Friday, June 21, 2019

Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 16

Case Study ExampleThe first recommendation for the company would be to ensure that the information technology division is adequately funded. This is in all probability to change the department come up with systems that preserve help the management to make logical decisions concerning resource distribution and future plans. The funds can overly be used to upgrade the systems hence, ensuring efficiency in carrying out tasks.The other recommendation would be for the firm to embark on an implementation plan to enable the top and middle level management to dialogue. The meeting would involve the discussion of strategies to be implemented versus tactics and resource required. This would ensure that there is even die hard of information and that implementation of strategies take place. According to Gulachek, a business continuity plan can relieve oneself a vast effect on the unscathed organization (6). When plans such as those of the middle level managers of the company are carried out without involving other members, the effect would be the rise of conflicts.For the I.T. planning process to have an impact on ModMeters various demands have to be accomplished. The demands made by the management at the company, to the I.T. department are two. One is to create and implement an automate system. The second demand is the execution the system. The system offers customers the chance to make direct purchases. Planning effort, forces certain disciplines to better understand and plan around their dependency on IT for their daily operations (Gulachek 6) .The department should therefore first, establish the necessary tools and resources required in strategic implementation. These requirements include more funds, so as to acquire the tools that can enable the development of an automated system. The staff members will also be increased so as to hasten the process of labeling applications and files to display the new logo.The department is also required to establish the meth odology they are going to use to develop the system they

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