Thursday, May 2, 2019

Project Closeout Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Project Close unwrap - Case Study Exampley follows certain stages or phases that include the initiation stage, planning and design stage, execution stage, monitoring and controlling stage, and the lowest stage, which is the closing stage. Under the closing stage, Phillips (2003) stated that is stage usually involves the official handing over of the project to the leaf node and subsequent conclusion of the entire project. Moreover, the closing stage may involve storing of related files and documentation of the lessons that keep back been learnt whilst undertaking the project.In the studies conducted by Sebastian (2007) it is noted that the closing stage of the construction project of the ten-floor commercial twist forget comprise of two phases, whereby the first phase will involve closing or lowest all activities associated with procurement and communication, which had been initiated and necessitated by the construction project. The second phase of the closing stage is contract hitch whereby all contracts that were related to the project such as transport contract and/ or catering contract, among others, be settled and closed.Additionally, from the studies conducted by Phillips (2003) it is stated that among other activities that will take place in the close out stage of the construction project will be ensuring that all the projects goals have been achieved and wherefore handing over the blameless commercial building to ABC engineering Inc., who are the project sponsors.The client, who is ABC technology Inc, will be required in the closing stage of the construction project to inspect the finished building and confirm that it meets their standards and initial requirements they stipulated in the construction contract. Secondly, in the closing stage the client will be required to clear all the pending payments and even pay back the guarantee mystify issued out earlier by Building Blocks Inc to guarantee that they will complete the project to the require d standard.As for the project team members, they will be

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