Monday, July 29, 2019

Peter Bogatyrev Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Peter Bogatyrev - Essay Example Central Points of Readings Peter Bogatyrev (1971) has wrote a monograph describing the relationship between traditional dresses with certain characteristics of people wearing that, Place of the Wearer Bogatyrev described 28 costume districts on the basis of which people belonging to particular area can be recognized. Further he has illustrated two examples: Man from Pozlovice would wear two velvet bands round his hat and two carmine ribbons with green one between them while man from Biskupice would wear only one velvet band and a red ribbon. Social Class of wearer Bogatyrev described that occupation and social class of a person in traditional wearing can be identified with his wearing. E.g. magistrate wears boot, peasants wear black or coarse white breeches etc. Marital Status of Wearer: Mutinee-Novorany district unmarried man wore hats and narrow rims and red and white ribbons while married men would widen the rim and wear a broad gold band. The paper further describes that the deno tive â€Å"languages of dresses† no longer existing in the modern age apart from the uniforms wore by people in particular industry. For instance uniform of cabin crew of particular airline, uniforms of military and police and others. These uniforms also indicate the level of employment like uniform of officer will be different from the other crew member or uniform of pilot will be different. There are various factors of uniform indicating various things. Factors like fabric, color, types of garments and others indicate the origin of the company.

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