Friday, July 26, 2019

Supply chain management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Supply chain management - Coursework Example In this reference, this paper endeavors to identify the problems faced by the corporative foods it its supply chain management and the competitors in the products and services they deal in (Good, & Schultz, 2000). Corporative food is a UK based firm that specializes in the Supply chain management of food products. Some of the features the company boasts of are the wide range of food products they deal in to the efficiency, modernity, and ethical consideration that are put into place before their products are dispatched (Steers, Runde, & Nardon, 2010). Notwithstanding, the company is also faced with a plethora of problems. The major challenge being increasing its customer base, this is following the realization of a fall in the profit margin by 0.2% in the last financial year (Paley, 2005). The company has therefore decided to undergo major reformation in a move to restore the company back to its initial market base. The fall in the profit margin is attributed to the aggressive compet itors who have fiercely invaded the cooperative market strongholds. Some of the worthy competitors in the market includes; Big bear, Foo Go, and Sara’s Kitchen (Miletsky, & Smith, 2009). ... ered; Features and Benefits of the Product The company has decided to make their products unique in quality and other features like packaging as well as opening more of their branches to trap extra market (Sears, 2003). Most of the products of the company are natural and organic nature, this is a move is seen to be able to attract more customers on grounds that they are mindful about health. In reference to this, the company also has sought several product certification bodies to build confidence of the customers on their products (Kangas, 2003). Price The company has also considered reducing the cost of production, transportation and other logistics to retail their products cheaper than the competitors have. This they perceive will give them a clear cutting age over the cutthroat competition that the competitors have mounted (Hoppe, 2001). Brand Name recognition One of the major ways of piecing through the market is creation of a brand name. The brand name creation involves consiste nt marketing coupled with entering into alliances with other cooperatives (Hertog, & Huizenga, 2000). This is what cooperative company has sought. They have engaged several other related cooperative to create a wide range of awareness of their products. In all this efforts, the company is keeping a vigil eye on the progress and response to the laid strategies (Abrams, & Kleiner, 2003). Interrelationship Stages The company has embraced the interrelationship of marketing their products by associating with other relevant companies to promote them (Vollmann, 2005). This in itself is a good move as long as the other body consents to the deal. It is also important in this case to ascertain the public perception on the company, this is because is it has a dwindling opinion form the public; it is

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