Friday, May 31, 2019

Pink Floyd Biography :: essays research papers

Pink Floyd may have been a revolutionary band from the late sixties to today, but you truly can not apprise the band until you know of its members. First off is, David Gilmour. He was born on March sixth, nineteen forty-six. He has eight kids, four with a past wife, Ginger, and terzetto with his current wife, Charlie (Charlie had a kid from a previous marriage). David was raised by easy going parents, and was given his own guitar at thirteen. As a modern teenager he was brought to the U.S. because of his fathers job. He started playing at military bases in a band named Jokers Wild, and working odd jobs including modeling. In his spare time he enjoys flying and collecting vintage aircrafts.Next is Nicholas Mason the bands drummer. Born on January twenty-seventh, nineteen forty-four, Nick has three kids with his wife, Annette. He was born to a rich family and from puerility accompanied his father to car shows.Nick attended the Frensham Heights boarding school at which he is still re membered as a mischief maker. directly he races and collects cars such as Ferraris, Bugattis, and Macerates.Another consequential player in this awesome band was Richard Wright. Born on July twenty-eighth, nineteen forty-five, and has three kids Gala, Jamie, and Benjamin. Met Nick and Roger at he Regent Street Poly. He enjoys taking his sixty-five foot yacht out when he is presented the opportunity.The second most important person in the band was George Waters or RogerAs he preferred. Born on September sixth, nineteen forty-three. Roger has two kids and has recently divorced for the third time. Rogers farther was killed in the war and he never had a chance to know him. He tried the navy and quit soon after joining. The single most important person that truly got the band persona started was Roger Syd Barrett. Born on January sixth, nineteen forty-six. Barrett had an above average childhood with supportive parents with a fair amount of money. He was a good student with a lot of fri ends. His parents encouraged his medicinal drug with providing the supplies necessary for it. Syd was the founder of Pink Floyd and gave the band its own personality. Since the sixties the band had pushed their music to the limit, mixing pop, classical, and rock they had a ground breaking formula to success. Most fans know of only the hits that the band had in seventies, and of none of the controversy and pit go the band suffered throughout their career.

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