Saturday, September 14, 2019

Science Boon and Bane

There are no extents to define science. Science is every where around us. Some people say it is a boon and some say that it is a bane. According to me it is a boon as every thing have both cons and pros, but the decision is made by observing which side is better. Some who would disagree with me and would believe that science is a bane. Everyone have his/her different opinion. But, friend! science is the discovery, it is the mixture of creativity of human's mind with his/her intelligence. You would say that earlier when all the comforts were not available, everything was just perfect as science was not there. But the stone weapons, invention of fire, cave, animal clothing, everything was discovery, creation, creativity, intelligence in short science. There was no human era in which science was not present as without science the human would be even worse than the new born baby who is totally confused and does not know where he is, and what to do, but he at least know that he have to cry, but without science, humans would not be even in that state. So friends, no to science and technology does not only means that there will no electricity, TV , ac, fridge, taps, computers, internet, transport, etc but it means even more, it means that human would be nothing less than being a living corpse. I agree that it can be harmful if in evil hands, but is it the fault of creativity, intelligence, no it is the fault evil mind. They can use anything to facilitate their plans and if this is the case, then according to it, if someone is stabbed, then the knife through which the murderer had killed the victim should be punished and is to be blamed and not the murderer.

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