Thursday, July 18, 2019

Explain the Potential Effects of Five Different Life Factors on the Development of an Individual Essay

In this designation i am going to be taking about life factors that would accomplishment a babe, these factors include genetic factors, biologic influences before birth, enviromental influences, social- economic factors and modus vivendi. The first is herit competent factors these atomic number 18 factors that would be inherrited by the kidskin from the stupefy and father.There are a lot of contrary illnesses/ disorders that elicit be inherited from the parents such as cystic fibrosis, coeliac disease, asthma, brittle mug up disease and a lot more. These are passed to the child through their genes. If one of these illnesses are passed on to the child like brittle bring up disease then this will feat the child in a damaging way beca engross they might not be able to do social functions properly when they are older, like sports and exersize. It would limit their oppertunities and stop them from doing things that they would ulterior want to do.This is beca put on if th ey prepare brittle bone disease then the persons get up would be really weak and could easily break, the bones were developed with a less heart and soul of protein called collagen. The second is Biological influences before birth, this includes the thing that the mother of the child does while she is pregrant that would aftermath their babyies before being born, could be if the mother decides to smoke, take drugs, drive a ill diet or drink hulking occurs of alcohol at one time.For practice session if the mother drinks durning pregrancy then this would have a negative effect on the babys suppuration and could cause it to have fetal alcohol syndrome. A child born with foetal alcohol syndrome can be smaller, they could likewise have learning disabilities and heart defects. The trey is Enviromental influences is the enviroment that the mother and child are a embody in and have been brought up in. befoulment can make people rattling ill, it can cause lack of school princi pal development in small children. It can also cause people to have life threatening diseases such as cholera.The next factor is socio-economic factors this is to do with the income of your manse hold . This factor can have a major effect on a persons quality of life. The main sources of income are wages from employment, benefits from the goverment, interest from bank accounts, the amount of property coming in to the support hold will be different depending on these factors. The main groups of people that live on very little money are older people, disable people, lone-parent families and the unemployed.For example f the main earner in the family is disabled then they wont be able to work. This wil effect the wages from employment so the family will have a disdain overall income. The last factor that i am going to be talk about is lifestyle. This includes how healthy and active an exclusive person is, a lifestyle is something that you choose, your choices and you influences. T he use and mis use of substances, such as alcohol, drugs and smoking. If you mis use these substances then this can drastically changes your lifestyle and also the people around you.

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