Sunday, November 10, 2019

Food Intake 3 Days

During my three day food intake I discovered that I only consumed 88 grams of protein. In these three meals I spent almost 40 dollars and I was short almost 100 grams of protein required for my weight. Four slices of pizza, and two double cheeseburgers produced the most protein. Oatmeal, beer, and coffee only counted for less than 10 grams. All six items consumed over the 3 day stretch accounted for carbohydrates. The items ranged from 10g to 100g of carbs. The only item with enough lipids was the McDonald’s oatmeal. The rest of the meals were relatively low. I need to make better planning to include more lipids into my health plan. According to the recommendation of the DRI and compared to my intake of protein, carbs, and lipid I failed to meet 100% percent of the minimum standards. I was less than 50% DRI for most of the nutrients. In fact only one out of the 35 nutrients only surpassed or reached 50%. I personally think that I need to consume more meals with adequate healthy nutrients. I would need to add more vegetables, fruits, and oils to my diet so I can achieve my goals. My calorie DRI was almost 4,000 and I just consumed 18% or almost 700 calories. I almost did good with carbohydrates meeting my DRI, but with protein I was at 17%, and with fat total I was at 33%. I was surprised that the numbers were not even close to my expectations. I understand that during these three days I didn’t meet my required DRI because I changed my diet for this assignment. I tried to limit my food intake and changed from healthy food to fast food, but nonetheless during some days this is what I have consumed during some occasions. It demonstrated that I was not anywhere near be healthy. I will need to increase my protein intake achieve my gym goals. If I was to eat little protein the muscle mass would turn to stored fat and have low energy. If I was to lose weight and I would stop exercising my fat would come back to the same level as before. For example my protein intake should be 62 grams according to my weight, but I didn’t consume any. I am very displeased to say that my fiber intake was at 0% percent. I did not consume any fruit or vegetables. When I was ordering my fast food I could have add vegetables and fruit to my pizza, oatmeal, but I didn’t. During my average day I would eat plenty of fruits such as apples, bananas, and oranges to cover my six meals. I would also eat vegetables in salads or with main meals. My favorite vegetable is spinach which is a great source of fiber. I try to stay away from fibers such as breads and such. According to the iprofile eating bananas and apples also produce great amounts of fibers which cover me in the fiber intake. Insufficient or excessive amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, or fiber contribute a lot my health and illnesses. To induce rapid weight loss the easiest way to do it is to eliminate carbohydrates for many people who are in a diet. Without carbohydrates people will be more moody because it loses serotonin. If I was to drink fruit juice instead of whole fruits I would lose all of the fiber. For example to produce 8oz of apple juice I would need 3-4 apples producing about 15grams of fiber, but all the fiber is taken out when its mixed into juice. Any fruit juice that will replace soda pop or you retain the skin or pulp than is ok too. Consumers just need to be careful when they are shopping for fruit juice. Sometime is better to juice it at home because the sugar level will be lower and you will still maintain all the nutrients. The more I read about nutrition the more I get interested about maintain myself healthy be eating healthy and rigorous training. This iprofile has opened my eyes to understand the nutrients I’m lacking or I am over consuming

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