Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Critique of Quantitative Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Critique of Quantitative Research - Essay Example However, the authors of this article have not given a statistic of what others have done on the same study. It is however important to note that the investigators have provided sense in their research since the organization of the research study is such that there is a research question, followed by how the study was conducted and the results. The investigators have also reinforced sense in their study by using scientific method relate variables to the outcome. The investigators in this research article have clearly stated that there are problem of fall prevention among elderly adults in nursing home settings. However, the investigators have not given a comprehensive statistics to validate the existence of the problem. For instance, when the investigators states that 1.6 million residents fall each year, it is important to state how many of these are elderly (Gray-Miceli et al, 2010). It is also important to note that the authors have not clearly stated the limitations of the current fall prevention strategies for elderly residents. Researchers would have given statistics to show insufficiency of the current based practices, for example statistics showing increasing falls in order to reinforce problem statement and clearly show that current best practices for fall prevention are not effective. Research questions for this have not been clearly stated by the investigators. Research question is important since it outlines what the researcher wants to find answers to. The investigators have merely stated the purpose and outlined the problem but have not clearly stated research question. However, the researchers have listed a number of variables but have failed to relate the variables to research question. Nevertheless, the study in this article is very important since it provides a turning point nursing practice especially in caring for the elderly adults. This is because the findings in this study are important in improving evidence

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