Thursday, November 21, 2019

Managing Diverse teams Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managing Diverse teams - Research Paper Example ceptance of the cultural diversity within the workplace, and specific to the American labor force, required that the management and leadership of both public and private enterprise should "embrace diversity", failing which may well "jeopardize their viability, profitability and competitiveness" within the business environment (p. 356.) To this end a "cultural awareness" program and/or policy frameworks were forthcoming. This is highlighted by the benefits that a holistic cultural and diversity management process and practice could realize, with respect to the mismanagement or lack of management skills and abilities, specifically around the benefits of a multicultural and diverse workforce can in fact be represented as a liability for the organization in question (Walker & Miller p. 50, 2010).The potential of such liability is highlighted below, as well as the benefits that may be directly associated with the sound and effective management of a culturally diverse workforce. Based upon the very fact of individual differences within various cultures, in terms of the different "values, styles and personalities", the modern day supervisor or manager must come to "recognize, respect and capitalize" on these traits regardless of the various backgrounds, normally based upon "race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation", and such diversity can in fact "also help improve the companys competitive position in the marketplace" (Walker & Miller). In addition to this Albrecht provides that the potential benefits associated to a multicultural workforce provide for "better decision making, greater creativity and innovation, and more successful marketing to different types of customers". However beyond the specific management and efficacy thereof, there are additional factors that are associated with the costs of multicultural workforces, which are highlighted as "higher turnover rates, interpersonal conflict and communication breakdowns." (p. 245, 2001.) These are the issues

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