Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Participation Questions Week 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Participation Questions Week 2 - Essay manakinWhy are companies interested in operational caution today? Why is it important? What is the race between operational management and supply chain management? How are trading operations management functions performed at your organization?Companies are interested in operational management today because of how important it is to get perfunctory work done efficiently, timely, accurately and at a low cost. It is necessary to ensure that the processes of creating a crop actually works right and that improvements are made in customer service that can contribute to cost reductions. Because every organization produces some product or service, an understating of modern or up-to-date approaches to managing operations is a good idea. In the past, manufacturing businesses showed more interest in the use of operations strategies and operations management but a business that offers a service can better offer that service in a more efficient manner if it treated the actual customer service as a product. According to the week one course overview, operations management refers to the direction and control of the processes that turn inputs into ruined products or services and supply chain is the link between the suppliers of the material and services that convert end-to-end the process, the ideas and raw materials into the finished product.I work at a college and the operations management functions has so many levels. Because I work in the College of Continuing Studies, it is easy to see how the process for this particular level works. approximately offices perform meeting and limited review meetings that may be an expression of ideas that could possibly turn into a process. The follow-up meetings with expected target dates and action items seem to be the best way to ensure that the meetings have non just been a waste of time.I agree with your view that companies today are interested in operational management today

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