comparison of STA Travel Company’

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