Monday, December 2, 2019

Ryan Todrank 10 October 2017 SWRK 150 Reflection # Essays

Ryan Todrank 10 October 2017 SWRK 150 Reflection #6 Neither corporations nor unions should be allowed to donate to political supporters at all. Both of those entities consist of members from all political parties. The First Amendment protects free speech. It pointedly does not discuss the speaker of that speech, so the origin of the speech is irrelevant to its protected status , whether it comes from a person or union or corporation, etc. There's a reason why the right-wing Heritage Foundation, the libertarian Cato Institute and the left-wing ACLU all united to back the court's decision . I t is clearly a Constitutionally based decision that re affirms the right to freedom of speech. The Supreme Court revisited the issue of campaign finance in early October, hearing arguments on a case that asks whether there should be a limit on the total amount that an individual can don ate to political candidates and political parties during an election cycle. In 1974, after the fallout from the Watergate scandal, laws were enacted that created the structure for campaign finance regulations. The laws capped the amount that an individual can directly donate to any one candidate or to a political party. If we out a ban on things like this people who have no money or funds to even compete in the big world of politics wouldn ' t have a chance. Even small donations can make a difference. Take Barrack Obama for example, he never would have ended up President if he didn ' t have tons of small donations

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