Saturday, July 27, 2019

Internal weaknesses of Walt Disney company- only THEME PARKS part Research Paper

Internal weaknesses of Walt Disney company- only THEME PARKS part - Research Paper Example rough the Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix and SWOT that’s a tool that strategically studies the functions of an organization be they weak or strong. One main internal weakness includes the high overhead expenditures that the company accrues. First, the company targets top talent employees and this is done through attractive offers that beat other competitors. They are given inflated bonuses and exorbitant salaries. The frequent refreshment of the company’s work force especially in top management leads to huge costs. Other costs include the setting up of theme parks, repair and maintenance, technology and construction of vacation units which cost billions together with the expenditure for publicity and promotions that are done. Dissatisfaction of employees is another weakness. Such discriminated payments bring other tensions like disputes from the labor people who cause unrest and tension and this causes internal weaknesses. Those who work on the theme parks including the writers, actors and network operators may complain through their unions as their pays are meagre compared to those of the management. A contrasting weakness is the cost cutting measures that may be may be caused by the situation of over the roof costs that the company would incur. Sometimes, the management may introduce new structures, systems and designs for its theme parks and this would in the end sabotage the upward growth of the company. Without quality investments, the services and experiences of their customers would go down and later their reputation might be harmed. The lack of enough developmental property or assets like land is another internal weakness. Although the company is big, matters like the acquisition of new pieces of land require a lot of hierarchy involvement and consultations and this has led to the fact that the Walt Disney Company land for resorts has been landlocked to Florida and the speculative front in California and this means that there are no new

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