Wednesday, July 24, 2019

EDF and international energy markets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

EDF and international energy markets - Essay Example EDF is known for energy control in United Kingdom and a British energy supplier. EDF is also known for the supply of gas and electricity that are supplied to homes and businesses. The company has employed 13, 158 employees, due to the increased customer trust it handles 5.7 million accounts that the customers use to pay with. This paper seeks to discuss EDF which is an internal energy generator that is responsible of generating and supplying renewable resources, nuclear energy, transmission and supply. Through the chief executive Vincent De Rivas, the financial performance of EDF has been increasing since the production of energy is sustainable to their customers. The energy produced by EDF has low carbon that makes the customers to trust the EDF for long term contract in the extraction of energy. The nuclear power that EDF has been controlling has resulted to tremendously increase in profit for almost eight years. The existing nuclear that has been stored can be handed over to the next generation without considering additional of fossil fuel (Garvin, 2013). To ensure customer satisfaction, EDF ensures that the prices of energy do not rise and if the prices fluctuate, they are reduced to maintain good relationship between EDF and their customers. France derives its electricity from the nuclear energy which is estimated to be 75%. The country is known as the world largest exporter of electricity due to technology that is used to generate the energy. The low cost of generation makes France to attain revenue of EUR 3 billion annually. Due to the usage of nuclear technology the country is able to export reactors, fuel products and other services in most parts of Europe (James, 2002). Through collaborating with EDF, the government will ensure production of sufficient energy and other nuclear energy that will boost the economy of the country. As indicated from the tables above, EDF has continued to increase its profit. With the improved competition,

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