Monday, June 17, 2019

Visual Literacy in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 7

Visual Literacy in Business - Essay ExampleThe Barack Obama Hope poster is trying to sell him as the best chairwoman for America. The words used in the poster portray him as a candidate in whom America can find solace and base hopes. However, in that location is more to the poster than just what meets the eye. In the year 2008, America was facing one of its worst moment. The poster portrayed Obama as what America needed to put back to its feet. He was the hope and source of optimism for a better America. The variety of solid colors used in the poster represented all the races in America. It sold him as being a president who represented all the races equally. Thus, the advert does not focus on the candidate rather, it targets the feelings of the electorate about optimism and views of multiracialism.We can do it poster was trying to sell the idea to women that they could also join the Second World War. However, the poster is acting as a platform to promote feminism. It has a message that communicates to women to arise and shine. They are encouraged to take up the challenging tasks through the message displayed and the use of an image of a woman.Old Spice publicizing is trying to sell the frame wash. However, it is interesting because it sends the message that everything is possible when a man uses Old Spice. The man is portrayed to have a good body and wealthy. Every woman desires this type of a person and, therefore, most will buy the product for their men.This form of communication can wind instrument to some ethical issues. They include sexism and feminism, for example, the Old Spice advertisement. It has objectified men and most would struggle to look like the man in it to make them attractive. If it were a female half-naked, it would have lead to a lot of reaction from the public therefore promoting

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