Saturday, May 4, 2019

Law(freedom of religion) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Law(freedom of piety) - Essay ExampleBut unfortunately, the Forest avail decided not to dramatise this recommendation, and it prepared a final environmental impact statement for construction of the road. Therefore a mental testing was set up and finally the District Court issued a permanent injunction annihilateing the Forest Service from constructing the Chimney Rock section of the G-O road or putting the timber harvesting management pattern into effect. But after a long discussion about the case, the court concluded that both projects would smash the Governments trust responsibilities to protect water and fishing rights reserved for Native Americans of Hoopa Valley. The Forest Service appealed the decision.All of the baffling decisions made by the judge were mostly based on two important terms videlicet establishment and free exercise The term establishment means united states congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Because they need to be fair to all religions and cannot provide support for any religion. unloose exercise on the other hand means congress does not collapse the right to prohibit the free exercise hence People can freely exercise their religions and the government doesnt have the right to control it. These terms play a significant role in helping the decide to conclude this case.There is an interesting case which came to my attention and the case was about whether a government initiate in France had the right to dismiss a Muslim young lady because she refuse to remove her veil in class. The girl at the center of this highly sensitive controversy was sacked when she refused to remove her veil in class because it was against her religious believes and also violates her right as a French citizen to practice her choice of religion with no interference from any authorities as the European human rights law say. Reacting to her dismissal the girls father took the school authorities to a European human rights co urt to

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