Monday, May 20, 2019

Witness Report

EVAN 101 2/28/2013 Witness Report PART 1 What method of evangelism did you use and how did you start the conversation? The method I chose to use to witness to a fresh lady, who has been a friend of the family for a long time, was the relational method. While at my grandsons first birthday party I engaged in a conversation with a longtime friend of my daughters. She has a baby that is close to my grandsons age. The first thing I did was give her a big welcome hug. We havent seen her in about seven or eight years.She had expressed to me the importance of existence a good mother. She talked about how she never let her daughter stay with anyone except for her dad. We talked about the greenhouse that is available at the church service building we attend. Because she is a single mother, I helped with her daughter as far as holding her and guiding her away from danger such as stairs and open doors to the restroom. I did this in hopes of building a trust so that she would feel slutti sh with going to church with us.We talked about how our church has purchased property and in the process of building a new church. I explained to her the many exciting activities the church has planned for the next couple of months. I believe the seed was planted many years ago when this young lady hung out at my house as a teenager with my daughter. She moved from the neighborhood to live with her dad and now we are reunited because we moved to a neighboring city. PART TWO What was the reaction (questions/comments/statements) of the unbeliever?We talked about how she had decided non to have anymore children because of her contracting gestational diabetes, and having such a difficult high risk pregnancy. I assured her that each pregnany would be different. I also told her not to let herself be robbed of Gods blessing for her. My daughters friend seemed very implicated in going to church with us. She had attended church with us in the past better never made a decision. Her focu s seems to be that she wanted to raise her daughter in church. She said she didnt want to leave her daughter with anyone in the nursery.I work with another lady in childrens church. hopefully we will have established a more trusting relationship that she will feel comfortable enough to leave her with me. PART THREE How did you conclude the conversation in order to follow up? To conclude our conversation, I offered her transportation if needed to attend church. I also told her if there was anything she needed in the mean time or if she just wanted to visit to let me know. After telling her how nice it was to see her I gave her another hug and she assured me that she was planning on visiting our church.

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