Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Culture and work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Culture and work - Essay ExampleUnderstanding the oddment between culture and nation begins an understanding of how culture has evolved through the collision of beliefs and traditions that have integrated citizens of England, defining the culture as influenced by otherness, negating the genuinely meaning of the concept of otherness.A nation is built upon a culture that develops a need to come together and form a social organization of government in which beliefs and power are cantered, radiating out and using, protecting, and impacting all of those that live within its boundaries. The concept of creating a nation includes a sense of inclusion and exclusion in which those that are included are a part of something that ties them together, defined by those that are outside of those boundaries who do not have the comparable benefits. When a nation becomes powerful enough and economically advantageous enough to be seen as a place of opportunity, the result will be to realise people from other places, creating an influx of otherness which begins to impact the core culture that originally developed the nation. The emergence of an integrated nation becomes a new entity.Migration becomes a source of cultural change, a system in which one culture shifts the entirety of another. The historical dialogue about the way in which memoir develops tends to commemorate cultures separated, the conversation becoming focalized on one culture independent to another. However, this is not a real representation of how the integration of cultures in one location develops. Caribbean history is not independent of English history, which is not independent of Scottish history, nor independent of Chinese history. The pieces of the historical relationships between the cultures are integrated, affecting the course of theory, philosophy, and tradition. As Gilroy (1995, p. 189) suggests, the revisionist tendencies of

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