Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 64

Discussion - Assignment Example Organizational politics is behaviors that reflect self-serving and manipulative attitude of individuals in the organization. People take part in organizational politics in order to cater for their interest at the expense of other individuals. Politics in organizations thrive in situations where there is competition for resources, conflicts, power and external influence. The most affected players in organizational politics are the employees. There are conventional means in which the employees can adopt in order to comprehend the full extent of organizational politics. According to Berne (27), it is fundamental that employees learn to establish trust around each other. As a result, this will counter any ill intentions and self-centeredness. It is also  safe for the employees to  can look up to their leaders for direction whenever doubt arises. For a leader, trust is paramount to solving organizational politics. Without trust it almost impossible to lobby the subordinates to rally on their side. Good leaders who treat employees fairly and with integrity face fewer hurdles when it comes to dealing with politics in the organization. When it comes to leveraging political understanding, a leader should be in a position to highlight every contribution. Every employee likes to feel useful in their workplace. In turn, employees’ confidence improves leaving little room for insecurity. Lastly, a leader should comprehend the importance of exploiting the political climate of the organization in order to maximize on workers’

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