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Insurance company Bupa Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Insurance company Bupa - Research Paper Example It would be followed by discussions which would help in concluding that whether the perception from the literature review and the results of the analysis are in line or not. The study would be concluding with an insight into the conclusion derived from the entire study. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 3 Objectives of the study 4 Company Introduction and History 4 Bupa’s journey in Saudi Arabia 4 Problems faced by Bupa initially 5 How does Bupa manage success? 5 Challenges faced by Bupa in Saudi Arabia 6 How they manage their success in Saudi Arabia? 6 Literature Review 6 Financial Information 9 Framework of the Study 10 Analysis 10 Discussion 10 Recommendations 11 Conclusion 11 References 13 Appendices 14 Appendix 1: For the managers 14 Appendix 2: For the customers 30 Introduction Health or wellness always remains one of the most concerning issues because chronic diseases have increased in number in today’s world and is continuing to incre ase even further. Presently, there have been increased health problems related to obesity as well as heart disease. The other concerning diseases include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc. This increases the necessity of the efficient services of the healthcare organizations in order to provide remedies to these concerning issues. It also raises the demand on the insurance covering the individuals. Objectives of the study The objectives of this study are: To understand the past and present situation of Bupa. To analyze the challenges faced by Bupa from global perspective. To analyze the challenges faced by Bupa in Saudi Arabia. Company Introduction and History BUPA is an international corporation which provides healthcare services to more than 14 million customers in almost 190 countries. It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company is privately owned and acts as an alternative to the United Kingdom National Health Services (i.e. NHS). The company was actua lly established in the year 1947 when seventeen different British provident associations united together for providing healthcare services to the general public. The actual services offered by the company included private medical insurance facilities which gradually expanded towards running BUPA hospitals. The healthcare organization initially had registration of 38000 which increased to 14 million customers all over the world. It has become one of the leading private health insurance servers in United Kingdom. Gradually the organization has implemented diversification in its services from the health insurance business to international healthcare organization providing healthcare services to a large number of customers. Bupa’s journey in Saudi Arabia Bupa Arabia is a cooperative insurance provider in Saudi Arabia. It is a publicly traded organization having a paid up capital of SR 400 million. It provides health insurance by remaining in compliance with the necessities in Sau di Arabia Monetary Agency and Cooperative Health Insurance Council. It was started as a joint venture with ‘Nazer Group’ in the year 1997. Presently it is the biggest health insurance provider in the entire region having greater than 1.2 million customers. Under all the insurance regulations, the organization has started evolving its business from joint venture to the public listed company that is providing cooperative

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